love letter in prison code by Steven J. Fowler.

dear Honzo

I came home & opened the bay windows

that appeared over our garden

the grass was cut

the treefruit bulbed

but a wounded horse was left behind and abandoned

please come and fetch it now

lest you forget to do so

and I am left

to clean up its mess

after all

Sophia is pregnant

and my other son is using a new razor

he is ready to ‘take care’

of your horse

STEVEN JOHANNES FOWLER (1983) is the author of four collections Red Museum (Knives forks & spoons press), Fights (Veer books), the Lamb Pit (Eggbox publishing) and Minimum Security Prison Dentistry (AAA press). He is the poetry editor of Lyrikline in the UK and 3am magazine. He is a full time employee of the British Museum.

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