Shayna Dulberger – bass, Yoni Kretzmer – tenor,
Chris Welcome – guitar, Jason Nazary – drums.
Wens, 06/29/2011  8:00 pm  $10.

Dulberger was born in 1983 and raised in Mahopac, NY. She attended Manhattan School of Music’s preparatory division during high school and graduated with a BM in Jazz at the Mason Gross School of the Arts, Rutgers University.

Tickets: $10.00

Eri Yamamoto Trio/Daniel Carter & Reuben Radding
6/29 Wednesday (JM)
8 pm



Tuesday, June 28th.  730-11
1.  duos/trios/large group exploration::
:: Dafna Naphtali (voice & live sound processing)
:: Sarah Bernstein (violin)
:: Jen Baker (trombone)
:: Stuart Popejoy (bass):: Andrew Drury (drums & percussion)
2. Johnny Butler’s SOLO
3. Jonathan Goldberger Group

LISTEN  Wednesday, June 29th.  An improvised gathering from many points of the earth.

LISTEN Thursday, June 30th We’ll Tell on You.

LISTEN Friday, July 1st.  Hungry Double Bill seeks you. 

Food, Democracy, and Resilience
Monday, June 27, 6:30 p.m.
Wollman Hall, 65 West 11th Street, 5th floor (enter at 66 West 12th Street)
Admission free; no tickets or reservations required

Come hear how global communities are resisting predominant models of agriculture and trade and forging their own food sovereignty alternatives based on their particular cultural and ecological contexts. With Nic Paget-Clarke, author of And the Echo Follows; Carlos Marentes, Jr. of the Via Campesina global farmers movement; and Jorge Valero, Venezuelan Ambassador to the United Nations. Moderated by Christina Schiavoni, Director, Global Movements Program, WhyHunger.

Thursday, June 30, 7:00 p.m.
Theresa Lang Community and Student Center, Arnhold Hall, 55 West 13th Street, 2nd floor
Admission: Free; no tickets or reservations required

Democracy Now’s Amy Goodman interviews journalist Christian Parenti as he discusses his new groundbreaking book Tropic of Chaos: Climate Change and the New Geography of Violence, which examines the growing social and environmental catastrophe as extreme weather from global warming unleashes violence from Africa to Asia to the Americas.

Im Schatten der Made (In the Shadow of the Maggot) June 30 – August 12, 2011
Im Schatten der Made (In the Shadow of the Maggot), 2010, 74:16 minutes Written and directed by John Bock. With: John Bock, Matti Isan Blind, Heiner Franzen, Friederike Kempter, Adrian Lohmueller, Linnart Schneider.
Camera: Rene Gorski Music: Richard Siedhoff Produced by John Bock, Anton Kern Gallery, Museum Tinguely & Universal Museum Graz.
Styled after 1920s German Expressionist films, Im Schatten der Made (In the Shadow of the Maggot) tells the story of an artificial creature, an automaton that is created from biological materials and resembles a human. For falling in love with a human, the android is brutally punished and destroyed, while his human lover Merle is incarcerated and humiliated. In great secrecy, Merle attempts to recreate her loverʼs body out of saliva and bread with surprising consequences…
To preview:

Screening, Reading, and Book Launch / Adventures in the Orgasmatron, with Christopher Turner

Date: Tuesday, 28 June 2011, 7–9 pm
Location: Cabinet, 300 Nevins Street, Brooklyn (map and directions here)
FREE. No RSVP necessary

Please join us for the launch of Cabinet editor Christopher Turner’s book Adventures in the Orgasmatron (Farrar, Straus and Giroux), which tells the story of the pre-1960s sexual revolution in the US, one led by expatriated European thinkers who saw a vast country ripe for liberation.

Central to this narrative is the orgone box—a tall, slender construction of wood, metal, and steel wool. A person who sat in the box, it was thought, could elevate his or her “orgastic potential”—ridding the body of repressive forces and improving sexual potency. Norman Mailer, Saul Bellow, J. D. Salinger, Allen Ginsberg, and William Burroughs sat in an orgone box, seeking synthesis of sexual and political liberation. Woody Allen satirized it as the Orgasmatron.

Big Terrific Show
Cameo Gallery, 93 N. 6th Street, Williamsburg

Signing party and Mini Sketchbook Exhibition for Drawn In: A Peek into the Inspiring Sketchbooks of 44 Fine Artists, Illustrators, Graphic Designers, and Cartoonists
Thursday, June 30, 7-9pm (PH Arena)
Join the author and artists featured in the newly released Drawn In for a signing party and sketchbook exhibition. Meet some of the NY-based artists featured in the book, and flip through their personal journals. This is a rare opportunity to view the artists’ sketchbooks in person.

