THE WEEKEND: Oct 28-31.


Nyugen E. Smith (b.Jersey City, NJ, 1976) is a multi-disciplinary artist and educator currently examining particular behaviors, customs, coping strategies, and psychological effects unique to blacks in the West Indies and Africa under European Colonial rule. Esther’s oniono is a part of a series of performances conflating specific vegetables with emotional experiences solely blamed on “external societal pressures.” The subject hunts for something spherical and peeling, a tumor or something else that won’t peel down to nothing, something inside but not like itself. There is no reflection here. Its stench bonds to the molecules around the head. Nobody is like it, the empiric, objectified self is somewhere at one of the cores, ideal-ly the flesh can be pitted out, eaten as identity, which must be found, without it, we are told, we must remain in the ground/on the ground.

A collaboration with Hrag Vartanian, co-founder and visionary at Rob and Hrag have spent a year in conversation about art, life, and work, and are proud to present tomorrow nights’ piece – a piece that requires your voice and spirit to open the door Hrag and Rob have seen together.

The 13th Hour: 4th Annual Group Exhibit
Last Rites Gallery opens it’s fourth annual The 13th Hour group exhibit, celebrating the spirit of the Halloween season. In it’s annual exhibit, Last Rites sets out to present a broad-spectrum representation of Dark Surrealism. Held during Halloween weekend, the show is the gallery’s largest group exhibit, and features renowned artists from around the globe- working in an array of mediums including painting, photography, and sculpture. From gothic elegance to finely crafted grotesquery, the beauty within the darkness is embraced and brought into the spotlight.

Procession of the Ghouls, Following a screening of Phantom of the Opera (1925)
The Great Organ will be played by Timothy Brumfield to accompany this year’s screening of the original Phantom of the Opera (1925) and the procession of Ralph Lee and the Mettawee River Theater Company’s ghosts and ghouls, Halloween at the Cathedral will be infused with new energy. The full stretch of the nave is at the disposal of Mr. Lee’s fantastic creatures of the night, and visitors are encouraged to brace themselves for increased ghostly mischief and ghoulish tricks. Seats closest to the action are for the bravest at heart, who may find themselves directly confronted with the hooked, expressive nose of a demon, the mossy nails of a witch, or the bulging, flushed cheeks of a ghostly manchild.

The Cut&Paste Digital Design Tournament
Tomorrow, Friday, October 28 you’ll have a chance to experience one of the most exciting digital design events on earth. The Cut&Paste Digital Design Tournament will descend upon the Lower East Side’s Angel Orensanz Foundation, pitting some of New York City’s best designers against each other in a head-to-head, monitor-to-monitor onstage battle of CS5, vectors and pixels.

THE GRUEN EFFECT: Victor Gruen and the Shopping Mall
In The Gruen Effect, Austrian filmmakers Anette Baldauf take a look at how the architect’s life, work, and critical humor become a means to make sense of the cities we live in today. The Viennese architect Victor Gruen is considered the father of the shopping mall. His ideas about urban planning, both influential and abused, have led to cities that serve the new gods of consumption. By tracing Gruen’s path from prewar Vienna to 1950s’ America and back to Europe in 1968, the documentary explores the themes and mistranslations that have come to define urban life. Followed by a Q & A with the director. This screening takes place within the framework of the 2011 Architecture & Design Film Festival.

SCOTT TRELEAVEN: The Holy Man Who Drank Milk With His Penis
Some things must be hidden to be found. In his new work, the first to embrace total abstraction, the celebrated Canadian collagist, filmmaker, and multidisciplinary virtuoso Scott Treleaven has subsumed his social- and self-critique into a suite of mesmerizing works on paper at once assertive and mysterious. In The Holy Man Who Drank Milk With His Penis, which takes its name from an obscure yogic practice for cultivating extreme self-control, Treleaven departs from the paradoxical code of explicitness that guides so much esoteric work. Rather than making public or even monumental the semi-ritualized struggles of marginalized individuals and communities, Treleaven uses the opacity of abstraction to deal with these themes obliquely, through obscuring veils—not to rescue marginality into public view but to honor it by keeping it secret and strange. Sometimes the most direct approach involves no path at all.

Certainly there is no shortage of articles, videos, sound bites, tweets, etc, emphasizing the state of flux that characterizes today’s instantaneous and dynamic world. We are reminded by pundits, bloggers, advertisers, impresarios, curators, and politicians that we must adapt, readapt, and adapt again if we hope to be competitive in the job market, if our industries are to prosper, if our museums are to attract and connect with their audience, if we hope to survive. Our fixation with ceaseless change is pervasive. “Out with the old, in with the new” has accelerated from a generational transition to a perpetual one. Life now is at once coming and going.

