Process of a Repetitive Thought by Neža Agnes Momirski.

Process of a repetitive thought is an extensive project consisting of two drawing series, a mixed media photography series and a sculpture. Neža draws from fashion photography, dreams, memories and their symbolic value to thematically create a narrative world full of visual immediacy.

The project on one side refers to the world of consumers industry, and on the other to the notion of personal. The narrative is build on a thin line between the inner and the public world, with a consistent use of an invented symbol, which is a visualization of her association with the past (the definition of a symbol is followed by Jungs theory: is something that can not be made clear as it emerges in a dream or a thought). With the means of repetition (one of the features of consumerism) the symbol/trauma becomes an obsession, which creates a paradox: on one side repetition is used for defending against the effect of trauma, and on the other, it produces trauma effect over and over again. That obsession is the base of each theme depicted in her works and a red line that brings them together: dream state, perception of media and photographic reality, overwhelming weight of “the ideal”.

Visually blurring the lines between art and fashion (consumers industry), a defining feature of these works is the combination of classical craftsmanship and modern mediums. When creating her images she combines different techniques, contrasting obsessive precision to rougher visual elements.

Process of a repetitive thought is research of symbolism, cliché’s and repetition, and how the inner, constructed of memories and primal existential needs, and the media reality intertwine within one’s identity.

ABOUT NEZA: Neza’s projects and poems have been published in eight magazines, the most recent being Mentor, Magazine of Republic of Slovenia Public Fund for Cultural Activities, Neo2 Magazine and Zupi Magazine. She has exhibited in Tent Rotterdam, SingerSweatShop Gallery and others. This year she was awarded with Huygens scholarship from NUFFIC for talented international students. She is currently studying at Fine Arts at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam.