Manju Shandler.


From the artist~ My large narrative paintings on translucent polyester film reflect on current events using myth, religion, and humor. In these paintings I am exploring concepts of a contemporary utopian ideal and it’s opposition- a place where paradise and the apocalypse meet. I borrow iconography from Renaissance masters, comic books, and religious illustrations.

I am a self-taught painter, developing my style through a process of exploration with materials and content that is both intuitive and ties to my background as craftsperson and theatre designer of puppets and masks. The medias I use – India ink, grease pencil, printing, acrylic and spray paint- are suspended on the transparent film allowing the wall to be visible behind the painting, breaking the metaphor of a painting as a window into another dimension.

My newest multi media paintings have been created in response to the recent tsunami in Japan. The imagery was created by using a mash up of flood images juxtaposed with renaissance masterpieces and 18th century etchings of whaling- one of the first super fuels.


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