The 22 Magazine is putting on a show this Thursday at Vaudeville Park in Brooklyn. Hope you can join us!

Check out a preview for the show.

The 22 Magazine Presents: Fixins

The 22 Magazine is pleased to present an evening of music, art, food and puppetry with Andru Bemis, Anna Gevalt, Elizabeth Laprelle and Katherine Fahey, who along with singing, will be presenting a cranky. Also known as scrolling panorama, or crank box, the cranky is an old-fashioned hand-cranked scrolling device, illustrating a story or song. They will be joined by FAHEY, puppeteer Daniel Patrick Fay, and visual artists Jimmy McBride, Megan Canning, Eileen Hoffman, Reineke Hollander and more. There will be a potluck style buffet, so feel free to bring something to contribute! The event will take place on April 26, at Vaudeville Park in Brooklyn.


Contemporary Music Festival 2012 – Percussion Ensemble

The Mannes Percussion Ensemble, under the direction of James Baker, is dedicated to performing both new and classic solo and ensemble works for percussion in two performances each year..

The Big Pink

The Big Pink may take their name from the Band’s debut album but there is nothing rootsy or remotely Dylanesque about this London duo’s music. In fact, their roots reach back only as far as the late-80s and early-90s, to the days when Madchester-era baggy disco and Thames Valley shoe-gazing ruled the waves and waived the rules with regard to fusing drone-rock and dance rhythms. There are elements of Spacemen 3 and Spiritualised’s trance gospel on their debut single Too Young to Love, of My Bloody Valentine’s brief foray into nightclub territory on their Andy Weatherall-remixed epic of noise-dance, Soon, even of Happy Mondays’ “religious” rhythmic rock classic, Hallelujah.

Extreme Energy and the Fight for Our Future

Come see the powerful documentary, Dirty Business, and then hear Riverkeeper Paul Gallay discuss Riverkeeper’s Indian Point campaign, along with voices fighting fracking in New York and mountaintop removal in West Virginia.

THE BIGGEST APPLE Hyper-Density and the Future of Manhattan

How many people could Manhattan conceivably house? Some perspective: As crowded as it may seem, the fact is that today’s island houses 30% fewer people than it did at its peak 100 years ago. Back then there were 700,000 more Manhattanites than there are today—many of them crowded cheek-by-jowl in the teeming tenements of the Lower East Side. And even that historic crowding pales compared to Kowloon Walled City in Hong Kong, the most crowded urban node the planet has yet seen….. Join journalist Amy O’Leary for a panel discussion on population trends, urban planning, and the conceptual limits of density here in the Big Apple. Joining her will be city planner Frank Ruchala, Jr., transportation strategist Sarah Kaufman, and others.

League of Professional Theatre Women: Playwright Sarah Ruhl in conversation with actress, Frances McDormand

Academy Award and Tony Award winner Frances McDormand will sit down for an interview with playwright and MacArthur Fellowship recipient Sarah Ruhl.

Drawn & Quarterly Presents Guy Delisle: JERUSALEM

Presented by Desert Island, Drawn & Quarterly, and Housing Works. Acclaimed graphic memoirist Guy Delisle returns with his strongest work yet—a thoughtful and moving travelogue about life in the Holy City. Guy Delisle expertly lays the groundwork for a cultural road map of contemporary Jerusalem, utilizing the classic stranger in a strange land point of view that made his other books, Pyongyang, Shenzhen, and Burma Chronicles required reading for understanding what daily life is like in cities few are able to travel to. In Jerusalem: Chronicles from the Holy City, Delisle explores the complexities of a city that represents so much to so many. He eloquently examines the impact of the conflict on the lives of people on both sides of the wall while drolly recounting the quotidian: checkpoints, traffic jams, and holidays.


Co-sponsored by Riverkeeper, Frackonomics will feature Deborah Rogers, former financial consultant and author of “The Big Fracking Bubble”; Jannette Barth, Ph.D. and economist; Al Appleton, former NYC DEP Commissioner; and David Braun, president of United for Action. Get the facts on fracking in NY and learn why it isn’t the magical job creator and economy fixer that the gas companies tell us it is.


What is The Graduate Poets Series? Over the course of the season, hosts Seth Graves and Emily Brandt welcome the diverse talent of New York City’s MFA community. Once each month, you’ll have the chance to see and hear several of the city’s most stunning young poets before they start racking up six-figure advances. Hundreds of poets have made their stage debut in this supportive peer environment, discovering their toilers in the field and forming collegial relationships.


“Peter Evans and Ron Stabinsky have been collaborating since 2008, both in freely improvised contexts and in Mostly Other People Do the Killing. Tonight they perform as a duo, playing original compositions and a smorgasbord of jazz standards.”



Greenlight Poetry Salon

Created by Greenlight’s own Angel Nafis, Greenlight Bookstore’s quarterly poetry series, the Greenlight Poetry Salon, welcomes locally and nationally celebrated poets. This month, poets Patricia Smith, author of Shoulda Been Jimi Savannah; Patrick Rosal, author of Bonesheperds: Poems, and Samantha Thornhill, author of the performance poem “Little Odetta” come to the store to present from their recent work. Patricia Smith is a columnist for the Boston Globe and is an award-winning poet and performance artist. Patrick Rosal is a local author of three full-length poetry collections, Boneshepherds, My American Kundiman, and Uprock Headspin Scramble and Dive. His poems and essays have appeared in numerous journals and anthologies, including Tin House, American Poetry Review, and the Harvard Review. Samantha Thornhill travels the globe performing poetry, delivering lectures, and facilitating writing workshops. Both a poet and published author, Samantha is a rising voice in the world of words

Contemporary Music Festival 2012 – CIRCE, Composer-in-Residence Chamber Ensemble

This concert will feature the music of 2012 Composer-in-Residence, Lowell Liebermann.

Vonnegut Vision: Rick Moody in Conversation with Sidney Offit, presented in cooperation with The Library of America

Kurt Vonnegut influenced the visual and film arts, critical and political discourse, and, of course, generations of writers. In this unique event, Library of America Vonnegut editor Sidney Offit sits down with bestselling novelist Rick Moody to discuss Vonnegut’s continuing relevance for Moody’s work and for our culture. Light refreshments will be served.

Robert Ashley’s Concrete

Iconoclast composer Robert Ashley revisits his opera, Concrete, with eight new songs. Each evening’s performance features four solo songs (Portraits) about ordinary people who did extraordinary things for which they’ll never be recognized, alternating with ensemble sections (Meditations) with short solos sung by Ashley (as The Observer).

Brain and the Bedroom: The Effects of Pornography

Where does the responsibility of the pornographer lie? With the media’s insistence that adult entertainment is becoming “mainstream,” studies showing young people accessing porn at earlier ages than ever before, and sexually explicit materials increasingly easy to access, questions begin to arise. Is “porn addiction” a serious problem or a conservative bugaboo? Are sexual behaviors changing with the prevalence of pornography, or are things the same as always? Lynsey G., porn critic and curator of the current exhibition Consent, moderates an evening of discussion of these important issues. Panelists include Cindy Gallop (founder of, Sarah Forbes (curator of the Museum of Sex), Dan Reilly (producer/screenwriter), Madison Young (artist, feminist, adult performer), Sinnamon Love (adult performer/director), and Tina Horn (performer, queer activist).

Revolutionary Ink: The Paintings of Wu Guanzhong

This first-ever major retrospective exhibition celebrates the sixty-year career of Wu Guanzhong (1919–2010), one of China’s most significant and admired twentieth century artists. Organized in collaboration with the Shanghai Art Museum, the exhibition traces the artist’s development in the medium of ink painting from the mid-1970s through 2004. Works on view represent Wu’s radical individual approach integrating European modernism and abstract expressionism with traditional Chinese ink painting.

Slavoj Žižek Is Back with 2011: The Year Of Dreaming Dangerously

Slovenian cultural theorist and philosopher Slavoj Žižek is back for his fourth appearance at LIVE from the NYPL. Žižek has described himself as a Hegelian philosopher, a Lacanian psychoanalyst, a Christian atheist, and a Communist political activist. He’ll be on hand to discuss 2011 as the year of “dreaming dangerously” across the world, of dreams that mobilized protestors, as well as destructive dreams fueled by racism.

American Poet, Issue 42 Launch Party and Reading

Join the Academy of American Poets on Poem in Your Pocket Day to celebrate the launch of the newly redesigned American Poet, the Academy’s bi-annual journal. Yusef Komunyakaa and other acclaimed poets will read from their work. More info at

“The Paris Review” Presents Adam Wilson, Hosted by Lorin Stein

“The Paris Review” Presents Adam Wilson, Hosted by Lorin Stein Readings by recent contributors to the internationally acclaimed literary magazine, including Adam Wilson, author of the debut novel, “Flatscreen” (Harper Perennial, 2012). This event will be hosted by editor Lorin Stein and co-sponsored with “The Paris Review.”

Cave Canem: Poets on Craft – Tracy K. Smith and Patrick Rosal

Tracy K. Smith is the author of three books of poetry: Life on Mars, Duende, and The Body’s Question. She is the recipient of the 2002 Cave Canem Poetry Prize, 2004 Rona Jaffe Writers Award, 2005 Whiting Award and the 2006 James Laughlin Award of the Academy of American Poets, and is the literature protégé in 2009-2011 cycle of the Rolex Mentor and Protégé Arts Initiative. She has taught at the City University of New York, University of Pittsburgh, and Columbia University. Patrick Rosal is the author of three full-length poetry collections, Boneshepherds (forthcoming), My American Kundiman (2006), and Uprock Headspin Scramble and Dive (2003). His collections have been honored with the Association of Asian American Studies Book Award, Global Filipino Literary Award and the Asian American Writers Workshop Members’ Choice Award. He is currently on the faculty of Rutgers University-Camden’s MFA program.

Late Night Library Annual Party

Late Night Library has invited Brooklyn- and Portland-based writers who have recently published debut novels or poetry collections to read in our home cities. Similar to last year’s Skyped reading, attendees in Brooklyn will be able see and listen to Portland readers in real time and vice versa. The Brooklyn party kicks off at 10:00 p.m. EST from South 4th Bar and Cafe, 90 South 4th Street, in Williamsburg.

Either/Or: 7th Annual Spring Festival

The acclaimed experimental music ensemble Either/Or presents its 7th annual Spring Festival of contemporary chamber music at The Kitchen. Specializing in unconventional chamber and solo works by a range of emerging composers, American experimentalists, and compelling figures from the European avant-garde, Either/Or has presented numerous world and New York premieres since its 2004 debut.

Brancusi: The Photographs

Bruce Silverstein Gallery is pleased to present Brancusi: The Photographs, an exhibition of the artist’s groundbreaking photographic works. Featuring over 40 original prints, each made by Brancusi himself, this exhibition reveals Brancusi’s visionary dedication to the photographic medium as means of personal expression—an art form that the artist explored parallel to his sculpture. The photographs are integral to understanding Brancusi as an artist as they indicate that he was not only fully aware of photography’s power to guide, control, and enhance the viewer’s experience of his three- dimensional works, but also to completely transform them into new works of art.


Spring time micro jams happenin at ASSEMBLE, next Thursday April 26th at Public Assembly w more amazin solo peeps passing the sonic baton back and forth: Thermos Unigarde (Kate Henderson), Beth Red, Christian Dautresme (x n0 things), Stolen Temple Pileup, RAFT, YR FRIEND MATTHEW on Video and DJ Denise Kupferschmidt spins it up at 11…no circle, random spread. Please come, it’s fresh…8 bells 8 bucks and thanks MIKE ZIMMERMAN for another rad poster. Mike: ThermosUnigarde: STP: RAFT: Christian: Matthew: Denise:

Conversation with Mary Beth Edelson and art historians Eleanor Heartney and Kathleen Wentrack

Since the 1960’s Mary Beth Edelson has been a pioneer in feminist art practice, political activism, performance art and public participation. Edelson’s art production consists of diverse mediums; included in this survey exhibition are large-scale collage installations, drawings, early performative photographs and her iconic posters from the 1970’s.


HYDROGEN JUKEBOX explodes POEMusic on the tongue with our ever-rockin’ house improv band THE NE’ERDOWELLS and YOU at NYC’s hottest musically-infused Open Mic! This month’s featured act brings the at times gripping, groping, but always generously engaging words and gestures of Aimee Herman to the stage, jamming with the band (Davey Patterson, guitar; Matt Riganese, piano; Dave McKeon, bass; and Ry Pilla, drums).

Freeze Your Eggs

Born in 1965 in San Francisco, Grant Shaffer has lived and worked in Manhattan as an artist illustrator for the past 17 years. He illustrates for magazines and newspapers such as The New Yorker, Interview, and The New York Times. His work was recently featured in the book “All The Art That’s Fit To Print: Inside The New York Times Op-Ed Page”. He has also worked as a storyboard artist on such films as Angels In America, Closer, Zoolander, Little Children, Charlie Wilson’s War and Wall Street 2. His comic series, “30 Kinds Of Passion” was included in The Best American Comics, 2008 edition. His latest work, a series called “Freeze Your Eggs” features oil paintings of androgynous, earphone-wearing citizens. This is Grant’s tenth solo art show.

Sigils & Signs

The fibers of art and magic are woven so tightly together, it’s often said that they are one and the same. Images are imaginal pictures. When we see something, a constellation of synapses fires, associations swirl, and new thoughts are born. We are altered – and what is magic, if not this? That said, there is a long lineage of artists who, quite literally, created spells via drawings on the floor, scrawls in books, lines cut into wood or stone. Though the featured players of this story are often English magicians from John Dee to Austin Osman Spare to Alan Moore, symbol-based magic can be traced back through the ages and across cultures. Germanic runes were carved into objects and later used as vehicles of divination. Hindu yantras and Buddhist mandalas are meditative, microcosmic diagrams meant to elevate the mind to the spiritual plane, and Kabbalistic letters are infinite layer-cakes of mystic meaning. The well-placed glyph can bless a birth, or curdle mother’s milk.

Ladies of Experimental Music presents a night of lady pianists featuring Lara Downes

As a follow up to the night of singing lady cellists, the Super Coda and Ladies of Experimental Music extend a program of all female pianists pushing the boundaries of sound and presence. The evening will feature Lara Downes, critically acclaimed Steinway Concert artist; Motoko Honda, LA based prepared piano virtuoso; Areni Agbabian, vocalist and sound artist, and Nicole Zaray


An evening where four artists will begin their performances and each artist will conduct their individual action with the option of reacting to the other three performers. The show is an experiment creating a discussion between the artist and the audience testing our understanding and expectations of entertainment.


Hardcastle, a man of substance, looks to acquaint his daughter with his old pal’s son in hope of their marriage. But thanks to playboy Lumpkin, his prospective son-in-law Marlow mistakes him for an innkeeper and his daughter for the local barmaid. The good news is, while Marlow can barely speak to a woman of quality, he’s a charmer with those of a different stamp. As Hardcastle’s indignation intensifies, Miss Hardcastle’s appreciation for her misguided suitor soars. Misdemeanours multiply, love blossoms, mayhem ensues.

Low Lives 4 International Festival of Live Networked Performances

Low Lives is pleased to present Low Lives 4, the fourth installment in a series of annual international art events. Low Lives 4 will feature sixty live performance-based works over two days, each transmitted over the web and projected in real time at twenty-five venues worldwide.


8pm on Thursday April 26, Friday April 27, and Saturday, April 28, 2012* NATURE FETISH is a hybrid rat-being thriving across field and street and woods and desert, now unaware that it is being watched, now meeting your eyes with a piercing gaze, now munching on the scraps that have fallen down onto the tracks, now squeaking in extended techniques at the top of its creosote-caked lungs. SPACE IS LIMITED, PLEASE PURCHASE YOUR TICKETS ($10-$15) IN ADVANCE: watch le TRAILER here: PPL, set out as social scientists and have returned home e-anthropomorphized, clinging to five distinct aural performance theories: each episode in this 5-part opera performs a theoretical cluster of senses and nonsenses regarding the “nature of nature.”