Beat Night Fall Exhibition: “All Your Art Are Belong to Us”
The Active Space presents a survey on technology’s influence in art with the exhibition “All Your Art Are Belong to Us”. This group exhibition will include various levels of technology being applied artistically to a variety of mediums. In a world where everything is being digitized, art is just the next of many things. Although not completely apparent in all finished products this exhibition will allow the viewer a window into the tools that an artist uses to aid in their creative process. The exhibition will involve the Bushwick community of creative thinkers by including a short survey of how each artist is influenced by technology and their opinions on the future relationship of technology and art. Featured artists include Brian Maller, Jonathan Chapline, Wilfredo Ortega, Fernando Pacheco, Louisa Marie Summer, Sarah Young, and Justin Richards.

RVSQ is a string quartet made up of four women who also sing and whose influences range from traditional American string band music to contemporary improvisation, Brazilian folk rhythms and West African tradition. Original songs backed by the strings and original compositions of the highlights of their performances. After collaborating with Feist on her latest album, Paste magazine called the quartet “Feist’s secret weapon.”

CONCRETE SOUND: an installation by Audra Wolowiec/BEATNITE: Bushwick Art Spaces Stay Open Late
Transubstrational: As a Smartmatter of Nanofacture
Nan Goldin:Scopophilia
The Stain of Poetry:Bruce Covey + Emily Kendal Frey (-) Eléna Rivera ~ Angela Veronica Wong = James Yeh
Beer & Candy II
Reading and Conversation with the board members of VIDA: Women in the Literary Arts
Fear Factory 2011 — A Horror Film Experiment
Haunted Lantern Tours
SEWAGE BABY at Spectacle!
Sunset Park: Paul Auster
Night of Renegades FREE at the LAVA Studio
Rebecca Horn:Ravens Gold Rush
Roomful: Nava Lubelski
Ed Pastorini/Tom Swafford & Angela Martinelli and you at Papacookie
Paragraph reading
WFMU Record Fair
Simone Forti
Pedagogy of the Oppressed: The Musical
“The Review Panel” The National Academy Museum
Peter Hujar, Three Lives
Shane Hope Transubstrational: As a Smartmatter of Nanofacture
Matt Blackwell: Tour and Trance
Lily Ludlow “Ten for Aidas”
GrowNYC & BIG!NYC Hallowe’en Costume Swap 


Habitable Spaces Halloween Bash
Come on down to support the Habitable Spaces project. The evening will feature a colorful mix of bands, djs, performance artists, and of course – tacos and tasty cocktails.  A silent art auction will be held throughout the night. The Habitable Spaces project is a series of visionary structures that will be built in rural Texas. It will stretch the notion of sculpture, livable space, and “home” by incorporating a self-sustaining approach to every aspect of living, building, and creating. The combination of art and self-sustainability will merge together as the artists live off the land and experience how everyday life affects artistic practice. Harvesting and producing food will spill into collaborative ideas within each artist’s habitable space creating a larger dynamic installation piece that changes and flows with its inhabitants and community throughout the seasons.

The Habitable Space project is organized by current Flux Artists-in-Residence Alison Wardand Shane Heinemeier.

Fair Use Without Fear! Copyright for Participatory Culture
Join scholar Patricia Aufderheide, filmmaker David Van Taylor, and law professor Brian Frye in this in-depth and hands-on investigation of fair-use.

Masquerade Macabre
A marvellous and mysterious event…a Halloween celebration of the extravagant and the grotesque…an all-night spectacle of atmosphere, costumery and diverse entertainments…an explosion of live music, dancing, circus arts, fire and late-night revelry, snake-charmed into an absinthe-fueled early-morning speakeasy.

Solo Exhibition and Live Performance by Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen
We invite you to join us: Monthly workshops, presided over by Jovana Stokic, Location One’s curator of Performance Art, invite guest artists, critics and curators to work with the community of artists-in-residence at Location One. They provide a lively interaction and often suggest projects or collaborations that might be explored for presentation at the gallery. This month the topic addressed will be Collecting, Curating and Conserving; the guest curator will be Sandra Skurvida. A girl raised as a boy. A boy trained to act as a girl. A writer and activist in exile. Anauthoritative male. These are the four characters through whom Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen addresses the complexities of gender in cultures where men and women are segregated — and masculinity rules

Anna Sperber continues her explorations of light and texture in a new work, focusing on individual figures and single movements to heighten our awareness of sensation in choreographic distillations of time and place. Featuring performers Julie Alexander, Natalie Green, Jennifer Lafferty and Rebecca Serrell Cyr, and a score composed and performed live by experimental trumpeter Nate Wooley, with lighting design created in collaboration with Joe Levasseur, and costume design by Parker Lutz.

