3:am of the Soul: Bryan Olson/Ventral is Golden/Jesse Treece

Click on image to view larger.

From left to right: Bryan Olson, Ventral is Golden, Jesse Treece
Check out Ventral is Golden on The 22! 


About the project (from Ventral is Golden):

I was inspired to start the project after reading a three part essay by F Scott Fitzgerald entitled ‘The Crack Up’ (which can be read here) Focussing more specifically on the second essay ‘Pasting it Together’, where the quote “in a dark night of the soul it is always 3 o’clock in the morning. day after day.” was taken. By imposing an unsociable hour of production onto all three artists, I wanted to explore the relationship between sensory depravation and collage making. I also found interesting the fact that I am geographically distanced from both Jesse and Bryan, that to impose a restriction of time would create a curious correlation between us. As opposed to using visual source material to link the artwork together, and considering that you can’t hold or see ‘three o’clock’, using something as intangible as time created a stronger resonance between all of the collages created.

I think the project doesn’t necessarily have to have an end point. I just hope that we exhaust our materials before we exhaust ourselves.

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