Hot Tub with Kurt Braunohler and Kristen Schaal

Every Monday at 8pm Hosted by Kurt Braunohler and Kristen Schaal (Flight of the Conchords), this weekly variety show features comedy from New York’s best comics and sketch groups, new music, special guests, and the occasional, unpredictable oddity. Past guests have included Eugene Mirman, Ted Leo, Aziz Ansari, and more. For more information, please visit

Cindy Sherman

Cindy Sherman (American, b. 1954) is widely recognized as one of the most important and influential artists in contemporary art. Throughout her career, she has presented a sustained, eloquent, and provocative exploration of the construction of contemporary identity and the nature of representation, drawn from the unlimited supply of images from movies, TV, magazines, the Internet, and art history. Working as her own model for more than 30 years, Sherman has captured herself in a range of guises and personas which are at turns amusing and disturbing, distasteful and affecting. To create her photographs, she assumes multiple roles of photographer, model, makeup artist, hairdresser, stylist, and wardrobe mistress. With an arsenal of wigs, costumes, makeup, prosthetics, and props, Sherman has deftly altered her physique and surroundings to create a myriad of intriguing tableaus and characters, from screen siren to clown to aging socialite.

Foreclosed: Rehousing the American Dream

Foreclosed: Rehousing the American Dream is an exploration of new architectural possibilities for cities and suburbs in the aftermath of the recent foreclosure crisis. During summer 2011, five interdisciplinary teams of architects, urban planners, ecologists, engineers, and landscape designers worked in public workshops at MoMA PS1 to envision new housing and transportation infrastructures that could catalyze urban transformation, particularly in the country’s suburbs. Responding to The Buell Hypothesis, a research report prepared by the Buell Center at Columbia University, teams—lead by MOS, Visible Weather, Studio Gang, WORKac, and Zago Architecture—focused on a specific location within one of five “megaregions” across the country to come up with inventive solutions for the future of American suburbs. This installation presents the proposals developed during the architects-in-residence program, including a wide array of models, renderings, animations, and analytical materials.

Corinne Wasmuht

Wasmuht is widely known for her large-scale, multi-layered oil paintings. Her work derives from an array of pictorial inventions, culminating in an aesthetic tension that aims to reconcile what the artist refers to as the “dualism of modernism,” a melding of representational and abstract structures in painting. The paintings’ images are generated from an array of abstracted and overlapping photographic imagery that Wasmuht sources from a combination of the Internet and her own personal photographs. The images, both appropriated and her own, mine daily life, nature, science and art, fusing into staged abstracted productions. As Wasmuht describes her process, “In a film, one image is followed by another, whereas I pile the images up on top of one another.” Above all, her labor-intensive painting technique characterizes her work.

BAC Gallery presents: FUNNY HA HA

Opening Reception Thursday, March 1, 6:00 – 9:00 pm Join us during the Dumbo 1st Thursday Gallery Walk at the opening reception for BAC Gallery’s latest exhibition Funny Ha Ha. Can art be critical and humorous? This group show will explore different approaches to using humor in art. Artists include: Ernest Concepcion, Katy Higgins, Beth Krebs and Iviva Olenick. Curated by Courtney J. Wendroff.


OPENING RECEPTION: MARCH 01, 2011 6:00 PM It has been almost two years since the very first release of Impossible instant film, the wildly anticipated new black & white instant film for Polaroid SX-70 cameras. Although the film was initially in a developmental stage and highly experimental, it dawned on both fanatics and photographers alike that the impossible actually could become possible. Just 19 months later, Impossible has released 12 unique film types for three separate Polaroid camera systems. Although the journey has been short, the length Impossible has come represents a milestone in reviving instant analog photography. Using Impossible’s latest color and black & white films, twelve carefully selected photographers are illustrating a MOMENTUM that will carry instant analog photography through the digital age and beyond.

Shelley’s Ghost: The Afterlife of a Poet’s-ghost-afterlife-poet

For the first time ever, selections from Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein manuscript will be available for public viewing in the United States in this exciting exhibition, which is being shown in collaboration with the Bodleian Library at Oxford University in England and will highlight the literary and cultural legacy of P.B. and Mary Shelley, and that of her parents, William Godwin and Mary Wollstonecraft.

Speakeasy Dollhouse

Inspired by Lee’s miniature crime scene sets, von Buhler decided to create the scenes from her family mystery using her own handmade sets and dolls. Utilizing evidence from autopsy reports, police records, court documents, and interviews, she has built a dollhouse-sized speakeasy, a hospital room, a child’s bedroom, and a pre-war apartment. She also created lifelike dolls with moveable limbs to live in these sets. Taking it to another level, von Buhler has now created an immersive theatrical experience to go along with the sets and her own investigation. The play stages these events in mobster Meyer Lansky’s former Lower East Side speakeasy. The location is elaborately set up to mirror the dollhouse sets from the book. The play’s tagline is “The speakeasy is our dollhouse and the actors are our dolls.”

Gorey Preserved

The Rare Book and Manuscript Library presents a major exhibition of works by the idiosyncratic illustrator, designer, and writer, Edward Gorey (1925-2000), beginning March 5 and running through July 27, 2012

Swept Away Projects

An extension of the Swept Away exhibition, Swept Away Projects will include a series of “live” installations occurring during the run of the exhibition that will allow audiences to experience and interact with artists and their site-specific installations made of ash, dust, sand, and dirt. The series includes the floor installation of Catherine Bertola of the U.K., who works with dust, among several others. In some instances, visitor will actually get to sweep away the installations by walking through and touching them, participating in the ephemeral nature of these artists’ output. Swept Away: Dust, Ashes, and Dirt in Contemporary Art and Design is made possible by the Inner Circle, a leadership Museum support group, and with public funds from the Netherlands Cultural Services.

Colin Snapp: Continental Drift

Celebrating Our Legacy: Oral History Photographic Exhibit of the League of Professional Theater Women

The League of Professional Theatre Women, an advocacy organization dedicated to promoting visibility and increasing opportunities for women in the professional theatre, celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2012. The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts is pleased to collaborate with the League to celebrate the oral history legacy which, since 1992, documents an outstanding array of women who have contributed to contemporary American theatre.

Arlene Shechet Parallel Play

Dieu Donné announces the opening of an exhibition of new paper-based works by artist Arlene Shechet beginning Thursday, March 8, 2012 and on view through Saturday, April 28, 2012. The opening reception will take place on Thursday, March 8, 2012 from 6—8 pm, and the artist will be present.

The Long Fight for Kawtoolie: Portraits from the Jungles of Burma

Messineo Art Projects and Wyman Contemporary are pleased to announce an exhibition of 15 color portraits by renowned photographer Jason Florio of freedom fighters and civilians who have struggled for independence in the Karen State of Burma, along the Thailand border.

Katherine Wolkoff

OPENING RECEPTION THURSDAY, MARCH 8, FROM 6-8 PM Block Island, located 11 miles off the coast of Rhode Island, is an important stopover for birds on the offshore migration route of the Atlantic Flyway, offering respite at sea during their seasonal flight. Elizabeth Dickens, a long time resident, began collecting dead birds on the island beginning in the early 20th century. She had them stuffed and catalogued, amassing a valuable ornithological record consisting of 172 specimens. The cause of death- flew into a lighthouse, death by cat, death by telephone wire- was always noted.


Odd Nerdrum was born in Sweden in 1944. He studied at The Art Academy in Oslo, Norway and later studied with the conceptual artist Joseph Beuys in Düsseldorf, Germany. Nerdrum developed a style of painting that is unique by any standard. His work is in the permanent collections of several international museums and many American museums including the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Washington, DC; The Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museum of Modern Art, New York, NY; The New Orleans Museum, New Orleans, LA; The Portland Art Museum, Portland, OR; The San Diego Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego, CA; Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, MN; The de Young Museum, San Francisco, CA, and The Frye Art Museum, Seattle, WA.


New York’s Broadway theatres are known for their elaborate musicals, dramatic plays and big stars, but how often do audiences stop to think about the historic interiors of these glorious theatres? To bring attention to the interior design and restoration of many of the most famous Broadway theatres, New York School of Interior Design will present “Theatrical By Design: A Century of The Shubert Organization’s Theatre Interiors,” on view at the NYSID Gallery (161 East 69th Street, btw Lexington Ave. & 3rd Ave.) from March 8 – April 27, 2012. Gallery hours are Monday-Friday, 10am-5pm. The gallery is closed Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.

Stephen Prina Painting

Stephen Prina’s seventh exhibition at Friedrich Petzel Gallery will consist of three triptych paintings. These paintings are made on commercially produced linen window blinds with the final installation comprised of 9 blinds that hang from the ceiling. The blinds function both as sculptural objects as well as a support for Prina’s typical abstract gestural brushstrokes in shades of red, yellow, and blue. Prina transfers the three primary colors that have been repeatedly drawn on by modernist artists such as Piet Mondrian or Barnett Newman into an architectural setting.


OPENING RECEPTION & LECTURE Friday March 9, 5:30 pm at Flushing Town Hall TURKISH ANATOLIA KILIMS, Belkis Balpinar, founding Director, Vakiflar Carpet Museum, Istanbul and modern kilim artist Archeological findings and written material indicate that Anatolia was a textile center for more than 10,000 years. Added to this, the migration of nomadic Turkic tribes after the 11th century resulted in a great variety and diversity of Turkish flat woven rugs. Celebrated curator, author and weaving artist Belkis Balpinar discusses the dating, techniques and symbolism of the various types of flat-woven rugs and pile carpets that have made Turkey famous.

Scholarship for Advanced Studies in Book Arts

The Center for Book Arts is pleased to continue the Scholarship for Advanced Studies in Book Arts. In 2012, the Center will award two to three scholarships to individuals who have demonstrated a commitment to the artistic endeavors in the book arts. The purpose of this program is to provide opportunities to emerging artists committed to developing careers in the book arts field, and to further the growth of this artistic profession. The award includes a cash stipend plus a materials budget and 24 hour access to the Center’s printing and binding facilities for a full year. Artists also receive a tuition waiver for courses throughout the year, planned in conjunction with the staff. Scholars will be required to complete an artist project by the end of the scholarship period, with an exhibition in our gallery space and public presentation the following autumn. Artists are invited to submit applications postmarked by May 1, 2012.

Letterpress Printing & Fine Press Publishing Seminar For Emerging Writers

The Center for Book Arts invites applications for Letterpress Printing & Fine Press Publishing Seminar For Emerging Writers. The next section of this seminar is scheduled for Wednesday through Sunday, June 6 through 10. The seminar is tuition free for participants and includes the cost of materials. Those selected must attend the entire five-day workshop. Deadline May 1, 2012.


Opening reception: Saturday, March 10, 6-8 PM C24 Gallery is pleased to present Kaleidoscope, a group exhibition curated by C24 Gallery Executive Director, Kristen Lynn Johnston. The gallery’s fourth exhibition includes the work of four international artists: Shannon Finley (CA), Grazia Toderi (IT), Canan Tolon (TR), and Rob Voerman (NL). The exhibition will be on view through April 21, 2012. There will be an opening reception on March 10, 2012 from 6:00-8:00 pm.

Exquisite Corpses: Drawing and Disfiguration

In a collaborative, chance-based drawing game known as the exquisite corpse, Surrealist artists subjected the human body to distortions and juxtapositions that resulted in fantastic composite figures. This exhibition considers how this and related practices—in which the body is dismembered or reassembled, swollen or multiplied, propped with prosthetics or fused with nature and the machine—have recurred in art throughout the 20th century and to the present day. Artists from André Masson and Joan Miró to Louise Bourgeois and Robert Gober to Mark Manders and Nicola Tyson have distorted and disoriented our most familiar of referents, playing out personal, cultural, or social anxieties and desires on unwitting anatomies. If art history reveals an unending impulse to render the human figure as a symbol of potential perfection and a system of primary organization, these works show that artists have just as persistently been driven to disfigure the body.

Questions Without Answers

In anticipation of the long-awaited book of the same name, VII is proud to exhibit Questions Without Answers, a powerful visual history of our ever-changing world and recent defining events. Published in conjunction with the 10th anniversary of the founding of the agency, Questions Without Answers: The World in Pictures by the Photographers of VII demonstrates the unparalleled excellence of the VII photographers in chronicling the impact of unseen conflicts, humanitarian crises, and catastrophic events

Keith Haring: 1978–1982

Current Upcoming Past Touring Exhibition Archive Keith Haring Keith Haring (American, 1958–1990). Untitled, 1980. Sumi ink on Bristol board, 20 x 26 in. (50.8 x 66.0 cm). Collection Keith Haring Foundation. © Keith Haring Foundation March 16–July 8, 2012 Morris A. and Meyer Schapiro Wing, 5th Floor Keith Haring: 1978–1982 is the first large-scale exhibition to explore the early career of one of the best-known American artists of the twentieth century. Tracing the development of Haring’s extraordinary visual vocabulary, the exhibition includes 155 works on paper, numerous experimental videos, and over 150 archival objects, including rarely seen sketchbooks, journals, exhibition flyers, posters, subway drawings, and documentary photographs.

Francesca Woodman

Francesca Woodman will be the first major American exhibition of this artist’s work in more than two decades, and the first comprehensive survey of her brief but extraordinary career to be seen in the United States. The retrospective will include more than 100 vintage photographs, many of which have never been exhibited, and includes several of the large-scale blueprints she created at the end of career, as well as the intimate black-and-white photographs for which she is best known. Now nearly thirty years since her death, the moment is ripe for a historical reconsideration of her work and its reception. Born in 1958, Woodman’s oeuvre represents a remarkably rich and singular exploration of the human body in space, and of the genre of self-portraiture in particular.

Fire Fans series with Claire de Luxe

Saturdays, 2:30-4 pm:::10-week series (March 17, 24, 31, April 7, 21, 28, May 12, June 2, 16, 23) This class will be focused on outlining ideas and concepts for working out your own moves and sequences, and will guide you through a process of how to discover the fun of this wonderful prop. We will focus on various aspects of fan technique, including lines & patterns, body placement, tech, tricks, spins, tosses, story, movement, and sequencing. Much of the class will be student-based, with a focus on sharing, communicating, and exploring with each other. The last class will be a FIRE class!. Location: Battery Park. Price: special debut price of $125.

Mystics: A blessed rage for order

Mystics: A blessed rage for order focuses on artists who obsessively and willfully engage in compulsive processes to create meticulous work spanning a range of media. The exhibition illustrates the delicate balance of technique and materiality, when process is as integral to a work’s meaning. Mystics is a formal exploration of art and labor: intensive individualism and form are enhanced by painstaking, methodological creations that evoke awe and wonder. Artists to be announced.

Color Photographs from the WPA (1939-1943)

Largely forgotten until the mid-seventies when they resurfaced in the Library of Congress archives, the color photographs of the Works Project Administration (1939-1943) document the later period of FDR’s New Deal, an ambitious series of government programs designed to address the brutal effects of the Great Depression on the social and economic fabric of 1930’s America. While the Library’s archive of black and white depression-era photographs is more familiar and more often reproduced, the color images, taken within three years of the invention of Kodachrome film, are striking for their rich, saturated colors and rigorously formal compositions.

So to Speak

So to Speak creates an encounter between visual and verbal forms of representation. Each work in the exhibition weighs the difference between these two forms of expression, reflecting on the faults, slippages, and tensions that arise when representing images with words. Curated by Emily Berçir Zimmerman, as part of the Lori Ledis Emerging Curator Program, So to Speak presents artworks by four artists – Fiona Banner, Hollis Frampton, Melinda McDaniel, and Klub Zwei – that question the status of the photographic image as a purveyor of truth, and the predominance of still and moving images within the current visual regime. It also seeks to draw attention to the use of text in the exhibition itself – wall labels, postcards, brochures, and other documentation – to speak for objects, deeply altering their meaning.

Arianna Carossa: Argo

NURTUREart is pleased to present Argo, a solo exhibition by emerging artist Arianna Carossa, a winner of the 2011/2012 open call for Artists and Curators. Carossa’s artistic practice aims to question an object’s potential, not only how we interact with it, but the imaginary (or real) possibilities of its autonomous existence. Can an object be alive? Moreover, would human presence be necessary to validate the life of something inanimate? Would that something even exist, without us?

