From Sketchbooks and Black Books @ Grand Central Library

Featuring the work of fellow Froster Jason Mamarella.

The Grand Central Library is pleased to present From Sketchbooks and Black Books, an exhibit of over 100 images from a diverse group of artists.

Ranging from pencil and ink sketches to vibrant graffiti pieces, the works on exhibit provide an intimate glimpse into the creative process. While a few of the images were created as preliminary sketches for larger works, most are personal visual explorations. And although most images reflect an internal dialog, some—particularly the graffiti-inspired pieces—were created to be shared by others.

The participants in From Sketchbooks and Black Books span a range of ages, cultures and sensibilities:  Based in Tehran, Iran, A1one creates images that fuse Middle-Eastern calligraphic elements with Western graffiti styles. Mefisto, an educator and graphic designer in Bogota, Colombia, combines abstract shapes and simple forms that reflect his indigenous roots. A graduate of the High School of Art & Design and director of a New York City apparel company, Chris Cortes creates masterful pieces blending graffiti typography, South American iconography and New York culture. Mayan symbols infuse the contemporary characters and motifs crafted by Mexican native Anuar Rosaldo.

From Sketchbooks and Black Books also features artwork by: Aeon, Zahanara Aktar, Baser, Bishop 203, Cern, Chief 69, Endi Collado, Chino Garcia, Glazer, Jesus Saves, Yasmin Jones, KR.ONE, Kove, Daniel Koy, Josh Lutz, Jason Mamarella, Native, Onesto, Moriah Ressler, Jordan Santos, Robyn Zedong, Whisper and X-Men.

With subjects ranging from quick portraits to fanciful creatures to intricate Arabesque designs, From Sketchbooks and Black Books celebrates the raw energy of the creative process that often remains unseen by the public.

Curated by Lois Stavsky with student interns Yasmin Jones, Tara Murray and Moriah Ressler, the exhibit continues through April at Grand Central Library, NYPL, 135 East 46th Street, NYC, 10010. Library hours are: Monday and Tuesday, 10am – 6pm; Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, 11am – 6pm and Saturday, 10am – 5pm.