Sandro Setola.

ARTIST STATEMENT: At the basis of all my work is  a strong fascination for natural processes and phenomena. In the work these dramatic universal processes like isolation, expansion, transformation, growth and decay, but also their relation to our more everyday, at times banal reality, are interpreted in a personal, poetic and concentrated way. In the drawings I often freeze processes that the viewer can continue in mind or propose dystopic places and buildings built from (yet) unknown matter. In my installations and animations I can bring to life these processes and create a “wholeness” or story.
Since 2004 I have been mainly focussing on the subject of architecture and building processes and their underlying ideals (or lack thereof). Associations with architectural proposals allow these works to enter a twilight zone between desire and reality that in turn raises questions about their function or meaning.
On the one hand they can be seen as comments on our everyday surroundings and urban environment by proposing buildings that seem to be designed for the expression of discomfort, spirituality or a lack of ideology or function. In other works the strong links to the aforementioned natural or universal processes and their psychological paralels prevail and cause the proposed structures to be nothing more but representations of a particular state of mind or personality.



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