Archeology 401 by Hardie Karges.

Will they ever get it? (future archeologists, that is)

Will they ever truly understand what it is we did here?


Rummaging through city dumps, kitchen middens, Indian

mounds and Chinese cemeteries, they’ll have a job for life


They’ll understand the cars, no doubt, since car=chariot,

same word same deal, but will they understand

the computers, the ATM’s, the iPhones, the YouTube?


They’ll have the hardware, but they won’t have the program

They’ll just have dead plastic that long ago lost its language,

carrion baggage that got lost in transit…


Remember to get something down on paper, even if it’s not

written in stone

Remember to look around outside yourself, even if it’s on the

long way home

Hardie Karges is a poet, blogger and film/video-maker, philosopher by degree and world traveler/trader, having traveled to 139 countries and lived in several of them. He currently lives in LA, but is not an Angeleno. His work has appeared in various online publications and a book is in the works.  His personal blog is at

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