Soundfjord in London was one of the first places to support Gratuitous Art’s penchant for creating surreal sounds at its inagural show. Research lab, sound unit, designers, sonic arts. They do it all and they do it with style. Take a moment to look through their manifesto.



Sound What?

Hello there, we are SoundFjord, the UK’s first sound art devoted gallery and research unit, though we are more that just that – working as itinerant curators, collaborating with others in distant cities, countries even, we promote our love of sound and its creative possibilities to one and all.

SoundFjord is sound designer Andrew Riley and artist Helen Frosi. We work our socks off to bring our vision and expertise to the sonic arts – an artform full of creative and educational potential (view article).

SoundFjord was set up in the summer of 2010 with our savings and the time and support of friends and interested folk (view article). The main aim of the gallery was, and continues to be, to redress the lack of exhibition space and to nurture a better understanding of sound within the arts as well as to provide a welcoming listening environment with high-quality equipment to encourage active and thoughtful listening (view article).

Our gallery resides in the vivid and multi-cultural Seven Sisters area of North London, along a street once bustling with the textile manufacturing trade. We reflect the colours, sound and dynamic of our cultural diversity in our own bustling programme (view article)!  (READ MORE.)

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