THE WEEK: August 8-12th.

Social Hijinks! A screening and live action lecture night
Wednesday August 10, 7:30 pm

In conjunction with the exhibition Why Participate?, Angela Washko has organized a lineup of videos and live performative lectures by artists whose projects take place within social spaces. The works being presented and discussed are mischievous, critical, occasionally hilarious, and examine the boundaries of legality. Artists Jason Eppink, Nate Hill, Ann Hirsch, Jaime Iglehart, Action Club, Paolo Pedercini, and Jeff Stark present and talk about their works discussing surveillance, costumed public service, reality television, knock-off culture, collaboration, video game evolution, protest, and performance in public spaces.
Free + Bring your own beverages and snacks
(images courtesy of Jeff Stark)

Gian Luigi Diana, electronics & Ben Gerstein, trombone
Wednesday, August 10, 10pm

SEEDS:Brooklyn –
617 Vanderbilt Ave., Brooklyn (preceded at 8:30 by Jacob Garchik, trombone/computer)

All Star Poetry: A Benefit at the Bowery Poetry Club.
Tuesday, August 9

Nine poets from the First Annual New York Poetry Festival join forces to raise funds for the Festival and Bowery Arts + Science. Featured poets include Lisa Marie Basile, Jassie Harris, Meghann Plunkett, Rita Mercedes, Sarah Feeley, Ayala Sella, Nick Adamski and Bob Holman w/ Molissa Fenley.

Books will be available for purchase after the reading.
Admission: $8
The Bowery Poetry Club is located at 308 Bowery (between Houston and Bleecker)

New York Poetry Festival Afterparty at the Bowery

Talk to Me: Design and the Communication between People and Objects
Wednesday August 10th, 11:30am

Talk to Me explores the communication between people and things. All objects contain information that goes well beyond their immediate use or appearance. In some cases, objects like cell phones and computers exist to provide us with access to complex systems and networks, behaving as gateways and interpreters. Whether openly and actively, or in subtle, subliminal ways, things talk to us, and designers help us develop and improvise the dialogue.

Animated Architecture Part 1+2
Tuesday August 9th
Where: Millenium Film Workshop
66 East 4th Street, NY, NY

A new visual culture has come to dominate the presentation of architecture in recent years: animated digital visualization,boosted by ever growing computer capacities, is now the tool of choice to render both actual building projects and futuristic architectural visions.When architectural designs are shown in an exhibition context today, often videos have to carry the issue and form even the highlight of the presentation – just look, for example, at the exhibition of Zaha Hadid’s Casino project in the Schweizerische Architektur museum. Also, regular and by now established festivals are held, in Florence(International Festival for Architecture in Video/Beyond Media) or in Rotterdam (Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam), for example.


Generative crowd sourced sculpture with music performances @ Devotion.
Opening: Friday, August 12th, 2011.

Sol LeWitt knew that artists of many diverse types use simple forms to their own ends. Musician and multimedia artist, Morgan Packard believes that simple rules, when allowed to unfold, create the splendor of the world. In Euclidean geometry the simplest non-curved flat shape is the triangle, and the simplest non-curved three-dimensional shape is four triangles connected by their edges—the tetrahedron. In this crowd-sourced artwork the public is invited to create tetrahedrons from recycled office paper and a few pieces of tape while musicians perform. Under Morgan’s direction the participants will attach the vertices of the tetrahedrons to create a constantly expanding sculpture, filling the gallery with a geometric wonderland intersected by sonic vibrations.

Panel 2: Mediated Landscapes @Harvestworks
Wed, August 10, 2011

A group of artists and theorists discuss the commonalities between building landscapes in the online world and the real world. A focus will be on the current trends in visual data in comparison with urban planning, architectural processes, and the virtual landscapes in gaming culture. Visual data, urban planning for remote countries and an exploration of current and historical cartographic methodologies will be exhibited providing insight into an increasingly digitized and overlapping world between mapping the real and online spaces.

Residue: Installation by Eiko & Koma
Now open through October 30

The Astor Gallery, the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts 111 Amsterdam Ave. (between 64th and 65th st). New York City

Residue features works and artifacts collected during Eiko & Koma’s 40 years of collaborative art-making. Sets, costumes and videos are combined to create a multi-sensory experience that connects gallery visitors with Eiko & Koma’s artistry. The centerpiece of Residue is a tea-house-like structure made of material from Eiko & Koma’s 2010 living installation, Naked, commissioned by the Walker Art Center and presented at the Baryshnikov Arts Center this spring. Inside the structure, visitors can view a video installation and imagine or reflect on what it is to be naked.