Critical Halloween
Artefacting Willets Point Festival & Public Tours
The Buddha with David Grubin
Catherine Farish
Lincoln Center Directors Lab: WorldWideLab
Ghouls & Gourds
All Folked Up!
Iconic Artist Talk: William Forsythe
Beyond the Veil: A Victorian Murder Mystery
Secret Project Robot: NY Night Train 6th Anniversary Spook-tacular
Panels, Pages & Balloons: The Graphic Novel Book Club
Japanther//theHomewreckers//Devestation Wagon//TitFit
SUGAR presents Lineup an evolving exhibition
DANIEL GORDON: Still Lifes, Portraits and Parts
Andrea Bowers
Leslie Hewitt: Blue Skies, Warm Sunlight
Claudia Hart: When A Rose is Not a Rose
New York Writers Workshop: Starting a Memoir
COMMUNITY EVENT: World Music Institute presents Songs for the People: Simon Shaheen 


The Secret City – PERSONA WHO ARE YOU??
The fall is upon us, the leaves change and so do we. Or is everything just becoming more of itself? Join us as we celebrate the idea of PERSONA, in music, art, clothing, food and all the other delicious ways we celebrate.  On the day before Halloween, let’s find out who we are, who we might be, who we pretend to be.

Wholphin: Horror Docs
Premiere Performance of RE-ACTION
Beyond This Place
Family Day at English Kills
Share – free audio & video jam
Glasslands: Alana Amram’s Monster Mash meets NY Night Train’s Haunted Hop
Deville Cohen: POISON
Bianca Beck: Body
Introduction to Electronics
Brooklyn Country presents: A Night of Murder Ballads
From Parlor to Grave: 1865 Funeral Reenactment


9th Annual Village Halloween Parade
This year the Village Halloween Parade stares back at the disembodied eye, as we celebrate I of the Beholder. Parade artists Alex Kahn and Sophia Michahelles of Superior Concept Monsters will lead a cloud of floating eyes up Sixth Avenue, inviting everyone to join, both physically and virtually.

A special Halloween edition of Real Characters at McNally Jackson
hit RECord on Halloween with Joseph Gordon-Levitt
New York Night Train’s Haunted Hop meets Alana Amram’s Monster Mash!
UglyRhino’s Warehouse of Horrors
James Copeland & Ariana Reines
Zombies! Zombies! Zombies!
Dark Room
HalloweenAvantAvantAvantAvant (Rachel Mason)
Spine Tingling and True: Ghost Stories of the Merchant’s House Museum 


Cries and Whispers
In a sterile grey room, an artist lies dying. Her video diaries flicker on screens, offering consoling images of an ersatz immortality as her estranged sisters hover about, removed. Not a word has been uttered and already director Ivo van Hove (Opening Night, 2008 Next Wave) has transported us to a collective soul bound by the most tenuous compassion. On a stage transfigured by grief, gripping performances from Dutch repertory company Toneelgroep Amsterdam drive this modern adaptation of Ingmar Bergman’s unflinching 1972 film about the will to live and the astounding human capacity for empathy amid the debris of damaged life.

James Cohan Gallery is proud to present DANDAN, a solo exhibition by Japanese artist Tabaimo, opening September 15th and running through October 29th, 2011. This is the third solo exhibition at the gallery by the 35-year old Tabaimo, recognized as one of Japan’s leading artists and well-known for her hand-drawn animations whose coloration bring to mind traditional ukiyo-e prints.

Back by popular demand for a third season, the visually stunning, lushly designed Steampunk Haunted House returns and takes audiences into the darker, more terrifying aspects of Lewis Carroll’s classic stories. In this immersive experience, audience members are admitted in small groups, suddenly separated, and thrust into a beautiful and terrifying dreamscape of neo-Victorian elegance and phantasmagoric clockwork horrors. The experience sprawls throughout the three floors of Abrons’ majestic century-old playhouse, its innumerable twisting hallways, looming balconies, and labyrinthine cellars.

