Min Hyung: Sexaquarium.

The Fifth World: Sexaquarium

This particular sub-series are scenes from a place within The Fifth World called SEXAQUARIUM, which as theme explores the notions of sex and the isolated network of aquarium life. Big aquariums give feeling of a whole different reality, so vast, so foreign, so powerful, colourful and imaginative; where an abundance of continuous and simultaneous action is taking place. Aquariums are immediately captivating and draw the viewers in with its constant motion.

After food and survival, sex is the biggest motivation in life; sex is colourful, full of movement, vibrant and dynamic. Combining these two concepts I am able to make analogies of the intimate and omnipotent world of our secret sexual desire that may or may not lay dormant in our minds. My work is story based, although self directed it offers the viewer universality; where viewer can relate through visualization of an image and the thoughts, feelings, expectations subconscious and conscious, on our internal world.




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