SUPPORT THIS PROJECT! stormy seas…a site specific sculptural assemblage by deise

Well this is just awesome. And huge (what you see is only the model for the actual sculpture). And they’ve only got a few hours to go!

Phoenix based sculptor, Pete Deise, is in the process of developing a reconstructable sculptural mechanism at his open air studio downtown…torch cutting individual curves and turbulent thrusts and simple shell-like arcs of steel – holes drilled in each…..pieces that would accumulate and bolt together to form an undetermined structure…..a structure that in the end would derive it’s energy of assembly from the room itself.  It is entitled, Stormy Seas….150+pieces of steel…..a process that will launch it’s final assembly in a 15 x 15 foot room in October in front of the guests at Ironwood Studio in Phoenix.  The entire process will be documented from beginning to end through images and video by local artist, Lori Fenn.  The idea here is to fund the growth of a piece and document the process rather than trying to sell it.  Art for the sake of art…reconnected soul.

We are trying to raise over $10,000 through kickstarter and other patrons.  Funds are needed for steel and other supplies to create this piece.  We would like to eventually continue with this project, adding to the sculpture and displaying in various cities across the country.  We invite you to be a part of something different, something real…thank you for your interest.

***(the image above and video are of a model in progress comprised of 20 pieces of steel.  the final sculpture will be built using 150+ steel arcs. )


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