33 years-old, Paris 2010, a portrait by Miyoko Caubet.

Video portrait of a 33 year-old french woman overcoming a heartbreak made from still images and inner voice over.
A video by Miyoko Caubet – french video artist
with Mélanie Mary – french actress, theater director and writer


The intention of this work is to show someone in the privacy of her apartment and thoughts as it is the moment when no exterior look, and no distance from oneself comes to interfere in this freedom of thought and movement.

A woman is alone at her place, in a series of routine and abstract situations.
All the possibilities of video language are used to access the subjective point of view of the character: what her body feels, what her mind is telling her – abstract images, the inner voice of the woman, still close-ups on her eyes and her various facial expressions.
This video is entirely created from a series of photographs, which add a different temporal dimension compared to a video of moving images.

(c) Miyoko Caubet 2010

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