Part & Parcel: The Deconstruction of the Female Form in Contemporary Art
1:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m.

The works in this group exhibition are united in their use of bodily fragmentation to investigate the role of women in modern society. Fragmentation is a versatile tool in visual art, as it allows us to simultaneously see the human body in a more focused manner, and to step back from it and view the body as an abstract form – it can lead to reactions ranging from analytical to emotional. While interpretations are individual to both artist and viewer, Part & Parcel undoubtedly inspires us to think about the body in novel ways.

Tamara Gonzales: Untitled an exhibition of new paintings

Bushwick, Brooklyn-Norte Maar is pleased to present new paintings by Tamara Gonzales. The exhibition will feature the artist’s new series of works that combine her use of spray painting through lace. Also on exhibition will be a new sketchbook by Austin Thomas and recent sculpture by Kevin Curran. The exhibition opens with a reception for the artists, which will coincide with Beat Nite: Bushwick Art Spaces Stay Open Late, Saturday, March 10, 6-10pm. The gallery at Norte Maar is open weekends, 1-6pm or by appointment.

Irina Korina: “Demonstrative Behavior”

Scaramouche is pleased to present the first U.S. exhibition of Moscow-based artist Irina Korina. Known for her oversized, elaborate installations, the artist debuts a group of compelling works conceived for the gallery space and assembled under the title “Demonstrative Behavior”. Originally trained in theater design, Korina’s work takes the forms of columns, anthropomorphic sculptures, and architectural constructions. These complex configurations, with their myriad parts and appendages, bring to mind the opulent and playful stage sets of Diaghilev’s Ballets Russes. Her work however, does not reflect the splendor of Imperial Russia. Rather, the artist seeks to illuminate the last three decades during which the Soviet Union has undergone a painful transition from socialism to its own peculiar brand of capitalism. With wholesale furniture markets serving as her source of inspiration, Korina utilizes makeshift materials such as veneer, plywood, fabric and plasticine. Self-adhesive faux m


An exhibition of collaborative projects created by MFA Visual Arts and Writing Students at Columbia University School of the Arts “The Art of the Book” was a class offered by the School of the Arts Writing Program, conceived by Binnie Kirshenbaum, Chair of the Writing Program, and Matvei Yankelevich, the course instructor, and developed in collaboration with Gregory Amenoff, Chair of the Visual Arts Program and Tomas Vu Daniel, Director of the LeRoy Neiman Center for Print Studies. This exhibition was created by Nancy E. Friedland, Librarian for Butler Media, Film Studies & Performing Arts; Irini Miga, Visual Arts MFA student; Emma Balazs, Director of Visual Arts; and William Wadsworth, Director of the Writing Program.

Sleep no More

Sleep No More is an indoor promenade performance lasting up to three hours. There are five arrival times: MONDAYS — SATURDAYS 7:00PM | 7:15PM | 7:30PM | 7:45PM | 8:00PM

Nir Hod: Mother

Paul Kasmin Gallery is pleased to announce a solo exhibition of 10 new paintings by the artist Nir Hod. Referencing the iconic photograph of Nazi soldiers clearing out the Warsaw Ghetto taken by the Nazi photographer Franz Konrad in 1943, Hod’s paintings focus on the anonymous woman rather than the iconic boy. The “Boy from Warsaw,” as he is known, has been the primary focus of this horrific photograph, and has become a symbol of the Holocaust. As Dan Porat of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem writes in his book The Boy: A Holocaust Story (H&W/FSG), “Looking at a photograph, the viewer sees the surface facts and comes to believe he or she has grasped the inner truth of the events depicted, can feel the pain, can see the evil, while in fact knowing nothing of the protagonists, circumstances or context associated with those events.”

“Nose Bleed” Curated by Erik Foss

Opening Reception: Wednesday, March 28, 7-10pm Nosebleed takes its name from the prevailing motto of that sensibility, that we wouldn’t go up there (up being anything north of 14th Street ) because we’d get a nosebleed. It is redolent of all the provincialism that makes New York City so myopically special, where neighborhoods do matter and where the global view remains much the same as Saul Steinberg’s classic New Yorker magazine cover, View from 9th Avenue, where the details of the city end at the Hudson River as the west gapes beyond like an insignificant wasteland. Make that drawing looking up from Fuse and you’ll see a similar void outside the center of our universe. Downtown may have been colonized by money and gentrified into something way white and polite, but the attitude persists. These are the artists of that particular place of mind. – Carlo McCormick

‘Dimensions Variable’, New York

PRIVATE PREVIEW Wed., March 28th, 6-8pm Dimensions Variable, curated by Max Weintraub, brings together four artists who radically reconsider, recast and re-present the sculptural object. Employing a broad range of forms, materials and processes, Creighton Michael, Jae Ko, Derrick Velasquez and Golnar Adili create works that challenge our conventional understanding and definition of sculpture and invite us to look anew at the aesthetic object and the space it inhabits. The works assembled in this exhibition push the boundaries of sculpture into new and variable directions, allowing us to appreciate how the sculpted form, and our relationship to it, continues to be nomadic and unsettled.


Paul Kasmin Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition of some 20 new paintings by Caio Fonseca (American, b. 1959). This show, his fifth with Paul Kasmin Gallery, is the artist’s first New York exhibition in five years. Fonseca has created a new body of work, using a freshly invented visual language. This work represents a bold departure in both spirit and technique from the work for which Fonseca is most known. Gone are the over-painting, ground form relationships, and embellishments present in work of the last ten years. Here, irreducible forms in precise architecture belie their apparent rigor. One form through its placement creates the form beside it, which in turn creates the next, activating both the vertical and horizontal forces in a uniquely processional movement. Working in both large-scale and intimate formats, these


For the last few months these pictures have been my monsters of the week. They form the consequences of the decisions I have taken and these consequences have an afterlife of consequences, which I have had to face. So, I accepted the fate that these fictions of mine have become truth – and more – actual materializations; that I have, from the depth of my windowless studio, unleashed another artwork upon a world already crowded with others. These pictures are not about painting. They are also not about being monochrome, despite the fact that some of them are monochrome paintings. The ones that are painted, I painted as my own assistant for economical reasons but also out of interest. You can, if you have the taste for it, look out for an artist “touch” but it was merely a paint job: I p..painted those because there was no other way. These pictures are about the reasons why they are what they are.

The Annual: 2012

Featuring works by over 100 artists and architects, the Annual reveals the cross-generational dialogue occurring in the art world by juxtaposing contemporary masters with emerging and mid-career artists, showcasing Academicians and invited artists and architects. Featured artists include Ellen Altfest, Karl Benjamin, David Diao, Lesley Dill, Kate Gilmore, Joan Jonas, Roberto Juarez, Glenn Ligon, Malcolm Morley, Alison Saar, Arlene Shechet, Ursula von Rydingsvard, Carrie Mae Weems, Stephen Westfall, among many others. Architectural projects will include work by Jeanne Gang, Peter Gluck, Cesar Pelli, Thomas Phifer, Robert A. M. Stern, Bernard Tschumi, and Billie Tsien, and others.

GIVERNY By E.V. Day and Kembra Pfahler

he Hole is proud to announce the exhibition “Giverny,” a collaboration between E.V. Day and Kembra Pfahler opening March 30th. The artists created photographic works in the famous French gardens built and immortalized in paint by Claude Monet, and will be exhibiting them for the first time here on the Bowery. has generously funded this massive exhibition, for the duration of which the Hole will be transformed into a living, breathing garden—with a lily-padded pond traversed by Monet’s signature green Japanese arched bridge, and scattered with the indigenous plants he is famous for painting. The walls of the exhibition will be printed with the almost claustrophobically green willow trees that surround this historic French site, and your first step into the gallery will be onto grass.

True Confessions: Robin Graubard

Robin Graubard was born, lives and works in New York City. Her exhibition history includes “Incomplete” White Columns (2011), “New Age End of the World” Taxter & Spengemann (2011), “The Hold Up”, Participant Inc (2010), “Lush Life, curated by Franklin Evans and Omar Lopez-Chahoud ((2010), “50 Artists Photograph the Future” Higher Pictures (2010), “Presumed Innocence” DeCordova Museum (2008), “Noise: Young American Photography” TH-Inside Milan and Berlin (2007), “The Doll Hospital” Anthology Film Archives (1998), “Indigestible Correctness I” curated by Rita Ackermann & Lizzi Bougatsos, Participant Inc., (2004). She is a recipient of The Rema Hort Mann Foundation grant and has been nominated for two Pulitzer prizes. Her photographs have been published in The New York Times, Paris Match, The Guardian, Time, Newsweek, Der Spiegel, Die Welt, Berliner Morgenstern, The European, Unicef, International Rescue Committee The New York Post and others. In 1976 Graubard produced, directed and e

Radical Localism: Art, Video and Culture from Pueblo Nuevo’s Mexicali Rose Curated by Chris Kraus and Mexicali Rose, together with Artists Space

Opening Reception Friday, March 30, 6 – 8pm Artists Space is pleased to announce a survey of work from Mexicali Rose, a community media center and gallery in the Mexican border city Mexicali. A nexus for cultural and personal exchange between artists, journalists, activists and filmmakers on both sides of the border, Mexicali Rose exemplifies the possibilities of 21st century hybridized culture through its pursuit of artistic expression grounded in barrio life. The work of the center has been recently featured in Artforum, May Revue, Mexico City’s Generacion, and media throughout Baja California.

“Well Hung” An eclectic group show

“Well Hung” An eclectic group show Reception: March 30th 6 to 8 PM Featuring: Rachael Bridge, Laura Grenier*, Marris Mielnick, Kevin Smith, Jessica Sugerman, J.A. Holt+, and Tom Thompson

A Year in the Life of 8 String Theory Drawings

Jen Bekman Gallery is pleased to present A Year in the Life of 8 String Theory Drawings, eight works on paper by represented artist Carrie Marill. An opening reception will be held on Friday, March 30th, 2012, from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. A Year in the Life of 8 String Theory Drawings will be on view Saturday, March 31st, through Sunday, May 6th. Every day over the course of a year, Marill methodically worked upon each of the eight gouache paintings in A Year in the Life of 8 String Theory Drawings. Both strong and delicate woven colors twist through a stark white landscape, creating fanciful silhouettes of the natural world. With titles such as Fear, Solace and Growth, the interactions depicted between crows and trees take on an anthropomorphic quality. Writhing branches become more than just nature but cathartic symbols unfolding in a chronicle of a tumultuous year in the artist’s life.

Window Gallery: Brother Islands

Half a century since its abandonment, North Brother Island fades from New York City’s map as nature swallows this one block square quarantine city. Just down the East River, Ward’s Island warehouses shelter New York’s homeless and mentally ill in a dozen immense buildings clustered under the Triborough Bridge. Brother Islands is a reworking of a performance piece that premiered at Eyebeam’s MIXER series in 2007 to a sold out audience. This new work is an experimental documentary in the form of a looping video painting. Close inspection of the abstract, layered video imagery reveals glimpses of a long abandoned island quarantine. QR codes frame the video and link to a first-person account of island life in today’s homeless shelters. This work is a collaboration between Eyebeam alum Benton-C Bainbridge, who produced and conceptualized the video, with fabrication assistance from Minou Maguna and original text by Bill Etra.

Knot Your Average Knit

Join us Saturday, March 31, 2011, 6-8 PM, for the opening reception of Knot Your Average Knit, at cWOW’s Crawford Street Gallery. Curated by Lovina Purple, the show examines artwork that has been created in traditional craft techniques such as weaving, quilting, lace-making, knitting and embroidery. The exhibition features works by artists Elisa D’Arrigo, Karen Margolis, Christina Massey, Hyo Jeong Nam, Gail Rothschild, and Katya Usvitsky. Also: In our New Media Room: paperJAM: a collaboration between Hannah Lamar Simmons and Rebecca Kinsey. The exhibition is free and open to the public Wednesday-Saturday, 12-6 PM.

Drew Maillard Solo Show: “Living In Interesting Times”

MF Gallery, fine purveyors of the eccentric and bizarre, are proud to present the collected works of one of their own. “Living In Interesting Times” is an exhibition of the drawings, paintings, prints and sculptures of Drew Maillard. There is an ancient Chinese curse that goes “May you live in interesting times.” Drew Maillard was born and raised in America in the last quarter of the 20th century… A fascinating era to be sure. He is a product of his environment. Nature and nurture; habitat and conditioning combined. Drew’s adolescence was divided between comic books, horror and sci-fi films, and fantasizing about girls he didn’t talk to. Also there was Punk Rock and L.S.D.. After spending some time in the army and leaving his hometown in upstate NY, he received his Bachelor Of Fine Arts degree from SVA in 2000. His life experiences and travel, as well as an interest in scuba diving and ju-jitzu is what informs Drew’s crazy crazy artwork.


YUJI AGEMATSU March 31 – April 29, 2012 Opening March 31, 7-10 PM

Harry Dodge: Frowntown

Over the past four years, Harry Dodge has generated a viscerally affective and prolific multimedia body of work, employing all manner of drawing, performance, video, and sculpture. The trilogy of videos, masses of drawings, and selected sculptures presented here are united by their pointed interest in unnameability, brutality, humor, precariousness and resilience.

Through a glass, darkly

Postmasters is pleased to announce a three-person exhibition featuring the works of OASA DuVERNEY, JULIA KUL and JAYSON MUSSON. Each of us at Postmasters selected one artist. Together they create an explosive zeitgeist moment.

Michael Collins: Pictures from the Hoo Peninsula

Charles Dunn : HELL ON EARTH

Charles Dunn : HELL ON EARTH

Sleep No More (Remixed

Tickets on sale April 1st, Sleep No More is an indoor promenade performance lasting up to three hours.

Gertrude Stein Paris Festival

The Paris of Gertrude Stein was wild and exhilarating with the creative spirits of the time collaborating, canoodling, and conspiring, and at the center of it all — Stein’s salon. Join in our month-long celebration of this magical time of music, film, literature, and art. Come to Symphony Space, and make her world yours.

Antonio Santin

Santin constructs arresting compositions that simultaneously attract and unsettle in their evocative depictions of sublimated desire. He orchestrates elaborate still-lifes that originate from his own theatrically composed photographs. Visiting his models at their homes, Santin chooses outfits from their personal belongings and assembles each detail of the image.

Every Exit is an Entrance: 30 Years of Exit Art

Exit Art is pleased to announce their final exhibition EVERY EXIT IS AN ENTRANCE: 30 YEARS OF EXIT ART. Founded in 1982 by Executive Director Jeanette Ingberman and Artistic Director Papo Colo, Exit Art has grown from a pioneering alternative art space into an innovative cultural center.

Adam Rudolph – Go Organic Orchestra

Unique in the realm of approaches to improvisational conducting, Go: Organic Orchestra utilizes a composed non-linear score consisting of sound and motion elements. These include tone rows, synthetic scales, melodies, linguistic shapes, intervallic patterns, textural gestures, modes, ragas, maqams, and plainchant. The score serves to provide material for both the improvisations and the orchestrations. Motion and forms and are generated through the application of the composer’s rhythm concept “Cyclic Verticalism” whereby polymeters are combined with additive rhythm cycles.


April is Coney Island Month at Branded Saloon. Events will be held throughout the month to raise money for the Coney Island USA nonprofit in anticipation of their upcoming spring and summer season. As if you needed a reason to make it out the door this spring to drink, watch A-list entertainment and take in (then perhaps take home) stunning works of visual art, all proceeds from door charge, tips, art sales, donations, anything and everything, will be donated directly to Coney Island USA. Come out, have a blast with us, and support the last permanent sideshow structure in the United States!

Elliot Ross – Other Animals

Artist’s Reception: Thursday, April 5, 6 – 9pm Our household cat of many years died in 2006 when she was quite old, and my subsequent feelings of loss led me to ask myself these questions: How is it possible that I, a human being, can share the quality called “life” with another animal that is so different from me? How is it that I both identified with her and experienced a powerful feeling of her otherness? Contemplating these perhaps unanswerable questions led me to observe and photograph a variety of animals- other than humans.