Radio Happy Hour: The Final Episode
August 12, 2011 

Radio Happy Hour, the radio show not on the radio, has announced the end of their 2+ year run as the Village’s best variety show. After a US tour, appearances on public radio, feature articles in NY Post, Nylon, and many other places, the hit comedy show is ending its run. “Secretly, I was always surprised that anyone ever came to see a murder mystery on a fake radio show, or that anyone ever agreed to be on the show. Apparently, New Yorkers have a real appetite for idiocy,” says show host and head writer Sam Osterhout.

The finale won’t be without its share of fanfare, titled Radio Happy Hour: The Final Episode, this episode will feature guest appearances from musical guests Twin Sister, Mike Doughty, Matt Pond PA, and Franz Nicolay, as well as comedians Jenny Slate, Jessi Klein, Arden Myrin, Murray Hill, Max Silvestri, Gabe Liedman, Jared Logan, John & Molly Knefel, author Arthur Phillips, and 2009 US Air Guitar Champion William Ocean, plus buttloads of unannounced guests will be making appearances as well. (All of the guests except for Twin Sister and Jenny Slate will be making a return appearance on the show.) With so many guests it’s impossible to say exactly what is going to happen during this final murder mystery, but it’s possible that the producers have lured all these past guests back with promises that they’ll get their revenge on Osterhout and the Radio Happy Hour crew (actors Robin Reed and Matt Skibiak, as well as music director Rich Bologna) for two years of making guests say fart and dick jokes in public. (Past cast members include author Geoff Herbach and musician Stephanie Davila who performs as Stardweller.)

Monday August 8th
Omar Tamez – guitar, Jonathan Golove – cello, Steve Swell – trombone, Joe Fonda – bass. $10.

Wednesday August
Eddy Rollin – Oboe, English Horn, Sax, Guitar, Twanger, Giraffee Horn, Ethnic double reeds (Shennai, Mizmar and Sona) and vocals, Max Johnson – Upright Bass, Glenn Johnson – drums, percussion, Louise Devery – poetry, plus surprise guest!. $10.

NAG ACTION – Where’s Our Promised Park Space?
Wednesday, August 10When the City rezoned the North Brooklyn waterfrot in 2005, it promised to add roughly 38 acres of open space to the neighborhood. One of the major components of that plan was the the 28-acre Bushwick Inlet Park, which would straddle Greenpoint and Williamsburg along the waterfront.
Now, the City is reneging on that promise, and the mapped parkland, which straddles Greenpoint and Williamsburg – remains mostly inaccessible. What’s worse, six years – and thousands of new housing units – later, less than 3 acres of the promised 38 have been turned into actual, usable open space. The rest is 35 acres of broken promises.
Join us as we discuss the lack of open space in North Brooklyn and the broken promises from our waterfront rezoning. This will be a kick-off to the community response to this latest development…

Wednesday, August 10
Greenpoint Reformed Church. 136 Milton St.
RSVP on Facebook

Spike’s SideShow
Wed, Aug 10 6:00

Plazas throughout Lincoln Center

Ward Hall, who will do the “call for the bally,” a dozen different performance artists, including a cornucopia of conjurers, marvels and freaks, take over Lincoln Center’s plazas: acrobat and contortionistJonathan Nosan; magicians Adam CardoneJeff GrowMagic Brian, and Oz Pearlman; baton-twirling tunesmith Christine Lavin; the stand-up comedy stylings of Data the Robot and Heather Knightof Marilyn Monrobot; burlesque hula-hoop artist Miss Saturn; 1940s Coney Island barker Nancy the Thunderbolt Queen; and the multitalented Ringmistress Philomena and Kinko of the Bindlestiff Family Cirkus. Barn-burning singer and reedist Aurora Nealand & the Royal Roses enliven a lineup that traffics in awe and spectacle.

