THE WEEKEND: Oct 21-23nd.



Mathilde Aubier, Paul Burgess, Cless, Virginia Echeverria, Fred Free, John Gall, James Gallagher, April Gertler, Ashkan Honarvar, Colin Jenkins, Gordon Magnin, Clarita Mata, Jeffery Meyer, Tom Moglu, Randy Mora, Julien Pacaud, Lilly Pereira, Dave Plunkert, Ciara Phelan, Eduardo Recife, Kareen Rizk, Javier Rodriguez, Valerie Roybal, Katherine Streeter, Leigh Wells, Charles Wilkin, Lionel Williams, Bill ZindelFrom its abstract roots in Cubism to the political and counter culture movements of Dada and Punk, collage has always been a product of its environment. With the rise of 24 hour media cycles, social networks and search engines, contemporary culture has effectively rendered print media obsolete, creating a virtual boom in discarded paper ephemera for collage artists to examine and reinvent. Through these discarded remnants collage artists have become the archivists and activists of this post modern age, paralleling the frenetic pace in which we live while exposing the voyeuristic and often disjointed nature of popular culture.INTERVIEW WITH THE 22.

Doomsday Film Festival
The 2011 Doomsday Film Festival explores our collective obsession with the Apocalypse in film, art, and culture.From raptures, plagues, meteorites, nuclear holocausts, aliens, zombie attacks, ecological catastrophe, and cybernetic revolt to the 2012 doomsday predictions, the Festival will touch upon all possible permutations of our collective demise. We’ll be screening films from across the board, with works ranging from premieres to established classics to rediscovered gems. On the schedule for the 2011 Festival are nuclear fallout cartoons, early ’60s atomic parables, ’80s zombie punk, award-winning independent shorts, and much more.The event will incorporate a panel-based symposium featuring authors, artists, and all manner of experts on the End of Days. We plan to tackle the Apocalypse in all its forms, and hope you’ll join us for the ride!

ALARM WILL SOUND – SONiC: Sounds of A New Century Festival

The powerhouse 20-member new music band comes to Brooklyn’s hottest new experimental arts center, Friday, Oct. 21 at 7pm. With some of today’s most talked about young composers: David T. Little, Stefan Freund, Aleksandra Gryka and Matt Marks, plus the U.S. premiere of Nico Muhly’s new electric violin concerto and music by Aphex Twin. Free admission to AfterHours performance with your ticket purchase.

Don’t Try To Play Me Like An Indoor Sport
Bushwick resident & known hyper surreal oil painterRyan Ford will have his first solo showing in New York City at Factory Fresh. New lavish painted environments from other dimensions will greet the viewers and unfold throughout the space. An artist known for comic symbolic abstraction, Ford delves a bit deeper into his psyche while titillating the mind with streaks of quiet violence and provocative tranquility.

With performances by some of the most exciting artists in New York—Plus Open Bar, Music, Dancing, Private VIP Performances! Location One invites you to come celebrate the creative spirit in the form of a party with live performances by: DJ B Rock / Yanira Castro / Andrea Yugoslavia Chirinos / Raquel Cion / Honi Harlow / Andy Jordan / Kanopy Dance Co. / Susan Marshall & Co. / Luke Miller / Edie Nightcrawler / David Quinn / Tony Ramos / Amber Sloan / Ashley Smith-Steel / RJ Valeo / Christopher Williams

Gwang Cheol Gim and Arianne Foks both performed at Grace Space previously on Friday, October 7, 2011 . . .Rafael Sanchez performed at Grace Exhibtion Space on Friday, April 1 of this year . . . SP38 also has had a long career as an visual artist and performance artist. We first met him in Montreal at the 2006 Viva Festival for Performance Art. We’ve crossed paths many times since, and he is coming to us now from this year’s Viva Festival. This is his premier event at Grace Exhibition Space