Over the course of three 10-day series, in the winter, spring and fall of 2011 in New York City, Walls and Bridges—a program curated by the Villa Gillet (director: Guy Walter) and presented by the Conseil de la Création artistique (general representative: Marin Karmitz)—will present nearly 50 cultural events, combining about 100 speakers and artists, 30 partners and over 20 venues, ranging from the New York Public Library, Joe’s Pub and the Brooklyn Flea to bookstores, universities and various galleries.

Now the Cats with Jewelled Claws
Jalopy String Band Festival
Frank Stella: Geometric Variations
Two-Man Kidnapping Rule
American Letters 1927-1947: Jackson Pollock & Family
The Tragedy of Maria Macabre
Speakeasy Dollhouse
Yoko Ono
The Tale of Frankenstein’s Daughter
The Gravesend Inn
Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind
HOWL ! Arts Project H.E.L.P. Benefit Performances
Ferran Martin:GRANADA
An Auteurist History of Film
New Georges presents:Nightlands
I don’t believe in outer space
In Between: Through the Eyes of the Others
The Nightmare Story
Dead Laptop Series
Prison Light
Puppetsburg: An Interactive Puppet Show for Babies! (ages 0 to 4)
After Party @McKittrick
Blood Manor
Carsten Höller: Experience
Street Scenes / Visual Narrative


Ben Gerstein (Jerome Foundation Commission) – FREEDOM CHOIR! A congregation for cathartic improvisational service
On November 1st, All Saints’ Day, The Day of the Dead — ancient holidays in honor of the saints, known or unknown; deceased friends and family — Ben Gerstein brings together for the first time a unique ensemble of enormous acoustic, experiential intensity to celebrate the powers of improvisation on this earth. FREEDOM CHOIR! A congregation for cathartic improvisational service. Inspired by the micro and macrocosms of nature, ecstatic spiritual and athletic experiences, dream, destiny, ritual, prayer, ancestry, and visions throughout Art and beyond… Dance floor, prairie, pow-wow, synagogue, church, mountain top, ocean, forest, desert, track and field, fighting ring, mosh pit … Ferocious love! An historic event for expansive sound and emotion; unnamable sound, unnamable emotion. We are the world! Communion between us all…

Murakami Madness! @Selected Shorts.
In a mini marathon celebration of his long-awaited magnum opus 1Q84, actors Jane CurtinAasif Mandvi (The Daily Show),Campbell Scott (Secret Lives of Dentists),Parker Posey (Best in Show) and others perform a selection from the new book as well as a variety of his hypnotic, funny, mysterious, far-out tales. The evening includes special guests super-fan Isaac Mizrahi and Murakami’s friendJohn Wray (Lowboy), who interviewed him forThe Paris Review. With Murakami-inspired musical accompaniment.

69°S. (Part of the 2011 Next Wave Festival)
“When I look back at those days, I have no doubt that divine providence guided us… it seemed to me often that we were not alone.” —Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton

Sixty-nine degrees south latitude, threshold of Antarctica, foreboding and cold. In an attempt to cross the continent, explorer Ernest Shackleton and crew have been shipwrecked, and now—through the work of Phantom Limb marionette maker and composer Erik Sanko and set designer Jessica Grindstaff (both at BAM with More Than Four, 2007 Next Wave)—they emerge before us in the snow.

Walton Ford: I don’t like to look at him, Jack. It makes me think of that awful day on the island.
Paul Kasmin Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of nine new, large-scale watercolor paintings by Walton Ford, on view for the first time, at 293 Tenth Avenue. The most monumental watercolors that Ford has painted to date, three of the works measure approximately 9 x 12 feet on a single sheet of paper. These nine paintings are grouped into two series of work: one comprising three portraits of King Kong; and the other six meditations on a passage from the memoirs of the ornithologist John James Audubon (1785- 1851). Both series were painted in 2011, and are consistent with Ford’s practice of expanding the visual language and narrative scope of traditional natural history painting. The first series, presenting three huge portraits of King Kong, is based on the 1933 movie co-directed by Merian C. Cooper and Ernest B. Schoedsack. As Ford explains, “The depression era Kong was misshapen, not modeled on any living ape. He has an odd, ugly, shifting charisma like Cagney, Edward G. Robinson, or Bogart. Naturally, his woman screamed in terror.