LAURIE ANDERSON with Rob Burger and Eyvind Kang &TODD REYNOLDS with Sxip Shirey, Adam Matta and Strings (debut)
with Caleb Burhans, Conrad Harris, Pauline Kim Harris, Yuki Numata, Courtney Orlando, and Ben Russell

MarchFourth Marching Band
Thursday, August 11th


8/9 Tuesday (JC)

Nancy Garcia & Weasel Walter, Eric Zinman, Lisle Ellis

8/10 Wednesday (YT)
Sarah Lipstate (guitar)

Screen Slate Presents: 3D Mondays: THE FRENCH LINE and INFERNO!

Monday, August 8th

Two super-rare Hollywood classics, seen as they were meant to be seen!730: Remember THE OUTLAW? Remember THE AVIATOR? Well, even if you don’t, take it from us that any Howard Hughes/Jane Russell collaboration is a dynamic design – whether it’s the brassieres or the boilerplate!930: Years before THE EDGE, THE RIVER WILD, SURVIVOR or LOST, there was… INFERNO!
Donald Whitley Carson III is another spoiled-rotten millionaire misanthrope (Robert Ryan, of THE WILD BUNCH and HOUSE OF BAMBOO.) When he falls off his horse on a Mojave Desert tour, his wife (Rhonda Fleming, the redheaded “Queen of Technicolor”) ditches him – with his studly business partner, natch – for death.
Tickets for either film are $5.


Thursday August 11th

Galapagos Art Space presents Get Smart, a salon-style and sensorial exploration of the brilliant age-of-ideas we live within.Get Smart trumpets the best thinking across an array of topics and frames them in an entire night out with beautiful trapeze artists, cabaret performers, live music, and wonderful fruit or vegetable with tincture based cocktails. Each evening will feature three dynamic 15-minute lectures, punctuated by performances from Galapagos’ Saturday-night-sensation, FLOATING KABARETTE!

The FilmShop Presents… Eye Candy
Thu, August 11, 2011
A night of Eye-popping 2 minute short films, live performances and an epic dance party for summer…

Featuring: A series of 2-minute eye candy themed films created by Filmshop members.

Live performances by Project Jenny Project Jan + Analog Fire
DJ set by DJ Russ ( of Flavorpill + Sold Out music) + Bande à Part
The FilmShop is a non-profit organization that provides creative support and resources to its member base. Through weekly peer workshops in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Hong Kong, members are connected to a thriving independent film community. Their bi-annual parties bring together musicians, filmmakers, and artists who collaborate on themed events that raise funds for the collective. Members have screened their work at film festivals around the world and have worked for PBS, MTV,, Wall St. Journal, Discovery Channel, and History Channel, amongst others.

Launch party for The Midnight Archive at The Coney Island Museum
Friday, August 12th

Please join us for the launch of the new web series “The Midnight Archives: Tales From the Observatory.” The series is the work of many time Observatory presenter Ronni Thomas (Alias Ronni Raygun) of the IKA Collective and is centered around the esoteric and always exotic personalities that spring from the Brooklyn Observatory. It attempts to briefly document some of the truly unique people, talents and objects from around the world who gather there on a weekly basis. Mummies, Taxidermy, 18th century robotics, early French demonic 3d horror… its all here.

From Baphomet to Marlene Dietrich: Traversing the Boundless – Modes of Transgression and Transcending Duality
Thursday, August 11thTonight, Frater Puck will present a brief, illustrated discourse on methods of the exploration of taboos, boundaries, and cognition itself, as intimated in Art, Culture and the Occult.
From Aleister Crowley’s Abbey of Thelema, to the Aktionists in Austria, an impulse to revolutionize Society through the transmutation of the Taboo, and the unification of Opposites, exists among the vanguard in fields of Art and Occultism. This transmutation begins with the individual, however, and this impulse hints at an integral desire to transcend all limitations. Fascination with the Androgyne, be it personified by Marlene Dietrich, or Baphomet, speaks to this innate impulse. This lecture explores these implications and ventures to discuss practical application towards the Great Work.