FLUX Carolina Sardi | John Ensor Parker | Matt Devine

Cheryl Hazan Contemporary Art presents three artists who work with metal to perform a kind of alchemy or flux. With interests in science and nature – in different ways, each transforms the hardness of metal into organic forms. One scientific definition of flux is the magnitude of a river’s current, that is, the amount of water that flows through a cross-section of the river each second. Another is the amount of sunlight that lands on a patch of ground each second is also a kind of flux… imagine a butterfly net. The amount of air moving through the net at any given instant in time is the flux. Or …the movement of a substance between compartments the movement of molecules across a membrane.

Sonic Network no.9

White Box is pleased to present the collaborative project between John Aslanidis and Berlin-based sound artist, Brian May: Sonic Network no.9. Akin to their first collaboration in 2006, May has composed a generative sound piece to be played for the duration of the exhibition in conjunction with Aslanidis’ painting, Sonic Network no.9. Each of the four panels that comprise Sonic Network no.9 contains a grid relative to a set of mathematical intervals that Aslanidis uses to create a drawing of compositional intervals, similar to a musical score. May has written an algorithm—using a programming language for sound synthesis, called “SuperCollider”—that determines the characteristics and timing of the sound in relation to the intervals. Taking into consideration the structure and composition of the painting, May emulates the mechanisms of painting by responding to the moiré (wave-like) patterns…

D a n c i n g – a documentary on invented space : So Young Yang.

D a n c i n g – a documentary on invented space is the first solo exhibition in New York of video artist So Young Yang. In her artistic productions, Yang explores the question of ‘the real’. She combines her main interests in the concept of perception of our surroundings that stems from her background in psychology, as well as how ‘the factual’ is presented through documentaries from her experience as a film editor. Yang works with documented material, which she transforms by enhancing both the audio and the image, creating a specific aesthetic of her own to illuminate the topic of the real. This exhibition is presenting the four video artworks KRO (2012), A DARK PRINT (2012), JULIA (2011), and THE WINDOW (2007), all of which investigate the idea of the choreographed body and the perceived space. Yang considers the dance as an emotional or intellectual struggle that is expressed by the very movement of the body. Her interpretation enhances her perspective on these bodily motions, and s

Alisa Baremboym Abundant Delicacy

Opening: Wednesday, April 4 / 6 – 8pm Our internal mechanisms form machines of production and preservation. We mirror the internal process with external obsessions of maintenance. The boundary between exterior and interior is blurred and porous. We live in an abstract endlessness, a lived immortality through retouch, facsimiles of reality, sustenance via desire and image. The opaque visual field is so over saturated that layers of images build on top of each other creating a 3D world on top of the real one. When glitches occur in our unbounded desire to conserve our bodies, we generate solutions. More plastic more coverup more wrapping more preserving.

THE PIERS: Art and Sex along the New York Waterfront

THE PIERS: Art and Sex along the New York Waterfront Curated by Jonathan Weinberg Panel Discussion with Artists & Curators at the NYU Fales Library Thursday, April 12; 6-8 PM Opening Reception: Wednesday, April 4, 6 – 8 pm

Circuitous Routes

Reception Saturday, April 14, 4-7pm Kevin Brady, Michael Clapper, Carol Galligan, Claire Giblin, Carol Hickey, John Holmgren, Bill Hutson, Richard K. Kent, F.T. Kihlstedt, Jun-Cheng Liu, Virginia Maksymowicz, Jim Peterson, Tedd Pettibon, Dorothy Thayne, Scott Wright BronxArtSpace is pleased to present “Circuitous Routes” featuring the work of 15 artists. Through radically different routes, media and methodology these artists are exploring memory and traces of personal history as tied to and revealed in objects and place. The 15 artists converge in this exhibition from very different perspectives and backgrounds. Jun-Cheng Liu’s “Fragments of Memory” documents selected artifacts that carry stories of life (personal and collective) in the most tangible way, highlighting through trompe l’oeil the fact that the images are only shadows of reality.

Insights by Stephan Gersh

Soho Photo is pleased to announce that Stephan Gersh is the guest photographer during April. Gersh, whose exhibition is entitled Insights, began photographing in 1964, when he worked as an assistant to Ansel Adams. Gersh has exhibited widely; he’s been in 20 solo shows and his work is included in the collections of museums in the United States, Canada and France. Gersh has been a teacher for over 30 years, and taught with Minor White in the graduate program at MIT. He created photography programs at several colleges and schools, conducted workshops, and served as a consultant to Polaroid Corporation.

This Side of Paradise

On April 4, 2012, the gates of the Andrew Freedman Home will open to the public. The Home was once built to be a haven, a paradise, for the rich elderly who had lost their fortunes. Bequeathed by millionaire Andrew Freedman, the Home provided not only food and shelter but all the accoutrements of a rich and civilized life style – white glove dinner service, a grand ball room, a wood-paneled library, billiard room and a social committee who organized concerts, opera performances and the like.

Hail to the Feminists Who Produced the Revolution:Works by Mary Beth Edelson from 1971 to 2012

Since the 1960’s Mary Beth Edelson has been a pioneer in feminist art practice, political activism, performance art and public participation. Edelson’s art production consists of diverse mediums; included in this survey exhibition are large-scale collage installations, drawings, early performative photographs and her iconic posters from the 1970’s.


A museum is nothing without a gift shop. A museum without nudes is really no fun at all. This the best of all worlds: a museum attached to a gift shop with nothing but nudes. In her inaugural exhibition at DODGEgallery, Ellen Harvey offers several strangely beautiful and hilarious explorations of the art nude that both question and exploit our fascination with depictions of our naked bodies to create an intentionally contradictory and often incoherent model of art as a form of desire.

Anja Hitzenberger: TAKE-OUT

hot in Beijing’s Olympic Park in the fall of 2011, this series of photographs by Anja Hitzenberger reveals a visually overloaded fast-food culture that may make some mouths water and other bellies ache. The aggresive graphics and display, offset by the seeming nonchalance of the stall workers, offer an insight into some of the contradictions in contemporary Chinese culture. Hitzenberger has effectively captured the flavor of the time.


Nowicki creates images based on personal observations. With simple lines varying in width and intensity and barely readable human expressions, the images appear like doodles, one drawing on top of the other on traditional art materials – paper, linen, and cotton. A longer look at his work reveals that the artist is challenging the viewer to re-examine every day human activities. Nowicki’s creative process involves restraint – the artist avoids drawing any image of interest for as long as possible to allow ideas and pictures to build (and subtract) inside one’s imagination. The first evident stroke represents the distillation of an editing process akin to writing — but unlike a novel, the narrative in these artworks remains elusive. The figures have no faces, their eyes are closed, and the mouths are large open circles. The facial expressions are beyond reach.


PHOTOPLAYS by STEPHEN DIRKES 05 APR – 30 APR 12 OPENING: THU 05 APR 2012, 6:00 – 10:00 pm OBSCURE OBJECT FILMS RETROSPECTIVE FILM SCREENING + VJ set w/ DJ Vandal Rabbithole Gallery is pleased to present, “Obscure Object Films – Photoplays by Stephen Dirkes”, an exhibition of film, photography, sets, props and painting from the short films of Stephen Dirkes.

Skowhegan at 92YTribeca: An Alumni Exhibition in Three Parts

92YTribeca is pleased to present our third annual exhibition of alumni chosen from the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture. Curated by Carrie Springer, Senior Curatorial Assistant at the Whitney Museum of American Art. This year’s exhibition is will be shown in three parts, with different works in March, April and May. Please see the program notes tab above for a complete list of artists and more information. With Video Works by Matthew Wilson, 2010 Image Credit: Video still by Matthew Wilson, 2010

Mamiko Otsubo: Idea / Equivalent

Mamiko Otsubo: Idea / Equivalent April 5, 2012 – May 5, 2012 Opening Reception: Thursday, April 5, 6-8pm

David Lyle

Artist’s Reception: Thursday, April 5th, 2012, 6-8pm Lyons Wier Gallery is pleased to present Misbehaving, a new body of work by artist David Lyle. Working from found vintage and vernacular photographs, Lyle seamlessly composes works that harken back to 1950’s and 1960’s America – not as they were, but skewed and reimagined by the artist.

Brian Leo We Are All Just Ordinary Until We Get More Damage Done

KESTING/RAY is pleased to present New York artist Brian Leo’s solo exhibition, We Are All Just Ordinary Until We Get More Damage Done. In a collection of new paintings inspired by media headlines, internet memes and social trends, Leo presents the story of a culture crushed under the weight of self-destruction. The exhibition opens on April 5th and runs through May 6th. A reception for the artist will be held on Thursday, April 5th, 7–9pm at KESTING/RAY, located at 30 Grand Street, New York.

“Restrictions, Limitations, Confinements” curated by Felix Morelo

Casita Maria Center for Arts and Education presents Restrictions, Limitations, Confinements Curated by Felix Morelo Featuring: Chan Wai”Harvey”, Jose Krapp, Patrick-Earl Barnes, Rafael Sanchez, Mayuko Fujino, Jon Sisti, Hiroko Ishikawa, Itzy Ramirez, Dana Jerabek, Raphael Griswold, Virginia Wagner, Teddy O’Connor, Washington Chavez, Karen Cintron, Firelei Baez, Edwin Bolta Francisco Osorio, Alexis Duque, Panoply Lab, and Felix Morelo Opening Reception: Thursday, April 5th, 6:30pm-8:30 pm Performances by: Rafael Sanchez 7:00pm Panoply Lab 7:30pm Felix Morelo 8:00pm Bronx, NY (February 29, 2012) – Casita Maria Center for Arts and Education is pleased to announce Restrictions, Limitations, Confinements, a group exhibition curated by Felix Morelo. The opening will take place Thursday, April 5, 2012, from 6:30pm to 8:30pm, and the show will run through May 25, 2012. Take the 6 train to Hunts Point or the 2/5 to Simpson St. For his curatorial debut, Morelo invites 20 artists to in


Fleisher/Ollman is pleased to announce F, Steven and Billy Dufala’s second solo exhibition with the gallery. The exhibition will be on view from April 5 through May 12 and will open with a reception with the artists on Thursday, April 5 from 6-9pm. Brothers and artistic collaborators, Steven and Billy Dufala are engaged in a practice that is marked by a fearless embrace of new techniques and commitment to experimentation. Beautifully crafted abstract and representational drawings, paintings, sculptures and installations are often an emotional response to material, process and environment. Consumption, efficiency, cliche, and failure are investigated through humor and exaggeration. On view in this exhibition will be small and large-scale graphite drawings and watercolors that are in dialogue with singular sculptures and a site-specific installation.

KIM DINGLE still lives

Sperone Westwater is hopefully pleased to announce the fourth solo exhibition of new paintings by Kim Dingle, who is also writing this press release. Paint is more interesting than any other subject… Subjects are useful for paint and for using line. If what is depicted makes the artist laugh then all the more fun for the artist and maybe for the viewer, too – but it is usually an accident. That is all it is. There will be an opening reception on Thursday 5 April from 6 – 8 pm.

Martin Wilner: Making History 2010 – 2011

Sperone Westwater is pleased to present an exhibition of recent pen, ink, and graphite drawings by Martin Wilner, the artist’s second solo show at the gallery. In his now decade-long body of work, Making History, Wilner creates highly-detailed diaristic drawings based on the monthly calendar. On the verso of each drawing are descriptive texts or images that are integral to the work. Wilner blends elements of cartoon, cartography, text, micrography, and music in an evolving process that transforms news events of compelling personal interest into drawing. Each work coalesces into its own mysterious narrative of the artist’s daily life.

Peter Shelton: powerhousefrenchtablenecklaces

Sperone Westwater is pleased to present a survey of sculptures by Peter Shelton. These corporeal and architectural works from 1989 to the present are both abstract and referential. Their materiality and subject matter elicit a physical, emotional, and psychic engagement – making the visual experience tactile and tangible.

Sylvan Lionni: Lost in America

Sylvan Lionni: Lost in America


OPENING RECEPTION 5 APRIL, 2012 SIX TO EIGHT IN THE EVENING In the tradition of history painting, Thomas Lail’s large-scale collages chart the persistent dream and the tragedy of our lost Utopias. In Lail’s works image fragments sourced from communes of the 1960s and ‘70s, Modernist structures and idealized communities form the domes and maps of futurist/architect Buckminster Fuller to examine our persistent strivings and ideological failings— haunted always by Goya’s disasters and the gritty realities of Courbet .Lail’s works look to a better, once-dreamed future—perhaps a regained past that never was—to map a fleeting dream of Utopia.

Fernando Orellana and Mindy McDaniel “The Other Side”!exhibitions

“Dying and birthing for generations upon generation, always arriving at a question, we hurtle through space and time helplessly out of control. Approaching the future at an ever-increasing pace and plugged into one another ingenuously, we perpetually dismantle and assemble each other. Along the way encountering irregular moments of nirvana, keeping us interested and entertained.”- Fernando Orellana


OPENING RECEPTION APRIL 5, 7-9PM West Street Gallery is pleased to present “You Told Me the Other Night.” The group show features new work by Sam Anderson, Trisha Baga and Nick Parker, Ian Cheng, Greg Fong, Grayson Revoir, Anicka Yi. You told me the other night That you Googled yourself And found a boring YouTube video Made by a high school kid with your Name. In the video he said his Name, you said, and it was weird. Somewhere in something That you sang to me that you had written This occurred, something about you having No name, or a name that might as well be no name at all. Or no identity. And the dead Generality of your childhood you’d woken Up from. —Excerpt from “Coeur de Lion,” by Ariana Reines

Sleep Late, My Lady Friend

he gallery is pleased to announce Sleep Late, My Lady Friend, a three-person show of recent paintings and drawings by New York based artists Joshua Abelow, Ella Kruglyanskaya, and Daniel Rios Rodriguez. Ella and Daniel met and became friends in graduate school in 2005. Joshua and Ella met in New York in 2010. Ella introduced Daniel and his work to Joshua in 2011. Joshua posted many of their works on his blog. Then he met Ella and Daniel at the bar and they knocked back a few drinks.


OPENING RECEPTION: THURSDAY, APRIL 5, 2012 6-9 pm Line is unique in that the work does not collectively articulate a single concept—the collectivity of the work is the concept. In their multitude, the drawings bring to the viewer a humanistic and intimate experience, an expression of the elusive mind hidden behind the impressive displays of dexterity and artistic skill of each selected drawing. It is our sincere hope that the viewer will leave not only aesthetically engaged, but also with a sense of connection—the solace offered only by the well-crafted thoughts of an articulate mind.

A Rolling Stone

Porter Contemporary is proud to present, A Rolling Stone, a group exhibition opening on April 5, 2012 with an artists’ reception from 6:30 – 8:30 PM. The exhibition will include works by artists Jason Bryant, JaH- HaHa, Naoto Hattori, Jennifer Murray, Adam Normandin, Johnny Romeo, and TWOONE. “The exhibit is a celebration of 50 years of the Rolling Stones,” says Jessica L. Porter, Founder and Director of Porter Contemporary, “in addition to also being inspired by the proverb A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss.” The proverb has many meanings but one in particular is that those who keep moving are never lacking for fresh ideas or creativity. Porter Contemporary has selected nine artists who fit the meaning of the proverb and are celebrating these artists’ inspirations and dedication through, ‘A Rolling Stone’. The Rolling Stones themselves are examples of the proverb as they reinvented themselves numerous times over the past five decades to become music legends.

Valerie Hegarty: Altered States

Marlborough Chelsea is pleased to present Altered States, a solo exhibition of new paintings, sculptures and installation by Valerie Hegarty, opening the evening of Thursday, April 5 from 6PM-8PM at the gallery located at 545 West 25th Street. The show’s title Altered States has several references including a play on The United States of America and its current political climate, Hegarty’s continuing investigation in transformation, and Paddy Chayefsky’s 1978 science fiction novel and subsequent horror film adaptation where the protagonist’s mind experiments causes him to morph physically.

