Please Stand By, Readymade777 and Stacia Yeapanis@Baang & Burne.

This past Tuesday, I met an artist. At an undisclosed location. Without knowing the artist’s name, what they looked like, or even what gender this artist was.

This was readymade777,

….I think.

Known as readymade, readymade777, readymade7777 or sometimes “Dani” (more about that later), readymade remains an anonymous artist in a sea of viral videos. YouTube is littered with these stars. Singers, dancers, exhibitionists and…otherwise…in the hopes of obtaining some amount of internet fame or “fandom”.

And it isn’t to say that readymade is all that different, but we should consider form before function, method before mode.

Readymade has channels everywhere, but you’ll never know it. Utilizing a system that thrives on mass interaction, the tactics readymade insists are the motive behind the work are a collective recognition and a pushing of the boundaries in acceptable “social media,” followed by a lobbing of content out into the world-sometimes just to see how far it will go. Readymade is a convert for Mcluhan’s “cool” media techniques and be it through nostalgia, psychological reaction, consumer recognition, or just pure pleasure, it makes perfect sense that readymade quickly found themselves unwilling to deal with the mainstream slog (via film school) and turned to manipulation and unrestricted input.

Readymade sends out tentacles to create alter egos, narratives, distractions and rebellion via stream of consciousness. Readymade has had two attributable channels pulled from YouTube so far for content and copyright, but refuses to censor or restrict and instead continuously rebuilds. There remains an argument for artistic rights but once someone views readymade’s work, there is no doubt that this is something new. Born out of the media we cultivate, readymade is a sower of cultural deconstruction dreamscapes and the harvester of our schizophrenic attention spans.

Some could call readymade a voyeur. Getting their start with clips of a “24 hour” web cam from a girl referenced as “Dani” who for a long time (by a rumor propagated by readymade and “Dani” themselves) was thought to be readymade, the real question remains the intention? And what if all the participants are willing? In a world that sometimes glosses over the potential of new media to be one of the most powerful, dangerous and effective form of artistic communication, readymade remains a vigilante and for many, a hero. The jury is still out on whether readymade is male, female, the provocatively dressed black-haired woman who appears in several videos, the girl in the bathtub, or even just one person but the “I am readymade” video, showing snippets of viewers claiming the title Spartacus style, suggests the jury also doesn’t really care. One fan even took it upon themselves to storm the YouTube headquarters when readymade’s channel was pulled down. In the end it is the illusion that seems to be what truly drives readymade, or the breaking down thereof. It makes him, her, it, them, or us, anthropologists for a viral generation.

 Showing in conjunction with readymade, Stacia Yeapanis‘ embroidered memento’s to TV icons are the perfect antidote to readymade’s shot to the head style. In her statement Yeapanis says “Whether looking at art in a gallery or watching the season finale of a favorite show, we are cultural participants. We are producers, as well as consumers, champions as well as critics.”

Yeapanis, by exploring the notions of fandom and the intimacy involved, captures classic expressions on the faces of characters, along with recognizable phrases, which in that frozen vignette become the recorded moments of our collective history, as well as a sort of artistic “swag” in floss.

Yeapanis claims that “Meaningless” is what we seek to fight and thus it’s easy to see why her work focuses on characters the struggle with the current representative, “bigger” problems in life-vampires, bullies, intergalactic warfare, islands that may or may not exist-while also resorting to a cultural tradition that like television watching rose out of the need for communal activity and dialogue.

Please Stand By opens this Thursday, September 29th at Baang and Burne Contemporary 547 W 27th St, St 309 from 6-8pm (press preview from 5-6pm.) 

2 thoughts on “Please Stand By, Readymade777 and Stacia Yeapanis@Baang & Burne.

  1. I was the fan that storm the YouTube headquarters when readymade’s channel was pulled
    and I would do it again !!! I dig ReadyMade’s video art and was not happy when they pulled the channel, ReadyMade has many loyal fan’s world wide, and I am sure any number of them would have been happy to join me, if they lived as close to YouTube, as I
    peace and pancakes , Dano

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