Munch Gallery is excited to present ‘Upside Down Frowns’ by RADICAL! The exhibition features all new works, and site-specific paintings and installations. RADICAL! was recently part of the ambitious Living Walls Albany, 2011 and has within the past three years shown in New York, Washington, D.C., Oakland, California, London, Tel Aviv, Moscow, and Basel, Switzerland. His narratives are fragments of a larger urban landscape and never intentionally political, but one cannot escape the underlying social comment that seeps through the works and the characters involved. Needles and pills are some of the reoccurring objects and they act not only as symbols of mere violence, but also as metaphors for a social alienation, fear and lack of communication. The artists will be present at the opening reception friday October 21, 7-10 pm.

Poets Awards Ceremony Featured Poets: Yusef Komunyakaa, Joan Larkin, Elana Ball
Celebrate the recipients of the premier collection of awards for poetry in the United States. The night will include readings and presentations by Yusef Komunyakaa, Joan Larkin, Elana Ball, and many others. A reception will follow.

Manly P. Hall and The Secret Teachings of All Ages
It is one of the strangest and most beguiling books of the twentieth century: The Secret Teachings of All Ages. Privately printed in 1928 by a 27-year-old occult scholar named Manly P. Hall, the table-top sized volume – brimming with arcane diagrams, otherworldly illustrations, and detailed entries on everything from Pythagorean mathematics and Egyptian geometry to the origins of the Tarot and the secret authorship of the Shakespearean plays – became one of the most successful underground books ever published. Passing through many printings and versions, including a compact “reader’s edition” in the twenty-first century, it reigns as the Encyclopedia Arcana of the modern age – a must-read for every acolyte of mythical traditions, esoterica, and the occult.

JohnKelly: Find My Way Home
Pamela Jorden
SONIC: Sounds of a New Century
Allison Carter & Jibade-Khalil Huffman
Mark Roth reception
Home Sweet Home: Shakin’ All Over Under Sideways Down (NY Night Train)
Fatima Al Qadiri: Genre-Specific Xperience Release Party and Screening
Blouse / The Bathers, Revisited
Alistar Frost:Airplane Mode
NY Moth StorySlam
Doomsday Film Festival
Clearwater Honors George Wein
The Jayhawks, Rosanne Cash
Music is Art: Night Two
BAT pARTy – Open Studio
International Contemporary Ensemble
Tiny Theater
NYC – Home Sweet Home: Shakin’ All Over Under Sideways Down
Ernesto Pujol: The Bathers, Revisited
Jacob Feige, From the Bellona Museum of Natural History
Shahzia Sikander
Trust Falls
Ian Pawelec, “Darkness & the Light”
Paul Duncan


DEJA VU features works that reveal the process of their own making while sharing an interest in form and illusion. Often made in one medium and then again in another, each artist in the exhibition appropriates images and materials from their own studio practice. Most use painting as either the origin or the destination for a given work. Not unlike experiencing the uncanny sensation that a present event may have occurred in the past, all the works featured have been made once, and then again.

Doxita: Inside/Outside
Society has lines and boundaries that most people are expected to fit within. But many exists on the edge of those boundaries. Some try to fit in, while others embrace a unique path. These four films portray people on the edges -whether physically or personally – and while some might see them or the situation as “strange,” it is just the reality.

Mad as Hell!
Organized by author and editor Albert MobilioMad as Hell is an afternoon of rants, raves, and diatribes from some of New York’s most celebrated authors.

RE/Mixed Media Festival
The RE/Mixed Media Festival is a 2-day celebration of collaborative art-making and creative appropriation. It’s the artists’ contribution to the ongoing conversation about remixing, mashups, copyright law, fair use, and the freedom of artists to access their culture in order to add to and build upon it.

