Baby Doll by mwpm.

today, BOY and GIRL meet at the sandbox

BOY with a shovel; GIRL with a doll

BOY uses shovel to shovel sand into his mouth

GIRL uses doll to channel maternal instincts

BOY observes GIRL with doll; GIRL observes BOY with shovel

BOY: “why do you have a doll?”

GIRL: “because I love her”

BOY takes another shovel-full of sand into his mouth

GIRL: “why do you eat sand?”

BOY: “because Im hungry”

GIRL embraces doll; BOY eats sand

(                   )

tomorrow, BOY and GIRL meet at the sandbox

BOY with ketchup; GIRL with a baby

BOY uses ketchup to flavour sand before eating it; GIRL uses baby to

understand the gravity of parenting

BOY observes GIRL with baby; GIRL observes BOY with ketchup

BOY: “why do you have a baby?”

GIRL: “because she needs me”

BOY applies ketchup to sand

GIRL: “why do you have ketchup?”

BOY: “because I don’t like the taste of sand”

GIRL: “why dont you eat the ketchup alone?”

BOY: “ketchup is a condiment; its not a meal, it compliments a meal”

GIRL: “sand isnt a meal either”

BOY: “do you see anything better to eat?”

GIRL: “where are your parents?”

BOY: “somewhere”

GIRL: “I wouldnt let my baby eat sand”

BOY: “what about ketchup?”

GIRL ignores BOY

BOY: “what about ketchup?”

GIRL ignores BOY, devotes all her attention to baby

BOY stands up, sprays ketchup in direction of GIRL

GIRL screams, uses baby as human shield

GIRL: “look what you did!”

GIRL holds baby, covered in ketchup, for BOY to see

BOY: “I didnt do that, you did!”

GIRL: “you sprayed ketchup at baby!”

BOY: “I didnt! I sprayed it at you!”

GIRL: “and baby!”

BOY: “I dont want to play this game!”

BOY runs away from sand box, leaves ketchup and sand

WOMAN: “baby? wheres my baby?”

GIRL: “uh oh!”

GIRL hides baby under her skirt, conceals in the stomach of her dress

WOMAN meets GIRL at the sandbox

WOMAN: “have you seen my baby?”

GIRL: “no”

WOMAN: “whats that?”

WOMAN points; GIRL covers the stomach of her dress, conceals the movement

GIRL: “nothing”

WOMAN: “thats something”

GIRL covers the stomach of her dress, but the movement is accompanied

by the sound of baby crying

WOMAN: “whats that?”

GIRL falls on her side and pretends to be crying

GIRL pretends to be crying until baby, covered in ketchup, falls out

from under her skirt

WOMAN: “whats that?”

GIRL: “thats where babies come from”

mwpm was a car mechanic, but he never fixed a car he didnt break. mwpm was an exterminator, but he never killed a bug he didnt spawn. mwpm was a plumber, but he never cleared a pipe he didnt clog. In light of many failures, mwpm
decided to try writing. So far, mwpm hasnt broken, killed, or clogged anything.

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