Jeff Fairbanks’ 17 Piece Jazz Orchestra, “Project Hansori”, 

Performs Music From Mulberry Street
June 30, 8:00 PM @ The Moldy Fig

$10 cover, 178 Stanton Street, lower east side, NYC, tel 212 777 3727,,

Active Knowledge Academy
June 3 – June 29, 2011
Closing Exhibition Event: Wednesday, June 29, 6-9pm
305 E 140th St #1A Bronx, NY 10454

Bronx, NY, June18, 2011—Bronx River Art Center (BRAC) is pleased to announce the Closing Exhibition Event of AKA -Active Knowledge Academy- a project initiated and under the direction of media artist Hector Canonge. After four consecutive weeks of transforming BRAC’s gallery space into a classroom and art laboratory, AKA will hold its “Graduation / Exhibition” event featuring the works created during the implementation of the project.

Christopher Rodrigues @ RARE GALLERY.

June 30 – August 12

RARE Gallery is pleased to announce “. . . all of you on the good Earth,” an exhibition of Planets, a series of otherworldly photo-collaged digital images by British/Canadian artist Christopher Rodrigues. The show, which runs from June 30 to August 12, marks Rodrigues’ solo debut at the gallery.

The exhibition’s title directly references the Apollo 8 crew’s 1968 Christmas Eve address that was broadcast live from the Command Module during lunar orbit as the Earth came into view over the Moon’s horizon. Much like the televised images beamed back to Earth during the mission, Rodrigues’ focus is on a planetary view of nature, where the entire solar system is home to isolated, Eden-like environments, inherently sick places, and those made uninhabitable because of human interference.

“Bleeding Hearts” was conceived and curated by Brooklyn indie rock band Futurist as a walk-through experience for their album War Is Yesterday. It will include nine rooms featuring a wide array of artists and performers.

“Bleeding Hearts” takes place June 30 from 8-11:30pm at Rebel NYC (251 W 30th Street, 2nd Floor) and music and performance will keep going until 4am. Grab your tickets here!

Mark Wagner : GIVE ME LIBERTY or GIVE ME DEATH June 30 – August 12, 2011

Since 1997, Pavel Zoubok Gallery has exhibited the work of contemporary and modern artists with a particular focus in the fields of collage, assemblage and mixed media installation. From the outset, our program has drawn from past and present works in an effort to create a cohesive art historical and commercial context for collage and its related forms, spanning most of the major art movements of the postwar period.

Curated by Jason Patrick Voegele of Republic Worldwide, Samson Contompasis of The Marketplace Gallery, Keith Schweitzer of M.A.N.Y. and Tyler Wriston of The B.A.C.
Hosted by
320 Studios at 320 West 37th Street, 14th Floor
June 28 – June 30, 2011
6 to Midnight with VIP After Party
Concept by Jason Patrick Voegele

Much of what we know and how we learn comes through the study of explicit or subtle comparisons and contrasts. Meaningful opportunities for these comparative studies invite us into a more explicit and intentional approach that can both broaden our understanding of contemporary American art and help us draw connections and distinctions between the studio practices and conceptual intentions of today’s American Artist. (READ MORE.)

The View from a Volcano:
The Kitchen’s Soho Years, 1971-85

Curated by Debra Singer, Matthew Lyons, and Lumi Tan

On the occasion of its 40th anniversary, The Kitchen presents an exhibition revealing the depth of its early history as a home for both experimental performance-based work and exciting new developments in the visual arts. The show offers a unique perspective on the vibrant, interconnected downtown New York arts scene of the 1970s and early 1980s and features single-channel videos and other artworks presented alongside audio, video, and print documentation related to the institution’s programming during its fifteen years in Soho (1971-85).


June 24 – September 10, 2011
Opening Reception: June 29, 6 – 8

Thomas Bangsted, Anat Betzer, Melanie Daniel, Allison Gildersleeve, and Ezra Johnson.

Darius Jones Trio @ THE STONE.
6/30 Thursday (MJ)
8 pm
LISTEN: Cry-X.mp3

Re: Empire Alex Da Corte, Josh Kolbo, Justin Matherly, and Dominic Nurre @TEAM


Rob Brown Trio and Charles Downs’ Centipede @ THE STONE


Vans House Party featuring No Age, Cults, Health, Ceremony
Reading History: The Hanging at Mankato Conjuring and discussing the largest mass execution in US history, with Claire Barliant, Alan Gilbert, and David Levine.

Super Sad True Love Story by Gary Shteyngart/Tuesday, June 28, 7–9 PM/The powerHouse Arena

Justin Townes Earle w/Punch Brothers, The Hackensaw Boys
Props w/ Rich Medina
Attainable Sustainable Cities
“Altered States” at Hous Projects june 29 – september 2, 2011
VISIONS IN PRINT Curated by Kirsten Flaherty and Bruce Waldman @ALLEGRA LEVIOLA.

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