William Powhida, Derivatives
Opening: Saturday, October 22, 6 – 8 PM

Rental Car Rally
Rental Car Rally’s 4th-ever high-speed, highly absurd autopalooza to leave from the big goddamned apple – NY to Apocalypse – will take you and your fellow bartertowners to a diabolical backwoods destination in the mountains of upstate New York. Expect impenetrable blast doors, ragnarokian runways, the doom sound of klaxons, and one big motherloving party. What’s all that mean? A decommissioned missile silo, turned luxury home, with the party going down 9 stories underground…or, in a single word: Apocalypse.

English Kills Art Gallery presents DOOR WORK, the first full solo exhibition of Rob Andrews’ work after a decade of rigorous investigation into the nature of myth, ritual, and the role of the storyteller. Rob will bebroadcasting The Split Talisman via pirate radio, bring an old radio (small, old, or one that you’ve been meaning to get rid of), and tune into 91.9.

Citizen Script
A 24 Hour Participatory Reading culled from a ‘poesy’ of language gathered along 600 miles along a planned 3,000 mile symbolic ‘walk across the US’. The reading will take place in six, four hour cycles (beginning at 5 am, 9 am, 1 pm, 5 pm, 9 pm, 1 am); each cycle consisting only of language gathered on walks taken during those hours. You are invited to join for any portion of the event; and to respond to the reading as if it were a score for further movement, action, conversation. Drawing materials, blank wall space & a few instruments will be provided. Musicians – bring instruments, dancers – movement, everyone – yourselves! An unscripted dialogue will ensue…

Electronic Waste Recycling Day in Bed-Stuy/UWS/Cobble Hill/Stu Town
Urban Starfest
Rouge Art: Letting Go
Brett Bigbee | Recent Work
Here Comes The Sons
Susan Burnstine: Within Shadows


The 4th Annual Poetry Brothel Masquerade
Hello my quails, my cabbages, my figs and doe-eyed dears, Once again we’ve found ourselves at the bottom of Fall.  In this time of fantastic decay, the poetry whores are back in season. The dizziness of summer has passed, and their words are ripe with clove scent, wool hearts, and the short breaths of winter. The poetry whores may be shutting their windows, but my cohorts and I are loosening the lock on the door to the infamous Back Room. Come and dance out the reds and help us sing in the golden spirit of the Masquerade. Masks will change hands as the night unfolds, though you are obliged to bring your own. Dress for the occasion, one and all, do not resist the Masquerade! Ten dollars will set your feet and soul aloft inside the most dignified house of illusions in this city.

Outside Image Project with Mark Street
3:00-6:15pm workshop and shooting, 7:00-8:30pm screening/discussion, $20 suggested donation.This workshop and screening marks the close of our public installation next door at 306 Union Avenue, Looking at Los Sures: Organizing Space. Using the immediate neighborhood as subject, this workshop and outdoor screening event will offer numerous opportunities for conversations about video as public art. What happens when moving images crop up unexpectedly outside of traditional venues, on the street? How does video operate as street art? What mix of representation and abstraction best serves and challenges an audience that encounters moving images as they go about their daily life? As a group we will shoot documentary vignettes , and then project the edited images onto a building in the milieu where they were filmed. Outside Image Project will bring beautiful, poetic and inviting images back to the place where they were created for all to contemplate.

48 HRS.
Artists Include: Paul Behnke, Brian Bustos, Lauren Collings, Julie Curtiss, Rebecca Goyette, Katarina Hybenova, Warren King, Ken Kocses, Geddes Levenson, Rebecca Litt, Chris McGee, Joey Parlett, Jamie Powell, Babette Rittenberg, Julie Torres 48 HRS is a celebration and exploration of art-making and socializing in Brooklyn. It is a 48-Hour residency that will culminate in a site-specific group show.

Call & Response


Over the course of three 10-day series, in the winter, spring and fall of 2011 in New York City, Walls and Bridges—a program curated by the Villa Gillet (director: Guy Walter) and presented by the Conseil de la Création artistique (general representative: Marin Karmitz)—will present nearly 50 cultural events, combining about 100 speakers and artists, 30 partners and over 20 venues, ranging from the New York Public Library, Joe’s Pub and the Brooklyn Flea to bookstores, universities and various galleries.