Julie Tremblay Some Kind of Nature

The opening reception will take place on Thursday April 5, 6-9pm. In Some Kind of Nature, five life-size sculptures populate the gallery, somersaulting, back-flipping, balancing, prone and unravelling, suspended from the ceiling and resting on the floor. Tremblay’s recent work pushes her investigation of the human form, which becomes a metaphor exploring existential themes of order and chaos, mortality and the universality of the human condition. In this work, she equally explores sculptural themes of mass, volume, density, equilibrium, dynamism, and positive/negative spaces. She takes inspiration and at times materials from her immediate surroundings.

No Dog Walking on the Roof

DOOSAN Gallery New York is pleased to present ‘No Dog Walking on the Roof,’ a solo exhibition of work by Donghee Koo, from April 5 to May 5, 2012. The exhibition features media arts and an installation which invite the viewer to the perception of uncertainty. Koo meticulously visualizes and directs awkward and incomplete stories into her media works, which express the contradictions and absurdities of her ordinary life. When she received a letter from her apartment supervisor saying, “No dog walking on the roof,” she focused on how this equivocal phrase could be interpreted into different meanings. This title defines her working method and the ambiguous interpretations of her works.

From Caos

Please join us for the opening reception on Thursday, April 5th 2012 from 7-10pm From Caos is an installation created by portuguese artists Pedro Cunha and Sofia Xavier. Pedro uses the space as an enormous sketchbook, panting directly over the white walls. The series of murals and sculptures transform the gallery into a narrative where photographic characters created and personified by Sofia X interact within it.

Die: Roll to Proceed

magine, if you will, a world unencumbered by the stress of decision-making; a world where you never have to wonder if you made the ‘right decision.’ In this existential comedy, two roommates make this a reality by letting the roll of a DIE decide for them. But is life really carefree when the responsibility is left up to chance? Watch as this duo embarks on comedic misadventures, all of which are orchestrated by YOU. That’s right, because the DIE is in YOUR hands. With 72 possible endings, you won’t see the same show twice. So take a chance. Their fate. Your hands… Roll the DIE.


CONSTRUCTED SITE refers to the artists’ working method as well as their subject matter. Using both computer simulation and old-school 3D models, they build common scenarios that are subsequently depicted in various art forms: photo, video, sculpture, animation and painting. Hence, what the spectator believes to be ordinary, everyday situations are, in fact, constructed realities.

Brent Birnbaum’s ‘The Bureau of Apology’

Subscribing to the belief that the contemporary artist is an entrepreneur, Brent Birnbaum channels the infamous and legendary traditions of snake oil salesmen and street psychics, in his performative installation, The Bureau of Apology. A real, functioning business in which viewers can partake to absolve themselves of guilt and burden, The Bureau of Apology is as credible as a vision in a crystal ball: it is out of our own necessity that we believe.

David Rathman, Let’s See What Stirs


The Phatory is pleased to announce “Trapped” an installation of works by Charles McGill from April 7 through May 26, 2012, with an opening reception to be held on Friday, April 6, 7 – 9:00 P.M. The Defiant Ones – To The Gallows, 2011 Charles McGill is long adept at constructing theaters of associations. He excels at turning the found object into provocative statements about race and representation that place viewers in a position to re-examine their own relationship to this aspect of American life. On view at The Phatory is a cross section of pieces from McGill’s Skinned series that turn golf objects into narrative devices to reflect upon the “Black” experience and beyond. Golf bags taken apart and reconstructed in Chamberlain-like fashion turn into 3D versions of Philip Guston’s Klan images. Leather and metal form surprising sinister and sometime comic figures.


You Better Sit Down: Tales From My Parents’ Divorce

The Flea Theater and The Civilians present the New York Premiere of YOU BETTER SIT DOWN: TALES FROM MY PARENTS’ DIVORCE, by Anne Kauffman, Matthew Maher, Caitlin Miller, Jennifer R. Morris, Janice Paran and Robbie Collier Sublett. Conceived by Jennifer R. Morris and directed by Anne Kauffman, previews begin April for this limited-run Off-Broadway engagement, with opening night slated for April 12.


Launch F18 is delighted to present Russell Maycumber, Christina Pettersson and Brian Wondergem. A group exhibition organized by the Brooklyn based exhibition program Site95. Russell Maycumber’s work shifts between drawing and sculptural objects that hover between the architectural and figural. His drawings, in particular, are ink and brush on paper made primarily on Post-it notes and torn sheets. The comic-like imagery relates to R. Crumb and Raymond Pettibon but through the use of ready-made and torn paper, images are broken up and fragmented to make unusual hybrid figures, stories, and scenes. Maycumber lives and works in St. Augustine, Florida where he completed his BFA in 2006. Maycumber was included in “Everything Must Go” at Casey Kaplan, New York last summer. He has shown extensively in the Jacksonville and St. Augustine area including Nullspace Gallery, Anchor Gallery, Florida School of the Arts, and the Crisp-Ellert Art Museum. Miami-based artist Christina Pettersson creates

Nicola Verlato How the West Was Won/Evol

Born in 1965 in Verona, Italy, and currently based in Brooklyn, New York, Nicola Verlato began painting at a very early age. Trained in Classical music, and with an interest in Rock, Verlato has also composed music for documentary films. He studied architecture at the University of Venice, and moved to New York in 2004. An installation of Verlato’s paintings and sculptures were exhibited at the 2009 Venice Biennale in the Italian Pavilion.

Folio by 2-UP

Soloway presents “Folio,” an exhibition by the group 2-UP. Over the past few years 2-UP has produced a series of poster publications. This will be the first group exhibition of the individual members’ work in a gallery space. The exhibition is structured in 2 parts: a free newspaper that disassembles into 7 double-sided posters, and corresponding works in the gallery.

Project Space: eteam

Opening Reception: April 12th, 6PM-8PM (in tandem with the Speed Book Launch) Through an eBay purchase, eteam (a collaboration between Franziska Lamprecht and Hajoe Moderegger) became the landlords of a 36,000-square-foot plot of land in Germany with eight remaining tenants and seven feral lots. After receiving complaints from their tenants about the lack of access to water, eteam suggested they dig a well. When the tenants rejected this idea, eteam decided to search for water in different ways, using this exploration as both a motif and a vehicle for motion and creation. The project If the dancing gets too stiff, the rain needs to get dug out as ice-cubes is on view Tues.-Sat. from 12PM-6PM, bewteen April 9th and 23rd.

Trash Talk

Trash Talk, a group exhibition of art who elevate mundane garbage to fine art; Curator: Lisa Dahl Participating artists: Scott Andresen, Lisa Dahl, Ghost of a Dream, Ruth Hardinger, Gregg Hill, Sara Hubbs, Vandana Jain, Nathaniel Lieb, Shari Mendelson, Jimmy Miracle, Tattfoo Tan, and Ian Trask

The Birds and The Bees

OPENING RECEPTION: Friday, April 13th, 2012 6:00PM – 9:00PM Spring is the season for growth and renewal and with it, people come together in joyous celebration. Drunk off the familiar sensation of green grasses and blossoming flora, the world is alive and full of inspiration. A romantic essence fills the air with an intoxicating blend of rejuvenating aromas that tempts the body and plays with the mind. It is easy to lose oneself in the cacophony of reawakening, as senses are overloaded and forged into the memory. Through the enchanted feelings resides a notion of self-discovery that enables reckless abandonment, which leads to a multitude of outcomes. Mighty Tanaka is pleased to bring you our springtime show, The Birds and The Bees, featuring the fantastical artwork of Gigi Chen & H. Veng Smith.

Prometheus Within

Inspired by Aeschylus’ PROMETHEUS BOUND, Theodora Skipitares returns to the subject of medicine, with a look at stem cell science, genetic engineering, and organ theft. With a dazzling array of puppet styles and a bold use of scale, PROMETHEUS features live music composed by Sxip Shirey, multi-dimensional acrobatics by Jonathan Nosan in the title role, and video. PROMETHEUS asks the question: Whose body is it anyway?

Poor Baby Bree in I Am Going to Run Away

Archetypal waif Poor Baby Bree (Bree Benton) performs fifteen obscure songs from the golden age of vaudeville (1890s-1930s) in this tragicomic story, inspired by Victorian melodrama and early cinema, of a child tempted from Home and Mother by dreams of the circus, only to face disillusionment, homesickness, and her own lost innocence in the Big City. Conceived by Bree Benton. Directed by David Schweizer. Musical Direction by Franklin Bruno (piano), featuring Karen Waltuch (viola) and Jacob Garchik (tuba and trombone).


One Day This Will All Be Yours is a winter curtain. A fabric installation specially conceived for Open Source Gallery. It’s main objective will be to serve as a heat insulator during the cold months of winter and also as a visual and conceptual background for other projects to be produced and displayed in the exhibition space during the winter of 2011-2012. The piece is part of a series of works made out of fabric-panels that hang dividing and organizing space. Part of a larger and ongoing project these panels must be considered as a flexible and adaptable idea, one that materializes differently depending on the context in which it is set. The project focuses on the notion of temporary architecture as a critical and fragile fabrication of space. The situations Felipe Mujica create aim to catalyze encounters, moments of collaboration: between people, people and space, people and art objects and finally between people and systems of communication.

Saturday Night Swing Dance

Join us for a fun-filled night of swing dancing to live music from the 30s, 40s and 50s, hosted by Myrna Caceres. No experience or partner necessary. 8 pm to 1 am Open Dancing; 7 pm Class. $15 Advance, $18 at the Door. $15 for students with valid ID at the door.

Everything  That  Rises  Must  Converge

Opening  reception:  Saturday,  April  14th,  7  –  10  p.m. Everything  That  Rises  Must  Converge  is  a  group  exhibition  that  explores  the  connection   between  six  emerging  photographers  and  their  neighborhoods.    A  dialogue  is  formed   between  these  photographers  and  their  immediate  surroundings  that  helps  shape  their  art   and  is  expressed  through  a  personal  narrative  in  their  work.  The  photographers  have   become  ambassadors  for  their  neighborhoods,  communicating  the  stories,  feelings  and   idiosyncrasies  that  surround  them.


English Kills Art Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition of new work by Andrew Hurst. His previous show with English Kills was in 2009. For this exhibition, Hurst delves deeper into the collage and assemblage practices central to his highly process-based work. Inside this process, a wide variety of cast-off items and collected ephemera (photos, tapes, films, etc.) are loosely cataloged in a kind of psychic scrapbook, gestating indefinitely. Out of this gestation, Hurst’s creative instinct simultaneously acts as host and parasite to these materials; form and content begin to emerge, and a conceptual reclamation is achieved. Ultimately, this transformative process is imbued with an inherent kind of sad joy, related to memory, loss, and the disarming tension of rebirth and renewal.

Crossfire – Photographs by Shahidul Alam

Bangladeshi photographer and human rights activist Shahidul Alam’s Crossfire exhibition will open in the Partnership Gallery at the Queens Museum of Art on 15th April, 2012 and run until May 6th, 2012. The exhibition aims to gather international support for a campaign to end extra-judicial killings in Bangladesh by state forces, usually called “crossfire.” In 2004, responding to a perceived law and order “crisis” the Bangladesh government created a new, armed enforcement agency, called Rapid Action Battalion (RAB). The agency was formed by taking officers from the Bangladesh Police, Army, Navy and Air Force. Over time, the agency’s budget and power grew until today it is one of the largest and most feared groups inside Bangladesh. From the very early days, RAB became notorious for killing people it was trying to capture, often during gun battles, which the government always claims is due to “crossfire.”

Neo-Futurist Workshop

The New York Neo-Futurists, the writer/performers of the critically-acclaimed long-running show Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind (30 plays in 60 minutes), are excited to announce our upcoming workshop. This event only comes but twice a year, and space is limited—so sign up today! In this 3 day, 15 hour crash-course in Neo-Futurism, you will create short, fast, and compelling theater based on your own view of the world. We’ll show you how to employ the Neo-Futurist aesthetic to kick-start your creative process, expand your artistic toolbox, and generate solo and group material that is a fusion of sport, art, and living newspaper. This writing and performance workshop is open to humans with any and all experience levels. That means YOU, soldier. Lace up your boots, bring your chutzpah and a pen, and get ready to write….NOW.

Mezhrabpom: The Red Dream Factory

Organized by the Stiftung Deutsche Kinemathek, Berlin, and the Berlin International Film Festival, The Red Dream Factory presents a selection of extraordinary films from the legendary Soviet film studio, Mezhrabpom, made between its 1922 founding by Moisei Aleinikov and its transformation into a studio for children’s films 14 years later by decree of Josef Stalin.

lotte van den audenaeren

The site-specific installations, urban interventions, neon sculptures, word images and ephemeral works of Lotte Van den Audenaeren revolve around the determination and transience of place and content. Van den Audenaeren explores and unfolds multiple layers of perception through simple deconstruction and reconstruction of visual representation. The interventions, additions and deletions organized by Van den Audenaeren have a minimal or limited materiality, though they cause a drastic impact on their environment. Her works have a tendency to appear barely present, or in the process of disappearing – like light, shadows or apparitions.

Matt Blackwell and John Byam

Continuing its initiative to propose dynamic pairings of artists to promote innovative dialogue, Parker’s Box brings together two artists whose combined ages reach well over a century and a quarter. John Byam is a self taught artist who worked for decades in an upstate vacuum producing wood sculpture, signage, and drawings, mostly inspired by TV guide. Matt Blackwell is a well known Brooklyn-based artist whose knowledge, intuition, and keen eye, have pushed him towards similar preoccupations and attitudes.

Reductive Curated by Dina Muenzfeld

The artwork Jeffrey Leder Gallery has chosen for this exhibit focuses on simplicity. Blending a variety of formal languages, created in different media, the show presents pure and reductive art. 30 recent works made by American artists are informed by their reflections on the arrangement of shape, color and surface. Reductive intends to stretch the boundaries between abstract geometric and representational art. Each component of the exhibition complements the other. The artwork’s juxtaposition emphasizes different approaches to reductive formality each artist has chosen. The exhibit’s intention is reiterate art as educational agent. The art shown has an educational dimension. It intends to create a rich experience that may transform the viewer. Formal simplicity and basic structures open dialogues and foster the inward turn. We aim to exhibit work that heralds freedom of thought and trigger self-consciousness.

FORM AND FANCY: valentina battler

fordPROJECT is pleased to present “Form and Fancy,” a solo exhibition of new works on paper by Valentina Battler, on view from April 17 through June 1, 2012. An opening reception will be held from 6 – 8 pm on Tuesday, April 17th. “Form and Fancy” explores the extent of human emotion through artistic representation of figure and form. Combining traditional and contemporary Chinese Ink Painting techniques, Battler’s new works on Yupo paper reflect an impressionistic style. Her additional works on Xuan paper are rooted in the Yin Yang philosophy’s principle of complementary contradiction.

Ballet Hispanico

Ballet Hispanico pays tribute to the richness of its Latino roots—and the diverse talents of the company’s dancers—with a Joyce season that features African and Caribbean influences. Highlights include the world premiere of Espiritu Vivo, created especially for Ballet Hispanico by Ronald K. Brown and set to live music by Afro-Peruvian Latin Grammy winner Susana Baca; and the Joyce premiere of Asuka, Artistic Director Eduardo Vilaro’s first work for the company, an exuberant homage to salsa legend Celia Cruz. A trio of alternately edgy and theatrical works from Annabelle Lopez Ochoa—including the New York premiere of Nube Blanco—captures the emotional range of the company, while the program sees a revival of Pedro Ruiz’s Guajira and the return of repertory gem Tito on Timbales by William Whitener.

kate newby: all parts. all the time.

Kate Newby’s work All parts. All the time. engages two sites, Olive St. Garden and Cooper Park, both within blocks of ISCP in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn. For this work, Newby employs semi-precious and industrial materials to create an embedded concrete puddle in the center of Cooper Park. At Olive St. Garden, the artist hangs porcelain sculptures from trees and anchors a concrete bench made to resemble a pile of rocks nonnative to its immediate surroundings. As with past works, Newby’s installations are developed in response to everyday built environments including carpets, windows and curtains, steps and passageways. Each gives evidence to the space as an inhabited or occupied site, but can also be used to interrupt, reconsider or challenge the unspoken norms of an environment or situation. In addition, for All parts. All the time., British artist Paul Elliman contributed a poster which is displayed at Olive St. Garden.