Beijing Welcomes You by Tom Scocca
Tuesday, August 9, 7–9pm

Beijing is the best representation of China’s political and cultural capital, of its might, and its potential threat. The city has not always been known as the most welcoming of places—not through the centuries during which it served as the walled-off home of Chinese emperors, nor through six decades as the capital of the authoritarian People’s Republic of China. But when Beijing was awarded its bid to host the 2008 Summer Olympics, it was a golden opportunity for China to show the world how far it had come. Quickly, a closed-off capital had to transform itself into a gleaming and progressive international showpiece, an emblem of China’s burgeoning power and prosperity, and the approach of what experts were calling the “New Chinese Century.”As Beijing scrambled to remake itself, Tom Scocca, an American reporter living in Beijing, was there to witness every piece of the city’s transformation from the inside, as an audience to Beijing’s gargantuan operations, and as part of the display itself. Captivating, smart, and highly entertaining, Scocca’s Beijing Welcomes You is a fascinating look at the capital city of the 21st century. With an eye for hilarious detail and the knowledge of an insider, Scocca supplies a vivid exploration of a rising superpower that is becoming increasingly vital for us to understand.

The Secret Science Club presents a SPECIAL ENCORE SCREENING of “Parallel Worlds, Parallel Lives”
Wens August 10th

Singer-songwriter Mark Everett of the band Eels grew up not knowing that his father, Hugh Everett, was a genius—to him, his dad was the chain-smoking guy who didn’t say much at the dinner table. The fact that Hugh Everett was one of the world’s pre-eminent quantum mechanics, the physicist who came up with the Theory of Parallel Universes was just one more thing they didn’t discuss.Sadly, Hugh Everett’s theory was so revolutionary and so trippy that its elegance and importance were not recognized until well after his death. (Mark Everett was just 18 when he found his father lying dead at age 51 on the family’s couch.) Parallel Worlds, Parallel Liveschronicles the journey of the musical-but-math-challenged son to learn more about his father’s profound contributions to science and the “Many Worlds” in which we all—for better or worse—may play out different versions of ourselves.

Mind-boggling and moving, this original BBC cut of the documentary features physicist Max Tegmark of MIT, plus a guest appearance by Schrodinger’s Cat.

Before & After
–Groove to tunes from other dimensions (wha-ha-ha!)
–Plunge into the Time Warp, a tessalating cocktail that will give you multi-vision

The New Southern Strategy: Reportback from the Jackson Plan
Kamau Franklin, Brandon King
Tuesday, August 9th

The Malcolm X Grassroots Movement over the last two years has initiated a southern strategy called the “Jackson Plan” based on its historic ties to the ideas of the republic of New Afrika where the Black Belt South is considered key to black liberation politics in the US empire. Over the last two years MXGM has focused most of its national energies on supporting its local chapter with resources that have involved the chapter being heavily engaged in electoral politics, grassroots organizing, and economic development. NY based member Brandon King just spent a month supporting this effort and will report back with Kamau Franklin MXGM member formally based in NY but now living in Jackson MS. The report back will include a discussion on the historical relevance of Jackson, MS in the Black Liberation Movement, and the successes and challenges that two city boys have in organizing in the deep south.

Lemonaids: A collaboration between Jason Fritz/Matthew Momchilov
Opening Reception August 13th 7-10

For queers, and many others, the early years of the HIV/AIDS epidemic created a fear of ones own body as the promise of a future was thrown into jeopardy. As AA Bronson has pointed out, this historical moment was “the continuous interweaving of care-taking, funerals, memorials, anniversaries, and more deaths.“
Using the vast media culture of the late 1980s and early 1990s, which conflated queerness with illness, artists Jason Fritz Michael and Matt Momchilov consider a variety of media tactics from this time and provide a counter-reading of these images from our current moment. The work questions the limitations and failures of self-help, fashion, art, and other media as a stand in for real advocacy, activism and transformation. If we can change our bodies and futures into something not tethered to the chains of death- is this how we do it?

Perspectives on Video Performance
Art Jam @Greenpoint Gallery.
Fresh Paint from Bushwick@Standpipe. 
The Moth StorySLAM. Theme: Business
Veveritse Brass Band @ Jalopy
Joan of Arc, Implodes, Rabble Rabble @Glasslands
HOSPITAL (Epidosde Three.)
A Taste of Fort Greene.
MA INSPIRA! (Inspire me!): A Fundraiser Exhibition
Taylor Mead @ Bowery Poetry Club.
Flux Thursday: August 11, 2011
An Evening of Sound and Word Celebrating The Release of Somi’s Debut Live Album
COMPOSED a memoir by Roseanne Cash.
The Devil is a Condition: Fields Notes from a Crisis
One Love,One Heart / Summer Fundraiser for Japan
“píːs” Noliko Ii

Glutton For Punishment
Im Schatten der Made (In the Shadow of the Maggot)

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