The Poetry Brothel: Burlesque for Books May 1st.

From the Brothel~

Spring has finally arrived in New York City, and she is dying to undress for you, Darlings! After a stifling, gray Winter, the sun is showing a little leg, the trees are blooming, and The Poetry Brothel is ready to celebrate the season with even more literary liaisons! Come and help us welcome in the sultry sensations of Spring on May 1st at the Lower East Side’s own bewitching Back Room. The air will be swirling with dark romance and twisted dreams of fairies and witches!

For this beguiling evening, the Poetry Brothel joins forces with Madam Karen Lee and her troupe of misters and mistresses
for a night of Burlesque for Books, stripteases of the literary kind. There will also be a tarot reader ready to show you what delight and despair the future holds. Join us for a night of fantasy, coquetry and, of course, poetry! 

As always, entry is $5 with a flyer, $10 if you RSVP through Facebook, and $15 dollars if you decide to fly by the seat of your pants and show up at our doors unannounced. See you soon, loves!


The Poetry Brothel is the first event of its kind to seduce New York City. A new and dreamlike twist on a poetry reading, The Poetry Brothel is foremost interested in the presentation of excellent, original literature. However, it is also an interactive performance art event based on the concept of a brothel. The “Madame” presents a rotating cast of this city’s finest poets (both men and women) engaged in a night of surreal happenings, literary debauchery and private poetry readings. Here’s how it works: The poets play “whores,” visitors play “johns” (and are also encouraged to attend incognito!) but instead of physical intimacy, the poets offer the intimacy of their poetry by giving private, one-on-one readings in curtained-off areas. All of the resident “whores” are available for private readings at any time during the event (and gratuities are expected!). Of course, every good brothel needs a furtive “front” or cover business; ours is part saloon and part salon, offering a full bar, blackjack table (played for prizes), absinthe parlour, live painting, exhibited artwork, tarot card readings, and live, eclectic bordello music, with performances from our poets, performers, and artists throughout the night. Each night “The Madame” will also introduce “the new girl,” a featured reader who will delight the whole cast and cast of customers with a very special public performance.


The Back Room
102 Norfolk Street
New York, NY



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