Support this project: Secret City, Sarah Small.

Sarah Small’s project Tableau Vivant (mass, joyful gatherings of both clothed and unclothed folks, as well musicians and props) are visually stunning. She combines her large range of photography skills with her duel talent singing in the a capella group Black Sea Hotel and the result is pure beauty.


Help Sarah and others keep participating in Secret City!

Read much much more praise for her work here:

And if you’d like to help Sarah create Tableau Vivant 2012 visit:


Sarah Small was born in 1979 into a family of musicians. When she was 13, she fell in love with photography at summer arts camp within a few days of kissing her camp crush in the darkroom. Fueled by her constant curiosities and fascination with entangling herself in human drama, Sarah spent her high-school years wandering the streets of her hometown of Washington, D.C., always equipped with her Pentax K1000. And luckily, when home, she also had her cooperative and impossibly freckled redheaded sister, Rachel, with whom to endlessly practice her craft. (READ MORE.)

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