Nouvelle Cuisine by Andrew de Freitas.

Don’t feel too chewed up. I think as we get older it will be easier to feel this way. Yes I feel like shit at times, probably lately more than ever, but it’s only a temporary paralysis. If I have a goal in life it’s to make sure that it’s always temporary, despite the inevitability. That’s a real goal, and I’m content to deal with it. I’m trying to follow the example of cutting-edge Japanese cooking and French nouvelle cuisine, which is more concerned with difference and variation in savor and texture than with taste sensation in mouthfuls. Yes it’s the same as it’s always been, what you said.

You may turn out to be a myth – something I’ve mythologized – but we both know how much I love good mythologies and how they can be even more convincing than truths. No, actually it’s more that truth is completely irrelevant to mythology. I’m not trivializing your significance by saying that I don’t care whether your significance is truth or not – I’m saying that your significance is separate from truth. It isn’t about knowing. In any case you are truly significant. I wouldn’t ever want you to be an arbitrary security for me, and by the way things have gone up until now, it seems as though it’ll always be that way with us. Is that exciting? Probably.

Andrew de Freitas was educated in fine arts and philosophy at The University of Auckland, The University of Toronto, and the Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinéma in Montréal. His artwork employs a range of mediums in the exploration of issues arising from everyday perception and the ontological comprehension of reality. Experimentation with the narrative form and its capabilities remain central to his practice. He has presented works in diverse exhibition and screening contexts internationally.

Photo by Andrew de Freitas.

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