“In October 2007, I rented a small white room on West 14th Street in New York City. I asked three friends to meet me there, and to bring anything they might like to share in the way of a poem or a quote or a picture. We sat in a circle on the floor and I explained that I wanted to start a sanctuary for artists, a regular gathering that would celebrate the creative spirit and those who keep it alive. We discussed the idea, and everyone shared their poems, pictures and quotes. We all agreed that a monthly event celebrating artists and creativity could be a very powerful thing. We all left feeling excited. I booked the room for a Sunday morning the following month. And so the Secret City was born.”

~Excerpt from mission statement (Chris Wells)Despite its name, there’s little mystery left surrounding Secret City. For good reason. Secret City approaches art on respectful, worshipful terms and its biggest secret lie in the ability to make all feel welcome and wanted. It won a Obie in 2010, boasts of a 14 hour “wonderwalk” to take in some of the most beautiful and often hidden locales in the city, and keeps charmed company with an array of New York artists, writers and musicians. It does not exclude on terms of style, genre or anything else. It’s not about religion and it’s not about secularism. It’s about a Secret place where no one is judged and it is only the idea, the thought, the act, that is worshiped. Take a moment to read the recent article in the NYT and check out some of the amazing artists who have participated.

Then (because no doubt you’ll want to) make sure you help keep this project alive: INDIEGOGO PROJECT.

Just a few of the artists who have preformed at SC:

Jim Andralis – musician
Red Bastard – bouffon/clown
Blue Bottle Collection – band led by Daniel Zaitchik
Laura Breen – visual artist
Rosanne Cash – musician/singer/songwriter
Kelly Coffield – actor
Leah Coloff – cellist/singer
Steve Cuiffo — magician
Julian Fleisher — singer
Jomama Jones – diva
Butt Kapinski – clown
Larry Krone – musician/visual artist
Ethan Lipton – crooner
Taylor Mac – performer/monologist/ukulele player/fabulist
Tony Mayes – tap dancer
Jennifer Miller – juggler/bearded lady
Micia Mosely – performer/improviser
Jonathan Nosan – contortionist
Steve Park – actor
Jonny Rodgers – musician/ guitarist/wine glass master
Justin Sayre – performer/raconteur
Polly Segal – singer
Sxip Shirey – musician/noise maker/ sound conjurer
Sarah Small – photographer/tableaux vivant creator
Veveritse Brass Band – balkan brass band
Greg Walloch – story teller
Michael Winther – singer
Chely Wright – country singer/songwriter
Thomas Bangsted – photographer
Beth Reisman – visual artist
Anne Peabody – sculptor
Charles Lahti – printmaker
Martyn Thompson – photographer/printmaker
Gabriella Barnstone – dancer/choreographer
Bobby Lucy – painter


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