POW: Pop now

Forest Allread // José Arenas // Dan Christofferson // Boo Davis // Felix Flores // Erin Rachel Hudak // Jacqueline Levine // Alfie Lee // Dafna Steinberg // Katya Usvitsky Curator: Sean Noyce

FORM AND FANCY valentina battler

fordPROJECT is pleased to present “Form and Fancy,” a solo exhibition of new works on paper by Valentina Battler, on view from April 17 through June 1, 2012. An opening reception will be held from 6 – 8 pm on Tuesday, April 17th. “Form and Fancy” explores the extent of human emotion through artistic representation of figure and form. Combining traditional and contemporary Chinese Ink Painting techniques, Battler’s new works on Yupo paper reflect an impressionistic style. Her additional works on Xuan paper are rooted in the Yin Yang philosophy’s principle of complementary contradiction.

The Ring Cycle: Parts 1-4

L115 adapts Wagner’s iconic Ring Cycle into the action packed world of 1980’s Americana. Part 1 follows Wagner’s Norse gods pumped up on rock and roll and steroids as professional wrestlers on a mission for power and glory. Part 2 takes us into the world of down-and-out America in the 80s, those at the bottom of the trickle down theory.

Three Sisters

Last at BAM with the revelatory sold-out production of Uncle Vanya (2010 Spring Season), Maly Drama Theatre returns with Three Sisters, Chekhov’s great, tragicomic story of women contending with disillusioned life in a small Russian town. Lev Dodin directs this luminous, complex play with rich insight into Chekhov’s eloquent understanding of resignation, longing, and love.


Ex- NFL linebacker Duncan Troy played with the greats, and tackled them to the ground. When his son-in-law, a Pro Bowler himself, dies under strange circumstances, Troy and his widowed daughter struggle with their own culpability, and whether the brain trauma he suffered in life was the price of football greatness.

Canceled: Alternative Manifestations and Productive Failures

This exhibition will present canceled or otherwise prohibited exhibitions that now exist as publications or in other formats. These publications document the process and politics of cancelation, exist as an alternative manifestation of the exhibit, act as a critique of the forces that called for its cancelation, or they may be an admission and exposition of an ultimately productive failure. In the context of the Center for Book Arts, Canceled highlights the book form as a crucial means of disseminating documentation and information on a wide and accessible scale, potentially in ways that are more historically stable, and more effective than the original exhibition would have been. Through utilizing printed matter, these artists and curators have found alternative routes by which the politics surrounding the presentation and creation of art become at least as relevant as the work itself.

RECIPROCITY: Pratt Photography Thesis Show

Featuring work by: D. Oscar Horner Zoe Juarez Gaby Bush Bridget Collins Madeleine Wieand Raine Manley Robertson Lauren Foy Michele Taylor Yael Malka Ryan Oskin Lauren Zaser Cait Oppermann Khrystyna Chekhlata Leslie Behum Adam Hutchins Macey Foronda Jen Fredericks Caleb Olson Stephen Spilka Douglas Marks Bobby Walsh Rodney Jones Emily Tepikian Brian Pho Nick Childers Jenna Sclafani Dahae Kim Angela Humes

Hea Jin Ko “Borderline”

Hea Jin’s Gallery nights will be: Opening Party Wed April 18th Gallery Night Wed April 25th Closing reception Wed May 2nd 8pm- Late Hea Jin Ko incorporates graphic design and photography with her multimedia sculptural paintings and altered prints. Observe her double exposed photos covered in fluorescent colored cotton balls, and you’ll get a glimpse of her playful spirit. But her work is much more introspective than at first glimpse, and she’ll invite you to question her intentions, and ponder the relationships of people and their beliefs and subconscious boundaries. Where is the line between arbitrary motives and meaningful purpose?

Wenyon and Gamble A Universe held up for Inspection

Magnan Metz Gallery is pleased to present the second exhibition for Susan Gamble and Michael Wenyon: A Universe held up for Inspection. The show will feature holograms made at an historic observatory, as well as digital prints taken in India and Cuba during the past four years. Wenyon & Gamble, the collaborative team who have worked together since 1983, first became known for exploring holography – a medium considered new in the 1980s, but one that now seems to belong to an older, optical era of image making. In A Universe held up for Inspection, the artists place a world constructed by science under a cultural examination of their own, where the ironies of what is progress and what is obsolete are conjured for scrutiny.

Accumulated Afterthoughts: David Opdyke

Work by David Opdyke


Known for her “Nanas”, a series of buxom, colorful women crafted out of wire, papier maché and polyester (her trademark material in the public eye), Niki de Saint Phalle has left her mark on the history of twentieth-century art. Working with plastics, paint and sculpture, she began her completely self-taught painting career in 1952, garnering fame throughout the 1960s with her “Tirs” performances, which she presented all over the world. Saint Phalle would shoot a rifle at various packets of color hung upon a canvas, creating random works. This destructive, violent gesture highlighted a rejection of traditional easel painting, and became basic principle of Saint Phalle’s work. In 1960 she became a member of the Nouveaux Réalistes, and befriended Jean Tinguely, who she would marry in 1971. The two created many works together, including “Le Cyclop”, Fontainebleau ; “La fontaine Stravinsky”, Paris ; “Le Jardin des Tarots” in Tuscany ; and notably, in 1966, “Hon”, a monumental work create


Morgan Lehman is pleased to present ‘Cusp,’ Ryan Wallace’s second solo show at the gallery. Wallace combines his research and understanding of contemporary sciences, his ability to incorporate and disguise materials in his paintings, and his laborious studio practice to examine how a planar surface stores information much like a screen, printed page or microchip. Wallace’s process based endeavors evoke familiar tropes through art and natural history.

The School: Nina Yuen

Lombard Freid Projects is pleased to present The School, Nina Yuen’s second solo exhibition with the gallery. Yuen’s hauntingly beautiful films are presented within a tactile installation that encapsulates the artist’s multifaceted imagination and transforms the traditional viewing experience. Yuen, originally from Hawaii and currently based in New Jersey, mines the pasts of anonymous and celebrated characters to create poetic, non-linear narratives. She combines fictionalized personal memories and various disparities in accounts of the past to create an authentic alternate-reality; weaving assorted truths into her seductive monologues to lure the viewer in. Yuen fully embraces her creations; living within her self-constructed sets and adopting the conventions, behavior, and dress of these worlds in order to exemplify her characters. The dedication is evident in her work, infusing each video with a nuance of heartbreakingly honesty.

Before They Were Famous: Behind The Lens of William John Kennedy

American photographer William John Kennedy’s exhibition of newly published prints of Andy Warhol and Robert Indiana is believed to be the only such images in existence capturing the artists with their works, among them Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe and Indiana’s LOVE. After almost half a century in storage, a select number of the nearly forgotten images were carefully chosen, and are now being published for the first time as a collection.



Roadsongs / Photographs by Jordan Sullivan[UNIQID]

Clic Gallery presents, ROADSONGS, a solo exhibition by New York-based artist Jordan Sullivan. Drawing from personal history, ROADSONGS brings together a collection of Sullivan’s recent photographs and prose. Central to the exhibit are eight landscapes shot on the road between New Mexico, Texas, and California. These images, coupled with selections of prose, explore the emotional states associated with place, while continuing Sullivan’s exploration of transience and it’s effect on his own perceptions of memory, freedom, and home. Further investigation also reveals Sullivan’s concern for a photographs subjective nature and it’s potential for truth and falsehoods. How can a photograph revive and alter a memory? How can a photograph manipulate or aid a personal history?

The Elements of Style

Finding inspiration in the classic style manual. Featuring work by Jennifer Grimyser, Julie Hair, Suckzoo Han, Aaron Howard, Jann Nunn, Kelly Savage, Rachel Schragis, and Brain Wondergem OPENING: Thrs April 19 at 7:00pm VIEWING HOURS: Sun 2:00 – 4:00pm Wed & Thrs 4:00 – 6:00pm or by appt: “ABC No Rio in Exile” AT BULLET SPACE: 292 EAST 3RD ST (bet. Ave C + D)


2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 GREG SMITH 19 April – 26 May 2012 Susan Inglett is pleased to present the work of gallery artist Greg Smith from 19 April to 26 May 2012 in “Ners Banners Banners Ban”. Through performance, film and drawing the artist examines compulsive behaviors and the role of risk in breaking cycles. A reception for the artist will be held Thursday evening 19 April from 6 to 8 PM. A fragmented piece of looped text, “ners Banners Banners Ban,” serves as the title and starting point for Greg Smith’s fourth show with the Gallery, an exhibition with loops and repetitions at its core. Setting the stage, the obsessive, circular drawing series, “Things I Should Have Read,” covers plenty of ground, only to end where it began. Similarly structured in time rather than space, the video, aptly titled “Loop,” is presented as a continuous cycle that echoes the physical configuration of its subject: a loop of canvas banners that a tenuously harnessed performer repeated


The last time Polish theater maker Grzegorz Jarzyna and his TR Warszawa came to town, they made history with an explosive production of Macbeth, elaborately staged in an outdoor theater we built in the Tobacco Warehouse.This spring TR returns to St. Ann’s Warehouse with the American Premiere of Festen, one of TR’s most famous productions, based on a prize-winning Danish film, The Celebration, made according to the minimalist Dogme 95 principles.

New York Street Stories

Join five New York photographers in a series of lively dialogues about their approach and perspectives on photographing the pulse of New York City’s streets.


Opening Reception: Friday, April 20th, 7-10pm Regina Rex is pleased to present an exhibition of four paintings—one each from artists Britta Deardorff, Jackie Gendel, Juan Gomez and Eric Sall. The four paintings were selected to individually hold a large wall while collectively contributing to a boisterous conversation in a large white room. These paintings are not cool or restrained —they are exuberant both in scale and visual vocabulary. They employ lush palates, body-scale gesture, and elements of the figurative in an unapologetic and visceral appeal to the viewer.

Carol Salmanson / Stephen Truax

Carol Salmanson works with light and reflective materials. Trained as a painter, the artist began using light and reflective materials eight years ago to take the spatial and color concerns of her painting into a different realm. Salmanson’s wall pieces harness light’s unique ability to touch both mind and feelings. Her work creates a sensation of depth, one that opens into mysterious worlds. The artist writes of her fascination with the material, “Light beams into you and envelops you. These very special qualities let me build emotional spaces that resonate with memory and experience. By amplifying and radiating color outward, into and around the viewer, I can build atmospheres, using color, line, and form in a way that goes beyond painting’s two-dimensional limitations.” Salmanson’s large installations originate with the architecture of the sites they will inhabit. They are structural, concerned with the way that form, light, and reflected light merge to create a space that i

Carol Salmanson / Stephen Truax

Carol Salmanson works with light and reflective materials. Trained as a painter, the artist began using light and reflective materials eight years ago to take the spatial and color concerns of her painting into a different realm. Salmanson’s wall pieces harness light’s unique ability to touch both mind and feelings. Her work creates a sensation of depth, one that opens into mysterious worlds. The artist writes of her fascination with the material, “Light beams into you and envelops you. These very special qualities let me build emotional spaces that resonate with memory and experience. By amplifying and radiating color outward, into and around the viewer, I can build atmospheres, using color, line, and form in a way that goes beyond painting’s two-dimensional limitations.” Salmanson’s large installations originate with the architecture of the sites they will inhabit. They are structural, concerned with the way that form, light, and reflected light merge to create a space that i

Cross-Reference: A Collaborative Exhibition Featuring the work of Hans + Gieves

Like the Spice gallery presents Cross-Reference, a collaborative of Nashville-based painter Hans Schmitt-Matzen and Brooklyn-based photographer Gieves Anderson. It’s fitting that Hans and Gieves begin the works in their latest series in libraries, which the two artists consider sanctuaries of thought. Duly titled Cross-Reference, the series enables a philosophical contemplation of color and composition through an alchemy of the disparate mediums of photography and painting. Libraries’ unbroken rows and columns of books were the artists’ inspiration for the new works, and Gieves’ large photographic prints of the buildings’ interiors and exteriors form the multicolored surfaces to which Hans applies oils in thick gestural strokes made with brushes, blades, and customized squeegees.

Cloud Nine

Marc Brotherton – New Work

Causey Contemporary is pleased to present two solo exhibitions this April, New Paintings by Marc Brotherton and Acid Bath by Nina Carelli. Marking his third solo exhibition with the gallery, Brotherton will present his newest series of bold, mixed-media paintings, which explore ideas of new technology, communication, color and design. Marc Brotherton contends that living in the twenty-first century, we are constantly bombarded by input– be it from televisions, news sources, the internet, or one of the many communication gadgets. In a way, Brotherton’s paintings are a form of communication, which address technological and political quandaries, but also banalities of daily life. The outcome of his work is a materialized investigation into the perplexing world in which we live. Brotherton states that his incentive to make art comes from an “…inner curiosity, a personal necessity to acknowledge an awareness that we are here together inhabiting an increasingly chaotic world.”


Sikkema Jenkins & Co. is pleased to present Sheila Hicks’s inaugural solo exhibition at the gallery, on view from April 20 through May 25, 2012. With a career that spans five decades, Hicks’s work traverses the boundaries between painting and sculpture, design, craft and even architecture with the use of woven forms. Challenging the hierarchical classification of textiles as a more artisanal design-based medium, Hicks combines her early training in painting, the interaction of color with Josef Albers, and art history with George Kubler, with an expert understanding of the craft of weaving and tapestry-making.

Marc Brotherton – New Work

Causey Contemporary is pleased to present two solo exhibitions this April, New Paintings by Marc Brotherton and Acid Bath by Nina Carelli. Marking his third solo exhibition with the gallery, Brotherton will present his newest series of bold, mixed-media paintings, which explore ideas of new technology, communication, color and design. Marc Brotherton contends that living in the twenty-first century, we are constantly bombarded by input– be it from televisions, news sources, the internet, or one of the many communication gadgets. In a way, Brotherton’s paintings are a form of communication, which address technological and political quandaries, but also banalities of daily life. The outcome of his work is a materialized investigation into the perplexing world in which we live. Brotherton states that his incentive to make art comes from an “…inner curiosity, a personal necessity to acknowledge an awareness that we are here together inhabiting an increasingly chaotic world.”

Acid Bath: Nina Carelli

Causey Contemporary is pleased to present two solo exhibitions this April, New Paintings by Marc Brotherton and Acid Bath by Nina Carelli. Acid Bath will feature Nina’s eclectic etchings and hand-made books. This will be her first solo exhibition. Both shows will be on view from April 20th to May 27th, 2012 at the gallery’s Williamsburg, Brooklyn location. A public reception will be held with both artists on April 20th, 6–9 pm. The title, Acid Bath, references the antiquarian etching process: zinc plate drawings are surrendered into a bath of nitric acid. It is there where a mysterious transformation occurs, where all aspects of predictability and limitation dissolve. Nina’s imagery flows between different realms, some rooted in nature, and some culled from her own absurd inventions. Various motifs, including astronomy, nostalgia, and alchemy, simultaneously overlap and create contradictions.


What would you do if the only thing standing between you and your future was a vast, endless ocean? Witness the unforgettable journey of a little girl who leaves her village to embark on one great voyage. Her remarkable story comes to life through imaginative storytelling, evocative puppetry, and original live music in this new folktale inspired by the history of Henry Street Settlement and the Lower East Side.


Arcadia Gallery is thrilled to present the greatly anticipated one man exhibition of unique figurative works by Brad Reuben Kunkle. After a sold out debut exhibition in 2010, Kunkle has returned to Arcadia with a brand new body of stunning works. Witness this young artist continue his unique exploration of figures in nature with his signature gold and silver leaf technique.

GHOST YARD a Solo Exhibition by Frodo Mikkelsen

Munch Gallery is pleased to present ‘Ghost Yard’, a solo exhibition by Danish artist Frodo Mikkelsen. The exhibition includes all new work consisting of paintings, sculpture and site-specific installation. Frodo is one of the young rising artists in Scandinavia and is steadily gaining international recognition; his latest with the inclusion of one of his silver skull sculptures into the 3-D collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. He has shown in Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Russia, South Africa and the USA. His works are also represented in museum collections in Denmark and Norway.

