Two new projects filtering through the feed that caught my eye. One is the handiwork of Jeffery Bowers, THE PRISIM INDEX. Limited edition, handmade, silkscreened, mixed-media book complete with images (DVD) and sound (CD) featuring a gratuitous amount of artists. It’s the kind of project most editor’s cringe at and you’ve got to admire not only the quality of the work but the sheer gumption of the undertaking. Not to mention the interesting Kickstarter video. See a tour of the mag itself below.


Number two is PROJECT NEON, care of Kirsten Hively.  Literally inspired by neon glow of NYC’s signs, she is collecting, cataloging, and pinpointing the location of neonica throughout the city to create a FREE iphone app leading you directly to the lights of your choice. I’ll be interested to if she can collect them all! Check out more about the project and see her video, HERE.

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