Alessandro Keegan.


The oil paintings and drawings that I have made over the years depict worlds and beings that are biologically alien and resemble some of the stranger things seen in a microscope. While my work doesn’t deal with symbols, at least not in a literal way, I do consider my work to be related to signs. I mean signs in the sense of portents, harbingers of things to come. One of my favorite scenes in any movie comes from David Cronenberg’s eXistenZ, where a character notices the large, mutated insects that exist in the parallel future world and is told flippantly that they are “signs of the times.” My work, representing altered biological forms, may be traditional in many ways but is also looking forward to the possibilities of a world where scientific control over life is increasing while ecological stability id decreasing. In this sense, my morphologically abnormal creations could be read as signs of a wayward present and a wholly unknown future.

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