Earth Day celebration at A@R!

Jill has been invited to build Hut #7at St. Nicks Alliance’s new building in the renovated former outpatient building of Greenpoint Hospital. Hut#7 is part of St. Nicks’ new arts program, Arts@Renaissance which is based out of the garden level of the building at 2 Kingsland Ave. The project will launch with an event on Earth Day, April 22 and host events through June 2012. But Jill has already begun collecting trash and doing research about the neighborhood as she gathers ideas for this latest hut.

Jade Townsend’s and Inside, Outside – Outside, In

Jade Townsend’s new body of work, Leviathan, assembles an absurd and fragmented narrative. As told by an amalgam of outcasts – the rebel, the orphan, the mystic – a coalescing set of stories manifests as a sculptural passageway through which to pass and return. Similar to his past mixed media sculptures and installations that critique and intensify tragic sociopolitical realities, Leviathan layers multiple myths and allegories, along with their archetypal characters, to pursue the conflicting destinations of contentment and rebellion. Whether or not such a goal is achievable is of little concern. Rather, as Townsend has continued exorcise in his work, it is the failure to see what is given up as we seek what we wish to gain.


On Stellar Rays presents Towards A Warm Math, an exhibition comprised of works that mingle strategies and forms borrowed from the hard-edged fields of science, mathematics, and technology with qualities and approaches that are more expressly humanistic—works, in other words, that attempt to muddy the pellucid water of stubborn facts and with unruly sediments of the personal, the biomorphic, and the spiritual. They are works that act as solvents, softening the normally rigid demarcation lines that divide the perpetually warring disciplinary camps of our thought, and dissolving the walls erected between the realms of the subjective and the objective.

Iconic Artist Talk: Bill T. Jones

As part of BAM’s 150 anniversary celebrations, iconic artists examine the evolution of their work at BAM over the years, referencing onscreen projections of original performance footage and images from the BAM Archive. A BAM artist since 1983, Bill T. Jones has explored themes of identity, form, and social commentary, and has become one of the most innovative and powerful forces in modern dance and theater. Drawing on three decades of performances, Jones examines his artistic vision as showcased at BAM with Thelma Golden, Director and Chief Curator of The Studio Museum in Harlem.

Dr. Ian Tattersall: On Human Origins

What vaulted Homo Sapiens forward and made them the indisputable masters of the planet 100,000 years ago? Discover how physical traits and cognitive ability distanced them from the rest of nature and how they acquired their superior abilities. Dr. Ian Tassersal will be signing copies of Masters of the Planet: The Search for Our Human Origins following the event.

Book Launch: No Worse Enemy by Ben Anderson

Journalist and documentary filmmaker Ben Anderson shares his gripping account of the Afghanistan war in Helmand province.

Ryan Doyle May & B. C. Edwards

Ryan Doyle May’s work has appeared in Bombay Gin, Pax Americana, Esque, Supermachine and others. He is the author of the chapbook The Anatomy of Gray (Corresponding Society Press) and acted as the lead in the short film August, which was selected for the 2011 Cannes Film Festival. He has an MFA in Creative Writing from the New School and lives in Brooklyn. B.C. Edwards is a producer at The Upright Citizens Brigade theater in New York. He was awarded the 2011 Hudson Prize for fiction and is the author of the forthcoming collection of fiction, The Aversive Clause (fall 2012), and two forthcoming collections of poetry, To Mend Small Children (winter 2012), and From the Standard Cyclopedia of Recipes (fall 2013). He is a regular contributor to BOMBlog and his work can be found in Red Line Blues, The Sink Review, Mathematics Magazine, Hobart and others. His short story “Illfit” is being adapted into a piece by the Royal Ballet of Flanders.

Ben Anderson author of No Worse Enemy: The Inside Struggle of the Chaotic Struggle for Afghanistan in discussion with Michael Hastings

Ben Anderson discusses his time spent as a reporter and documentarian on the front lines of the war in Afghanistan and his new book, No Worse Enemy with fellow author and journalist Michael Hastings.

Knopf and Tumblr Celebrate Poetry with Philip Levine and Tracy K. Smith

Join the venerable literary imprint and the internet creativity platform in a celebration of National Poetry Month. Free drinks, great conversation, and readings by Poet Laureate Philip Levine, Tracy K. Smith, and poets from the Tumblr community. Read more and submit your poems at

HOT TEXTS READING SERIES: Chris Hosea, Jenny Sampirisi, LaTasha Diggs

Curated by local poet activists Krystal Languell and Emily Skillings—HOT TEXTS is a reading series in Brooklyn, New York that celebrates innovative writing rooted in the body, desire, sexual politics and the erotic sphere. HOT TEXTS is an extension of the Belladonna* Collaborative, a feminist, avant-garde event series, collective and publishing venture.

Bjarne Melgaard Interviews Leo Bersani

Bjarne Melgaard’s filmed interview with gay theoretician and cultural critic Leo Bersani emerged from a seminar for art students given last year by Melgaard and Bersani at the University Iuav of Venice. The two raise such questions as: What is the nature of gay activism today? Is the militancy advocated by Melgaard a viable course of action? Has the idea of gay ideology become obsolete? Might it be possible to be both for and against gay marriage? Originally shown as part of the 2011 Venice Biennale, the film here receives its New York premiere.

Cutting Edge Concerts New Music Festival 2012

In celebration of its 15th anniversary season, Cutting Edge Concerts New Music Festival presents another first: the world premieres of two fully staged one-act operas, featuring chamber orchestra, soloists and chorus. My Last Dutchess is by composer Theodore Wiprud and librettist Tom Dulack. Robert Sirota wrote both words and music for his comedy The Clever Mistress. Both operas will be performed on two evenings: April 23 and April 30, 2012.

Fire and Smoke: A Conversation on Death and Ritual Offering with Tibetan Buddhist Monk Venerable Tsering Phunstok

What can a monk tell you about the secret of life? And how does understanding impermanence and preparing for death expand upon the secret of life? Tonight’s conversation between Venerable Tsering Phunstok–a practicing Tibetan Buddhist monk residing in India–and artist Shannon Brunette will investigate Tibetan Buddhist perspectives on death and impermanence in modern life, as well as the life of the Tibetan monk as it relates to the most basic tenets of Buddhist practice and beliefs regarding death, karma, and reincarnation through conversation. Questions will also be taken from the audience.

New York Community Solar Confluence

The New York Community Solar Confluence will bring together community-based organizations, neighborhood residents, advocates for renewable energy, solar developers, local officials, and funders of programs for low income communities and renewable energy projects to learn about community solar models nationwide and opportunities to bring community solar to people across New York State. Participants will outline obstacles and brainstorm the key ingredients to bringing community solar to New York State-the policy and financing solutions, organizing efforts and other initiatives. This event is part of a series of community solar “confluences” happening in Boston, Denver, and San Francisco.

Raleigh Moncrief,Jonas Reinhardt, Hubble

Raleigh Moncrief,Jonas Reinhardt, Hubble


An Evening of Word, Sound, Image and Form Celebrating the Release of the 9th Issue of LIVE MAG!

A Cavalcade of Coward

Starting in March 2012 and continuing through mid-August, New York will be holding a citywide celebration of the work and legacy of writer/actor/composer/director Noël Coward. Panel discussions, performances, screenings, and readings will demonstrate the tremendous scope of Coward’s talents, with the participation of such organizations and venues as Julliard, the Film Society at Lincoln Center, Feinstein’s, the National Arts Club, and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences.

Cyndi Lauper with Valerie Smaldone

The Grammy and Emmy Award-winning Cyndi Lauper joins Valerie Smaldone onstage to discuss her 25-year career. With global record sales in excess of 30 million, Lauper has proved that she has the heart and soul to keep her legion of fans compelled by her every creative move. Her newest album, the Grammy-nominated Memphis Blues, sat atop the Billboard Blues Chart for 14 consecutive weeks and is her fifth Top 40 album. Cyndi Lauper will be signing copies of Memphis Blues following the event.

Michael J. Sandel: What Money Can’t Buy

Renowned political philosopher Michael J. Sandel and author of the NY Times bestseller Justice discusses his new book What Money Can’t Buy: The Moral Limits of Markets which tackles one of the biggest ethical questions of our time: Isn’t there something wrong with a world in which everything is for sale? What is the role money and the markets should play in our society? Michael J. Sandel is the Anne T. and Robert M. Bass Professor of Government at Harvard University, where he has taught political philosophy since 1980. His book Justice: What’s the Right Thing to Do?, a New York Times best-seller, relates the big questions of political philosophy to the most vexing issues of our time. Sandel’s other books include Liberalism and the Limits of Justice, Democracy’s Discontent and The Case Against Perfection. Sandel has served on the President’s Council on Bioethics and is a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and the Council on Foreign Relations.


Artists: Alkinoos Ioannidis (joining him on stage is Yiorgos Kaloudis) Instruments: Classical guitar, Eastern Lute, Cello, Cretan Lyra, Percussion Alkinoos Ioannidis is one of the most well loved Greek songwriters. His prolific output has only been matched by his touring schedule, which has included standout performances at Madison Square Garden and The Lincoln Centre (NYC), Queen Elizabeth Hall (London), Berlin Philharmonie, the ancient theatre at Epidavrus and the Glazunov Hall (St Petersburg). His amalgamation of Cypriot and Greek influences along with byzantine, classical and rock music elements, in addition to his unique vocal delivery, have seen him transcend the confines of the international Greek community and have resulted in a worldwide release and tour scheduled for spring 2012.

Kris D’Agostino & Leigh Stein

Kris D’Agostino, author of The Sleepy Hollow Family Almanac, is joined by Leigh Stein, author of The Fallback Plan, for a joint reading and discussion of their novels about twenty somethings moving back home.

Wendy S. Walters and Albert Mobilio

Wendy S. Walters is a co-founder of the First Person Plural Reading Series in Harlem, NY. Her most recent book of poems is Longer I Wait, More You Love Me (Palm Press). She is a 2011 New York Foundation for the Arts Fellow in Poetry. Her poems have recently appeared or are forthcoming in Los Angeles Review, Drunken Boat, Callaloo, HOW2, and Seneca Review, among several others. She has been a nominee for the Essay Prize and her prose has been published or is forthcoming in Bookforum, The Iowa Review, Coldfront, Seneca Review, and Harper’s Magazine. Albert Mobilio is the recipient of a Whiting Writers’ Award and the National Book Critics Circle award for reviewing. His work has appeared in Harper’s, Black Clock, Bomb, Cabinet, Open City, and Tin House. Books of poetry include Bendable Siege, The Geographics, Me with Animal Towering, and Touch Wood. He is an assistant professor of literary studies at the New School’s Eugene Lang College and is an editor of Bookforum.


AIGA, the professional association for design, stimulates thinking about design, demonstrates the value of design and empowers the success of designers at each stage of their careers. AIGA’s mission is to advance designing as a professional craft, strategic tool and vital cultural force. Founded in 1914, AIGA remains the oldest and largest professional membership organization for design, and is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) educational institution.


URRY is a freelance photographer in Tokyo. She has been praised as a photographer who can project one’s feelings into a picture. She hosts and participates in many photo and art exhibitions focusing on the theme “NOIR.” In winter 2011, she also took a part in forming TOKYO PHOTO SOCIETY, a group of well recognized photographers in Japan that includes Robert Adachi and Osamu Moriya. She plans to continue participating in group exhibitions in Japan.

SkuFlix presents ExScEx

Beginning March 2012, SkuFlix is partnering with local New York City venues to stage a series of Expanded Screening Experience events – the ExScEx series. Each of these uniquely themed events will feature a screening of an independent feature film with a full hour of entertainment which will expand on a theme from the film, whether it’s music, art, or social awareness.

GSA + EPA Earth Day Event

Come for earth-friendly events and activities including a special energy/environmental fair in the lobby. Visit the various energy-related vendors exhibiting their products and services and providing information on energy and water conservation to the thousands of employees and visitors who work at the building.

Animism Anselm Franke

Continuing the investigation of “things” after the exhibition And Another Thing last fall in the James Gallery, Anselm Franke (curator, Taipei Biennial 2012) will speak on animism in conjunction with his exhibition on view in April at e-flux. The modern understanding of the concept, which was closely associated with the colonial project, holds animism to be a pre-modern social and psychological mechanism by means of which nature and things were erroneously endowed with souls and agency. The modern separation between the animate and inanimate gave rise to other dichotomies characteristic of modernity, such as the opposition between nature and culture, the subjective and objective world, and the relation between fiction and reality so notorious to the arts. What if modernity’s conception of the boundary between life and non-life were to be re-thought?



Kiss Me, so I am Queer
1pm, 6pm-

Remember in 60s the world for queer? Public sex took place behind the truck at the end of Christopher Street. Through making out, facing our libido, we truly reveal our queer identity that we established our heterotopia. By then we were not the manipulative mannequins lack of self, but the sculptor of our statue of identity. Somewhat, we lost our craftsmanship. You and I are becoming walking mannequins. We never understand who we truly are, but wear whoever puts on us; gesture whoever imposes. When we look into the mirror, are we still familiar what we see in the mirror?

Good Old War The Belle Brigade, Family of the Year

Good Old War The Belle Brigade, Family of the Year

First Class: BeBop-Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie and Thelonious Monk

This enthralling new listening- and discussion-oriented seminar takes a chronological and thematic approach to developing a love and working knowledge of jazz, America’s great indigenous art form! Each session will focus on a specific style and the artists who helped invent and define it. The new and curious listener emerges with a “sound” basis in jazz and its many improvisatory permutations.

The Secret History of Joan of Arc

Nearly six hundred years ago, an illiterate peasant girl gained access to the future king of France, earned his trust and led his forces into battle during the Hundred Years War, changing the course of history. Hear the remarkable story of Joan of Arc, the astonishingly courageous young woman whose claim of a divine message ultimately lead to the coronation of Charles VII and the triumph of France. This program includes a round-table lunch discussion with the speaker immediately following the talk.

Cookbook Launch: Hero Food: How Cooking with Delicious Things Can Make Us Feel Better by Seamus Mullen

After his rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis, chef Seamus Mullen discovered that cooking with 18 key ingredients radically improved his quality of life. He shares his experience and recipes with us.

AMT Visiting Artist Lecture Series: Janine Antoni

The Visiting Artists Lecture Series is sponsored by the School of Art, Media, and Technology (AMT) at Parsons The New School for Design. Organized by Coco Fusco, director of Intermedia Initiatives at AMT, the series invites renowned artists from around the world to give free public presentations each Wednesday.

Fiction Forum: Victor LaValle and Jeffrey Renard Allen

Victor LaValle is author of the recently published book The Devil in Silver. His other works include the short story collection Slapboxing with Jesus, as well as the novels The Ecstatic and Big Machine, which won the Shirley Jackson Award for best novel, the American Book Award, and the Ernest J. Gaines Award for Literary Excellence. He has been the recipient of numerous awards including a Whiting Writers’ Award, a United States Artists Ford Fellowship, a Guggenheim Fellowship and the key to Southeast Queens.

Pamela Lu & Mónica de la Torre

Pamela Lu is the author of the books Ambient Parking Lot (Kenning Editions, 2011) and Pamela: A Novel (Atelos, 1999), as well as the chapbook The Private Listener (Corollary Press, 2006). Her writing also appears in the anthologies Bay Poetics and Biting the Error, and has been published in periodicals such as 1913, Antennae, Call, Chain, Chicago Review, Fascicle, Harper’s, Mirage, Poetics Journal, and Tinfish. She grew up in Southern California, and now lives and works in the San Francisco Bay Area. Mónica de la Torre’s poetry books include two in English, Talk Shows (Switchback) and Public Domain (Roof Books), and two in Spanish, Acúfenos (Taller Ditoria) and Sociedad Anónima (UNAM/ Bonobos). She has translated Latin American poets and edited multilingual anthologies. A recent collaborative book project, Taller de Mecanografía, was published in 2011 in Mexico City by Tumbona Ediciones. Four, her new poetry book, is just out from Switchback. She lives in Brooklyn and is senior editor

Best Sex Writing 2012 with Editor Rachel Kramer Bussel and Contributors

Join Best Sex Writing 2012 editor Rachel Kramer Bussel and contributors Ellen Friedrichs, Lynn Harris, Amanda Marcotte, Joan Price, Abby Tallmer, and Rachel Rabbit White for readings from the book and a Q&A on wide-ranging topics about sexuality.Topics will include sex work, aging and sexuality, teenagers and sex laws, political sex scandals, drag and the gentrification of the West Village.


