Cara Enteles and Thera Webb.

A preview for the upcoming reading at A Gathering of The Tribes, May 15th with 3 amazing poets: Ansel Elkins,  Jamey Bradbury and Thera Web. Get a taste of what’s to come with one of Thera’s lovely poems about New Orleans featuring the artwork of Cara Enteles


by Thera Webb

Images by Cara Enteles

In the valley the rain would come from nowhere.

The sun in my hair, then suddenly the water swallowing our homes.

And you, flaming, like the brightness of the rising tide.

Above us you lead the animals that have no masters anymore.

All around, the caribou are quiet now.

All around, the birds called through the winter night.

You were the fox that lead the other foxes through the snow.

Deep in the woods I placed my offering.

Red tint on the leaves when the sun sets,

I gathered fire for you

that in the summer I might find you,

where now the grass won’t grow.

But the water still swallows our homes.

And all we see is the lake around us.

In the dark we pray to you still.

Soaked with rain the wood catches a spark.

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