The Tragedy of Maria Macabre
The Tale of Frankenstein’s Daughter
Candlelight Ghost Tours of ‘Manhattan’s Most Haunted House’
The Gravesend Inn
HOWL ! Arts Project H.E.L.P. Benefit Performances
Plays Well With Others Festival
SONIC: Sounds of a New Century
Ferran Martin:GRANADA
An Auteurist History of Film
Take What Is Yours
New Georges presents:Nightlands
Looking at Los Sures: Organizing Space
I don’t believe in outer space
In Between: Through the Eyes of the Others
The Nightmare Story
Dead Laptop Series




The 22 Magazine is pleased to announce, “Fearful Symmetry” on October 27th at The Counting Room in Brooklyn.

Join us for a night of readings and song in the forests of the night
Bring your expirence, bring your innocene, bring your immortal hand or eye to hear the deadly terrors of legendary poets Steve Dalachinksy and Yuko Otomo, along with the disant depths of Samantha and Firas Sulaiman, Rami Shamir, Sarah Berstein and Stephanie Valente. These golden words will be followed by a furnace to your brain from Amerigo Mackeral & The Octave Doctors and the twisted sinews of Charlie Waters, Andrew Barker and a surprise special guest.

Throw down your spears, water heaven with your tears and make sure you come support artists and help fund Vol 2/II (Sign & Symbol) of The 22 Magazine.

The 22 Magazine
Event Pages

Ben Gerstein (Jerome Foundation Commission) – FREEDOM CHOIR! A congregation for cathartic improvisational service

$15 General Admission
$10 Members/Students/Seniors

On November 1st, All Saints’ Day, The Day of the Dead — ancient holidays in honor of the saints, known or unknown; deceased friends and family — Ben Gerstein brings together for the first time a unique ensemble of enormous acoustic, experiential intensity to celebrate the powers of improvisation on this earth. FREEDOM CHOIR! A congregation for cathartic improvisational service. Inspired by the micro and macrocosms of nature, ecstatic spiritual and athletic experiences, dream, destiny, ritual, prayer, ancestry, and visions throughout Art and beyond… Dance floor, prairie, pow-wow, synagogue, church, mountain top, ocean, forest, desert, track and field, fighting ring, mosh pit … Ferocious love! An historic event for expansive sound and emotion; unnamable sound, unnamable emotion. We are the world! Communion between us all…

Solo Exhibition and Live Performance by Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen

Opening Reception: October 29, 6-8pm
Live Performance at 7pm

We invite you to join us: Monthly workshops, presided over by Jovana Stokic, Location One’s curator of Performance Art, invite guest artists, critics and curators to work with the community of artists-in-residence at Location One. They provide a lively interaction and often suggest projects or collaborations that might be explored for presentation at the gallery. This month the topic addressed will be Collecting, Curating and Conserving; the guest curator will be Sandra Skurvida.

A girl raised as a boy. A boy trained to act as a girl. A writer and activist in exile. Anauthoritative male. These are the four characters through whom Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen addresses the complexities of gender in cultures where men and women are segregated — and masculinity rules

Walton Ford: I don’t like to look at him, Jack. It makes me think of that awful day on the island.

November 3 – December 23, 2011
Paul Kasmin Gallery
Paul Kasmin Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of nine new, large-scale watercolor paintings by Walton Ford, on view for the first time, at 293 Tenth Avenue. The most monumental watercolors that Ford has painted to date, three of the works measure approximately 9 x 12 feet on a single sheet of paper. These nine paintings are grouped into two series of work: one comprising three portraits of King Kong; and the other six meditations on a passage from the memoirs of the ornithologist John James Audubon (1785- 1851). Both series were painted in 2011, and are consistent with Ford’s practice of expanding the visual language and narrative scope of traditional natural history painting. The first series, presenting three huge portraits of King Kong, is based on the 1933 movie co-directed by Merian C. Cooper and Ernest B. Schoedsack. As Ford explains, “The depression era Kong was misshapen, not modeled on any living ape. He has an odd, ugly, shifting charisma like Cagney, Edward G. Robinson, or Bogart. Naturally, his woman screamed in terror.