Conference of Works: Operations and Participations
The second in a series of creative production conferences, Conference of Work: Operations and Participations is part group exhibition and part non-academic theoretical thinktank.Performances and presentations taking open source forms will be enjoyed and discussed. For a schedule and complete list of presenters, check back here and on as the conference takes shape. Currently, participants include: Gelsey Bell, Carrie Dashow, Lindsey Drury, Alison Fleminger, Hector Canonge, Anya Liftig, Ann Hirsch, Douglas Barrett, Aliza Simons, Gretta Louw, Social Practices Arts Network (SPAN), Angela Washko, Valerie Kuehne, and others!

You’re invited to join us on Thursday, November 3rd at Saint Vitus in Brooklyn for what we believe will be two very special, distinct and parallel events. The venue’s address is 1120 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn NY 11222 What we’re trying to do here is merely support art. As much as we’ve fooled ourselves with the idea of originality until now, we realize we don’t really believe in it – but we do believe and stand behind authenticity, behind what we perceive as unpretentious and honest ways of expression coming from artists dedicated to nothing but their dreams and obsessions. In the quiet words of Steve Jobs, we believe in people who stay hungry and foolish because we have faith in the individual. We value talent but we also value modesty and humbleness even more. We are here because we want to give a few great artists a voice, and by this we thank them for sharing their beauty with us and the world. (About the artists.)


The launch event at the Brooklyn zen center, 505 Carroll Street, on friday night nov. 4 for zen monster magazine marks our 3rd issue– an unusually strong and clear statement of buddhist, non-buddhist, and trans-buddhist art, poetry, and subversive political statement — our strongest endorsement yet of gary snyder’s landmark essay “Buddhism and the Coming Revolution,” which we printed in ZM#1 back in 2008. our zen buddhist praxis here in Brooklyn and n.j. is edgy, overtly political, and aesthetically liberated from any particular form or artistic ideology. we back the Occupy Wall Street movement 100%; our art editor noah fischer has been in Zuccotti Park since day one, even demonstrating as an artist there on wall street before day one with a small group dressed up as currency, as money, and he is there today and every day.

Fowler Arts Collective is pleased to present The Build Up, an exhibition of new work by Heather Ramsdale, Gabriela Salazar, Sara Schneckloth, and Leigh Van Duzer. Working across mediums including sculpture, photography, site-sensitive installation, and drawing, the common thread through The Build Up is the transformation of visible structures and the investigation of infrastructure.

Swirling, moving, dancing, Michael Alan’s paintings, full of chaotic motion and grace, will transform into the flesh. Altering the space of the Gershwin Hotel, 7 living figures, as if straight from Alan’s 2d images, will move back and forth to their own beat and their own dance, participating in Michael Alan’s prom.7 friends/performers will all be animating separate dances—from hip hop to classical to 80’s to butoh to punk rock—at the same time for 5 hours. When the song switches, they will all stick with their individual dances, creating a multiple, choreographed dancing ensemble living painting.

Performa 11
Performa 11, the fourth edition of the internationally acclaimed biennial of new visual art performance presented by Performa, will be held in New York City from November 1–21, 2011. The three-week biennial will showcase new work by more than 100 of the most exciting artists working today, in an innovative program breaking down the boundaries between visual art, music, dance, poetry, fashion, architecture, graphic design, and the culinary arts. Presented in collaboration with a consortium of more than 50 arts institutions and over 50 curators, as well as a network of public spaces and private venues across the city, Performa 11 will ignite New York City with energy and ideas, acting as a vital “think tank” linking minds across the five boroughs and bringing audiences together for brilliant new performances in all disciplines.

Perfect Lives: Manhattan
Perfect Lives Manhattan takes the events of a day in a small Midwestern town and remaps them onto Lower Manhattan, starting at 11 AM and continuing intermittently until 11:30 PM. As performers and audience members journey from location to location, participants re-imagine the big city as a folksy town where the bank tellers know the captain of the football team and everyone drinks together at the end of the night. Varispeed’s performance will use spatial intimacy to help animate the story — performances will happen inside homes, parks, and businesses, over shared snacks and shared readings, rather than on stages or behind lecterns. Perfect Lives Manhattan will bring together musicians, performers, fans and community members alike in a celebration of American opera.

For the 1st time EVER Scott Scheidly & Andrew Spear team up for a 2 man art show That will be nothing short of Extraordinary !!! Andrew is originally from Boston, then N.Y.C. and now resides in Florida with Scott, who is originally from Ohio. They are doing a reverse snowbird from the south and coming up north for the winter. (for the show of course !!!)

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