Torben Giehler/ALI SMITH/Road Trip/Jakob Kolding/DREAMWEAPON/Zap/PAF/Posters of Fortune/Society

Leo Koenig Inc. is pleased to announce the fifth solo exhibition of new paintings by Torben Giehler. Giehler is known for his geometric abstractions, influenced by futuristic universes, and finished with mathematical precision. In a departure from the vibrant color palette and electrified vortex of his previous paintings, these new works extend a zen-like calm, alchemically fusing the synapses of the human brain to the grids and networks of digitized technology. (READ MORE.)


May 12th – June 18th, 2011.
Public reception Thursday, May 12th, 6-8pm.


In 1519 the Portuguese explorer Magellan embarked on a three-year voyage around the world, crossing the Atlantic and continuing straight through to the Pacific (which he named the “peaceful sea”) in order to locate and discover previously uncharted territory. The world then was a huge, unknown place, full of wonder, danger and the unknown: hundreds of countries, societies and tribes, thousands of animal species, flora and fauna, had yet to be found. In short, the world was Magellan’s blank canvas, and the story was painted as his ship cut its swath through history. In the centuries since, the world has been mapped and charted in minute detail – through today’s technology of GPS, satellite and internet there is arguably no place on the planet that hasn’t been pinpointed, described and investigated down to a cellular level. What remains, however, is the life of the imagination: artists, writers, dancers, musicians, actors, filmmakers – and certainly many scientists – continue to probe uncharted waters on a daily basis. And while the cynics still attempt periodically to claim that painting is dead (and continues to die on a regular basis), Ali Smith is one young artist who proves, emphatically, that painting is very much alive and still a brilliant medium with which to explore the unknown. (READ MORE)

K&K Gallery
Opening: May 13, 7—10pm
Through May 22


ROAD TRIP PA features the work of four photographers from a road trip through Pennsylvania. In the spirit of the show we have decided to let each photographer write a brief statement in their own voice:
Andrew Kenney

1 Honda Odyssey.
1200 miles.
4 photographers.
4 days. 3 nights.
3 disgustingly awesomely disgusting motel rooms.
1 Olympus XA.
1 Hasselblad.
1 Toyo field camera.
1 Graflex press camera.
1 structure fire.
1 huge strip mine.
2 abandoned drive-in movie theaters.
1 really strange visit to the Flight 93 memorial.
1 dog skeleton on railroad tracks.
1/3 of a Pittsburgh Pirates game.
30 (at least) plays of ‘Heart of Gold’ by Neil Young.

Absolutely No Backtracking. Except the time we had to turn around after going way far down a crazy, very bumpy gravel (it was mostly rocks, big rocks) road which led absolutely nowhere even though I was completely positive it would connect back to a main road.

I was looking for something (as usual) on this trip. I kind of found it. Parts of it, anyways. And Pennsylvania is a gravely beautiful state. (READ MORE)

Blocks: Jakob Kolding
May 5th – June 18th 2011
83 Grand Street


Team Gallery is pleased to announce our third solo presentation with Berlin based artist Jakob Kolding. The exhibition, entitled Blocks, will run from the 5th of May through the 11th of June 2011. Team Gallery is located at 83 Grand, cross streets Wooster and Greene, on the ground floor. Our second space, at 47 Wooster Street, will concurrently house a solo show by David Ratcliff.

For this installation, Kolding will present a retrospective grouping of his commercial grade posters, arranged on the floor of the gallery in stacks. The exhibition’s title, Blocks, alludes to their sculptural presence, as well as to the phrase “building blocks,” and to the organization of urban space into “blocks.” The posters will be free for the taking, causing a gradual decrease in each stack throughout the course of the show. By the close of the exhibition, the gallery will potentially be empty, underlining the ephemeral nature of public signage, as well as the mounting of exhibitions in general. (READ MORE)


The Art and Life of Angus MacLise (1938 – 1979)
May 10 – May 29, 2011
curated by Johan Kugelberg and Will Swofford Cameron

Angus was a dream percussionist. A dream person.” — Lou Reed

Zap: Masters of Psychedelic Art, 1965 – May 12, 2011 – June 25, 2011
134 Tenth Avenue,  New York,  NY,  10011  USA

Andrew Edlin Gallery is pleased to present Zap: Masters of Psychedelic Art, 1965-74, curated by Gary Panter and Chris Byrne. The exhibition will include works by the seven artists from the original Zap lineup: Robert Crumb, Victor MoscosoRick GriffinS. Clay WilsonGilbert SheltonSpain Rodriguez and Robert Williams. The focus of the show is the early days of Zap, when these artists begat their visionary deconstruction of the comic book with remarkable innovations in storytelling and drawing. An accompanying catalogue is being published by the gallery. (READ MORE)

May 12, 2011 , 7pm, Free

The program represents a display of contemporary Czech art of the moving image as well as a portfolio of current tendencies in the field of manipulation of the moving image in the gallery and cinema environment.

The principle of animation is not closer to puppet theatre than to the record of live action which represents the basic material of feature film. In accordance with the historical transfer of meaning of the Latin words animus (spirit, mind), anima (soul), animatus (soulful, alive), animare (to enliven), the selection conceives animation as constantly rediscovered meaning bound to the material state of the moving image.

PAF Czech Festival of Film Animation & Audiovisual Art

The Type Directors Club in conjunction with Cardon Copy presents POSTERS OF FORTUNE: 20 Fortune cookies, with 20 distinct fortunes, have been sent to 20 internationally renowned designers. The designers have in turn transmuted these personal divinations into richly imagined typographical posters. See them, bid on them, come hear the designers discuss them.

POSTERS OF FORTUNE is on display at the TDC from April 5th – May 12, 2011. The end event and final bids will take place on May 12th from 6:00 – 9:00pm.

Since 1994, the TDC has awarded scholarships to promising students of typography. The proceeds of the POSTERS OF FORTUNE silent auction poster show will be donated to the Type Directors Club Scholarship Fund, for students of typographic excellence.


The Emerging Landscape: Photographs and Drawings Exploring Real and Imaginary Landscapes
April 28-May 28, 2011
Opening reception May 13th 6-8pm

Artists in the Exhibition

Marla Leigh Caplan
Sieglinde Cassel
Megan Cump
Tara Cronin
Muraguchi Kanako
Shoji Kato
Kim Kremer
Deanna Lee
Joseph Michael López
Sophie T. Lvoff
Sasha Rudensky
Claudia Sbrissa
Michelle Weinstein
Michelle Weinberg

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