BLOOMSDAY CONTEST: Ulysses 101 by David Clark.

The first of our Bloomsday contest submissions are arriving. Here is a lovely jumble by David Clark of Nova Scotia called Ulysses 101. He describes as “triptych of randomly combined clips,” that ingeniously riff’s off Joyce’s epic in style and content. Read all about it below and view the piece by clicking on the link below. It’s interactive, so be sure to click each picture to view all the lovely nooks and crannies.

Ulysses 101 by David Clark
2006, Interactive Website (Flash)Produced at a residency at La Chambre Blanche, Quebec City

This interactive video was shot on the 101st anniversary of Bloomsday, the fictional day documented in James Joyce’s Ulysses. The piece is a triptych of randomly combined clips of Mary Beth Canty, a musician who was living in Quebec City just around the corner from where I was doing a residency at La Chambre Blanche that summer. As well there are animated collages that use excepts from the text on page 101 of ‘Ulysses’ by James Joyce woven into the piece. There are 101 clips that are triggered by the viewer’s click. The piece was inspired by the spirit of Joyce’s novel to capture the day in the life of a person and it is also an interactive mash-up of the Joyce’s words.

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