Support This Project: Secret City, Leah Coloff

With her sultry voice and a cello to compliment it, it’s no surprise Leah Coloff has played with a huge range of musicians (Iggy Pop, Lou Reed,  Patti Smith, Regina Spektor..just to name a few..

She also holds her own solo and in her collaborative band project (with Sarth Calhoun) Lucibel Crater (3rd video below.)



Leah Coloff – is one of the more unique and dynamic performers of new and alternative forms of music; melding her own styles of vocalization and virtuosic cello playing into a powerful combination of presentation for her own and other composers’ material.  Her vocal range is immense, with the ability to sing in a subtle to powerful soprano range and also in guttural strength and clarity of lower tones.

Her phrasing can run the gambit between speak-song or poetic recitation to soaring lyricism and melodic flow. Her songwriting slices moments out of life in a cadence and delivery that makes their impact recognizable and immediate for the listener or audience.  Her cello playing, often in support of her singing, has a quality unique in the contemporary music community.  The range of sounds she employs on the cello, both acoustically and with electronic effects, is enormous and arms her with an arsenal of expression which, coupled with her vocalizations, creates a vibrant sound-scape, drawing the listener into other worlds. (READ MORE.)


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