The Compendium: Tonight, Vaudeville Park 6pm

THE COMPENDIUM 2012 launch event.

Tonight (Jan 19th) we are excited to be a part of The Compendium  at Vaudeville Park. This will be a premier  meeting to discuss the future of The Compendium and giving other artists and organizations a chance to participate. We’ll be giving a special sneak peek of The 22 Vol 2/II and discussing how you can be a participant in the special volume for The Compendium.

There will be a gallery show from 6-7pm, featuring work from: Cat Gilbert, Alexander Barton, Aaron Howard

followed by performances from: Valerie KuehneIan Colletti, collaborative work by Thomas Bell, Christina DeRoos and Anya Liftig, performance by experimental music ensemble thingNY, performance collective Panoply Performance Laboratory, and more.

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