Call for Entries: 248th MAD SCIENTIST SCIENTIFIC EXPOSITION EXPLOSION SCIENCE FAIR! Hosted by the Gowanus Ballroom.

A Scientific Quandary got you down? Need to work out the details of an often-pondered hypothesis? Dream of WOWing your peers with your wanton acts of intellectual inquiry? All problems are solved at the


Tri-boards aplenty!

Ribbons for many!

Somebody wins!

Use all of your most creative intellectual prowess, or borrow some, to construct a verifiable scientific experiment which includes one experimental variable following the scientific method or just make a diorama full of dinosaurs (not everybody has to win)!

Having trouble digesting all the information? Worried that it is against the rules to get your parents’ help? Take a look at these ribbon-winning suggestions:

Why is the sky blue when reflected in the black Gowanus?

Which acts are nominally legal and which ones will actually get you arrested? (highly dangerous research, proceed with caution)

Do people actually look better when I’m drunk?

Graphic representation of where your hands have been for the past two weeks.

Email (soon!) for more info. Plan for MAY. Need a project? We’ll give you one! Need a partner? We’ll get you somebody! Groups up to four people may be a good idea. Declare your intent, fellow fun-ists. If you do not do it you are not fun.


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