Tiger Lillies with Special Guest Justin Vivian Bond
Oct 25-29
St. Ann’s Warehouse favorites, The Tiger Lillies, return with special guest Justin Vivian Bond, for an exclusive concert performance, featuring selections from their album Sinderella. The album recounts the sordid tale of our fairytale favorite, who has fallen on hard times and resorts to turning tricks in return for smack, and her abusive stepmother and ugly stepsisters. The songs singled out for this special concert will be conveyed through the twin vocal assault of Bond (Shortbus, Kiki and Herb) and the Lillies. “Hopefully we will be able to generate quite a lot of hatred on stage between us” (Martyn Jacques). In addition to their Sinderella collaboration, The Tiger Lillies and Justin Vivian Bond will each perform sets of their greatest hits.

Beat Night Fall Exhibition: “All Your Art Are Belong to Us”
October 28th – November 28th 2011
The Active Space presents a survey on technology’s influence in art with the exhibition “All Your Art Are Belong to Us”. This group exhibition will include various levels of technology being applied artistically to a variety of mediums. In a world where everything is being digitized, art is just the next of many things. Although not completely apparent in all finished products this exhibition will allow the viewer a window into the tools that an artist uses to aid in their creative process. The exhibition will involve the Bushwick community of creative thinkers by including a short survey of how each artist is influenced by technology and their opinions on the future relationship of technology and art. Featured artists include Brian Maller, Jonathan Chapline, Wilfredo Ortega, Fernando Pacheco, Louisa Marie Summer, Sarah Young, and Justin Richards.

The launch event at the brooklyn zen center, 505 Carroll Street, on friday night nov. 4 for zen monster magazine marks our 3rd issue– an unusually strong and clear statement of buddhist, non-buddhist, and trans-buddhist art, poetry, and subversive political statement — our strongest endorsement yet of gary snyder’s landmark essay “Buddhism and the Coming Revolution,” which we printed in ZM#1 back in 2008. our zen buddhist praxis here in brooklyn and n.j. is edgy, overtly political, and aesthetically liberated from any particular form or artistic ideology. we back the Occupy Wall Street movement 100%; our art editor noah fischer has been in Zuccotti Park since day one, even demonstrating as an artist there on wall street before day one with a small group dressed up as currency, as money, and he is there today and every day.

The Secret City – PERSONA
The fall is upon us, the leaves change and so do we. Or is everything just becoming more of itself? Join us as we celebrate the idea of PERSONA, in music, art, clothing, food and all the other delicious ways we celebrate.  On the day before Halloween, let’s find out who we are, who we might be, who we pretend to be.

Sunday, October 30th
161A Chrystie St
btwn Rivington and Delancey

“More and more, it feels like I’m doing a really bad impersonation of myself.” — Chuck Palahniuk

Conference of Works: Operations and Participations
The second in a series of creative production conferences, Conference of Work: Operations and Participations is part group exhibition and part non-academic theoretical thinktank.Performances and presentations taking open source forms will be enjoyed and discussed. For a schedule and complete list of presenters, check back here and on as the conference takes shape. Currently, participants include: Gelsey Bell, Carrie Dashow, Lindsey Drury, Alison Fleminger, Hector Canonge, Anya Liftig, Ann Hirsch, Douglas Barrett, Aliza Simons, Gretta Louw, Social Practices Arts Network (SPAN), Angela Washko, Valerie Kuehne, and others!

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