Video Weekend: Readymade777 & Fancynot: Mind Lost Control/Tweak Me Baby

second collaboration video project with readymade777. mashup made from “stripping perceptions” and the short silent film “fall of the house of usher ” (1928)

The last thing I’d ever want you to do is feel left out. You are watching this because something in the universe drew you here. Maybe it’s because you’ve seen me or my work before, maybe it’s because you clicked on the ever-present thumbnail. Either way, I’m glad you came and know that I have only good thoughts toward your arrival. I love you and adore your interests and only want to tweak and be tweaked by your presence. If even the slightest thought is provoked by your being here, than my goal is complete. Stay creative, and be unique. My words are only a manifest of your deepest desires.


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