Ripple is a special event that will take place in conjunction with the exhibition Mystics: A Blessed Rage for Order. As part of BRIC’s series of author readings and music programs, BRIC’s Director of Contemporary Art Education, Hawley Hussey, has curated an evening of presenters including performer, writer, and scholar Tracie Morris; and Strange Farm, consisting of Bill Brovold, Peter Zummo, and Ernie Brooks, all veterans of the downtown New York music scene.

Knish History

What is a knish? Perhaps you’ve encountered the square fried version at a street cart, or come across the baked, round kind at one of New York’s surviving knisheries. Join journalist and food expert Laura Silver in exploring this wrapped potato pastry of Eastern European Jewish origin through legends, songs, and tastings. Knish enthusiasts, knish veterans and the knish curious are all warmly invited to join this interactive exploration. We’ll explore the history of this storied food on American shores. From the Knish Wars of Rivington Street to Mayor Rudy Guiliani’s 1990s regulation of oven temperatures in the city’s sidewalk food carts, the potato pocket is inextricably linked to the history of New York City. We’ll conclude the class with a knish tasting. Bring your questions and memories. Tickets $10/$8 BHS members. Purchase your ticket here. This program is part of Brooklyn Jewish stories, in partnership with BHS’s Brooklyn Jewish Historical Initiative.

Selected Shorts: Zadie Smith and Colm Toibin

The friends and authors of the novels White Teeth and Brooklyn join forces to present stories they love. Stories performed by Lois Smith and others.

Un/learning: Latin American Thought Today

Where is Latin America today? And where is it heading? North, South, East or West? Join a panel of leading-edge critics, theorists and philosophers including Linda Martín Alcoff (Philosophy, Hunter College and The Graduate Center, CUNY), Herman Bennett (History, The Graduate Center, CUNY), Kyoo Lee (Philosophy, John Jay College, CUNY), Nelson Maldonado-Torres (Comparative Literature, Rutgers) and Mary Louise Pratt (Spanish and Portuguese Languages & Literatures, NYU) as they engage in an interdisciplinary dialogue on the specificity, centrality and diversity of Latin America in the global imaginary.


Structural engineer and Design Director and co-founder of AKTII, Hanif Kara will present his approach to engineering in the lecture: “The Engineering of Empathy.” Kara will discuss the evolving relationship between architects and engineers brought on by new struggles and challenges with technological advancement, economy, and ecology in the past decade. Kara will elaborate on what he refers to as the “strategic model” of practice, which, he explains, requires the engineer to “sit in the mind” of the architect or client, while thinking with the expert knowledge of the engineer.

Ralph Sassone & Jo Ann Beard

Two acclaimed first novelists discuss their very different takes on the classic “coming of age” story.

DIVERGENCE: artists reception

Felipe Baeza Audrey Cohn-Ganz Priscila De Carvalho Brad Ewing Alex Gavryushenko Shanti Grumbine LNY So Yoon Lym Arturo Meade Felix Plaza Daniel Rich David Rios Ferreira Marie Schwartzapfel Justin Yockel


In the Now, the debut album release from the John Yao Quintet, signals the definitive arrival of trombonist and composer, John Yao. Demonstrating a broad textural palette and drawing from an array of stylistic influences, Yao explores the concept of opposing forces—of chaos and order, together and apart, individual and group. From beginning to end, In the Now is a musical journey beyond conventional jazz form and structure, as the band winds skillfully through a wide range of moods, colors, and textures. Owing to his versatility as a trombonist, composer, and arranger, Yao has enjoyed a steady rise on the New York City jazz scene since arriving from his native Chicago in 2005, working as a sideman for such iconic bands as the Vanguard Jazz Orchestra and the Afro-Latin Jazz Orchestra.

Aleksandar Hemon

Bosnian-American writer Aleksandar Hemon is the author of The Lazarus Project, which was a finalist for the 2008 National Book Award, and three collections of short stories: The Question of Bruno; Nowhere Man, a finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award; and Love and Obstacles, a series of stories about coming of age in Communist Sarajevo. He is a Guggenheim fellow as well as the recipient of a MacArthur Foundation “genius grant.”


Join celebrity morning talk show hosts Jason & Jill in their real-time reality show, Craft for Your Life! as they walk you through the very basic instructions of how to create your own, one-of-a kind crafts while their special guests entertain you throughout the process. Of course we’re all crafting winners, but the biggest and best winner will be chosen and rewarded at the end of the show! The bar will be open and ready to serve during this very creative class!

The Checkout: Live From 92YTribeca Featuring Now vs. Now / Third World Love

92YTribeca and WBGO present The Checkout: Live from 92YTribeca, a series created by Joshua Jackson, host of WBGO’s hour-long music magazine The Checkout, and an unparalleled enthusiast for modern expressions in jazz. Curated by Jackson in conjunction with 92YTribeca, The Checkout Live will convene some of the most exciting and innovative players on the NYC scene for monthly concerts that will be recorded for future broadcast and podcast. Join us for the city’s hottest new jazz showcase, a living and breathing celebration of the present and future of the music.

The Iron Mule Short Comedy Film Festival: Animation

To celebrate 10 years of comedy shorts with Iron Mule (formerly First Sundays), Iron Mule we present this evening of the best animated films from the archives. We’ll have other events celebrating Iron Mule throughout April. For the full line-up, click here.


New York City Master Chorale Thea Kano, conductor Laura Barger, pianist Artistic Director Thea Kano and the New York City Master Chorale present WATER AND NIGHT, a concert featuring short works with the theme of water and night. The performance will include works by Stephen Paulus, Morten Lauridsen, Eric Whitacre, and Moses Hogan. The concert will also include the American premiere of Eaux Vives, written for the New York City Master Chorale by Paul Leavitt. For more information please visit .


Thinking about how your own brain works isn’t easy. The reason? A large portion of your gray matter is devoted to unconscious activity. Bombarded as you are by 11 million bits of sensory information per second, it’s simply more efficient for many neural processes to take place automatically-and below the threshold of awareness. For example, you don’t decide something looks green or tastes sour-you just get the message. However, as scientists continue to probe the unconscious, they are discovering that our hidden mental processes may be far more influential than previously suspected


Maricela, recently out of prison and looking for gainful employment, begins a journey to become a Pest Control Engineer. Little does she know a bed bug epidemic looms… Thu April 26, Fri April 27, & Sat April 28 @ 7pm Matinee Performance: Sat April 28 @ 2pm General Admission: $15

Color Between the Lines

19th Century Brooklyn. Its waterfront is a busy and vibrant port vital to the triangle trade; its warehouses filled with sugar, molasses, and tobacco. Brooklyn is built upon the business of slavery. Against these powerful forces arose a dedicated group of men and women black and white, some famous, some who have come down through history as little more than dimly remembered names who labored for years in pursuit of freedom and justice for their fellow Americans and for themselves.

NYU Steinhardt/Blue Note Jazz Interview Series at Barnes & Noble: Wayne Shorter,m,t&cat=&swe=1&cf=list&set=1&cal=cal12&m=04&d=2&y=2012

Interviews with Dr. David Schroeder and legendary jazz artists

Walt Whitman’s New York with Suzanne Wasserman, David Blake, Karen Karbiener, & Greg Trupiano

How did Walter Whitman Jr.– second son of a carpenter, grammar school dropout and penny daily hack writer – become “Whitman, a kosmos, of Manhattan the son”? Discuss the shaping influence that NYC had on the poet’s life and art.

MFA Fine Arts Department Open Studios at SVA

Reception: Thursday, April 26, 5 – 9pm Friday, April 27, 12–8pm Saturday, April 28, 12–6pm The MFA Fine Arts Department at SVA offers a specialization in painting, sculpture, installation, printmaking, new media or mixed media, while fostering an ideology of stylistic pluralism. The two-year, 60-credit degree program encourages artists to follow a personal course of intellectual and expressive evolution as they experiment with diverse artistic persuasions, discover new aspects of their creative abilities and develop greater technical mastery.

Riverkeeper’s Annual Fisherman’s Ball

We will present our Big Fish Award to Participant Media for their outstanding films and action campaigns on environmental issues, including the plight of our oceans and freshwater supplies. Participant Media made global warming part of the international conversation with the acclaimed documentary An Inconvenient Truth. More recently, through films such as Oceans and Last Call at the Oasis, Participant Media is reminding us that we need clean water to survive and succeed – and that each of us has a critical role in protecting this precious resource.

Dark Nights of the Universe

A four-night theoretical exploration of mysticism in dialogue with Du noir univers, a text by François Laruelle. Participants: Daniel Colucciello Barber, Clodagh Emoe, Alexander Galloway, Nicola Masciandaro, Aaron Metté, Eugene Thacker, and Taku Unami.

Shay Kun Be First, Be Smarter or Cheat

Benrimon Contemporary is pleased to announce Be First, Be Smarter or Cheat, Shay Kun’s second solo exhibition with the gallery, which will feature an installation of eleven new paintings. Shay Kun’s paintings push viewers to challenge their philosophical and aesthetic limitations. While the paintings in this exhibition use appropriated images from the internet, glossy magazines and daily life, they question where fantasy begins and reality ends. Our dreams and thoughts are capable of taking us on journeys beyond reality, but when do we actually cross that threshold? Could we have actually experienced scenes as we remember them?

Carol Szymanski: Pissin’ Against the Wind, or, Sketches of the Mental Drain on the Dead Banker

Carol Szymanski’s new exhibition shows the artist continuing to work with language as visual and semantic material. She has a particular interest in visual symbols representing speech and in how meaning is depicted in changing contexts. Szymanski sees herself as a kind of translator. Language is transmuted (re-interpreted) through a wide variety of media and materials so that new ways of reading can emerge. Her work often incorporates readymades along with her own constructions and texts.

Loughelton Revisited

Winkleman Gallery is very pleased to present Loughelton Revisited, a group exhibition curated by artist Barbara Broughel, featuring work by Polly Apfelbaum, Richard Artschwager, Gary Bachman, John Baldessari, Paul Bloodgood, Barbara Bloom, Leonard Bullock, Chris Burden, John Dogg, Kate Ericson and Mel Ziegler, John Franklin, Jack Goldstein, Lisa Hoke, Win Knowlton, Annette Lemieux, Amy Lipton, Suzanne McClelland, Peter Nagy, Marianne Nowottny, Tom Radloff, Josef Ramaseder, Richard Rezac, Walter Robinson, Barry Schwabsky, Kunie Sugiura, Carol Szymanski, James Welling, Sue Williams, and Thomas Zummer.

No Other Medicine

The 2012 class of the FIT Art Market: Principles and Practices graduate program is pleased to present exhibition “No Other Medicine”. Relying on hope and subtle humor, eight artists address the mounting tensions and contradictions of our time. Shakespeare’s observation, “the miserable have no other medicine but only hope,” speaks to how we face an uncertain future.

You are in an open field

You are in an open field is a modern hip-hoperetta that explores community and identity while trying to defeat the kickball monsters. Will they win? Or is it game over, reset?

Uncle Vanya

I remember Uncle Vanya. He was… it was… so beautiful and sad, but… funny… Yes… What a funny beautiful strange play. Yes, yes, that’s it! Think you know Uncle Vanya? Look again.

Clear Plastic Masks , Wild Yaks , Noa Furrier

Clear Plastic Masks , Wild Yaks , Noa Furrier

Xenia Rubinos

Reappropriating the image of the feisty Latino woman with equal parts irony and earnestness, singer-keyboardist Xenia Rubinos is a forceful presence on stage, constantly keeping her audience on its toes. Her band answers with an electric punk energy, augmented by spitfire lyrics sung by Rubinos in both English and Spanish.


Produced by Mr. Aviner, hosted by comedian Book Kennison with his dynamic sidekick Mike Dobson. Featuring the talents of Aerial Emery, Karianne Hayes, Aaron Dewitt and more. A hard-hitting, side-spitting, and perfectly fitting hour of New York City’s best new and original circus and variety. Hosted by contortionist comedian, Book Kennison, Mr. Aviner’s Variety Hour has a jam packed show of talented performers featured in Cirque Du Soleil, Ringling Barnum and Bailey Circus, and the Cirque De Demain Festival. For one weekend only, be sure not to miss an intimate performance from some the best talent in North America.

Showtime at 92Y: The Borgias

Jeremy Irons, Academy Award-winner (Reversal of Fortune), one of the master actors of our day and an endlessly charming talk show guest, visits 92Y to talk about his career and his starring role as the devious Rodrigo Borgia in the second season of Showtime’s sumptuous drama The Borgias.

Meet The Lady: Cat Women

Legends of women transforming into cats (and vice versa) recur with startling frequency throughout film and literature, strangely informing our perceptions about both cats and women. Armed with film clips and comedic insights, Meet The Lady host Tom Blunt leads an expedition into the dark heart of these portrayals, rounding up entertainers and special guests along the way to offer their own unique spin on the subject. **Author Valerie Martin will appear to discuss her novel The Great Divorce.**

Iktus Percussion + Loadbang present XENAKIS

Based in New York City, the Iktus Percussion Quartet is an ambitious, dynamic young ensemble committed to expanding the boundaries of the percussion genre. As a group with strong ties to the local artistic community, Iktus is dedicated to commissioning new compositions from emerging artists. Since its inception, the quartet has commissioned over fifty new works for percussion quartet, including works by Angélica Negrón, Aaron Siegel, Lisa R. Coons, Jenny Olivia Johnson, Stefan Weisman, and Billy Martin (of Medeski, Martin and Wood), among others.


Drew Friedman art show, and re-release book party for “Any similarity to persons living or dead is purely coincidental” by Drew & Co-authored by Josh Alan Friedman. DREW FRIEDMAN is an award-winning illustrator/cartoonist whose work regularly appears in dozens of major publications. For years he was renowned for his “stippling” style of drawing, employing thousands of tiny pen marks to achieve photographic verisimilitude, but in recent years Friedman has switched to painting. His painstaking attention to detail and humorous parodies of Hollywood and political icons are widely known and admired.

Darlingside / Jamie Kent & The Options

Massachusetts-based “string-rock” quintet Darlingside started up in 2009 and has quickly taken hold in New England’s musical imagination. Playing over 100 shows during their first year of touring, the band has created a seamless, exhilarating sound at the intersection of rock, classical and folk music. Their self-produced six-song EP 1 has earned high praise for its craftsmanship and originality, and their brand new subscription album Pilot Machines is rolling out through the first half of 2012. Notes the Berkshire Eagle, “The big find this year seemed to be young Northampton quintet Darlingside, who offered a meaty, musically literate dose of rock-tinged pop…It was clear that this is a band with chops as well as brains.” Don’t miss their debut on the 92YTribeca mainstage! Plus, every audience member will receive a complimentary 7-inch vinyl featuring 2 brand-new tracks off of Darlingside’s new album Pilot Machines.

Design History Revolution

Defining its terms broadly, this two-day conference examines not only designed objects but also spaces and systems. It addresses a range of historical periods and geographical locations, and contact zones between these constructed categories. Keynote speaker: Barry Bergdoll, Philip Johnson Chief Curator of Art and Design at the Museum of Modern Art.

RUFF CUTS 3 – Spring 2012

RUFF CUTS sessions are opportunities for New School students to exhibit and discuss their media works in progress. RUFF CUTS is produced by graduate students in Media Studies. The sessions are open to all Media Studies and Documentary Media Studies students as well as graduate and undergraduate students throughout the university who would like to receive constructive feedback on their film, video, multimedia, and other works in progress or simply to participate in the viewings and discussions. Media Studies faculty members attend each session and contribute to a dialogue/critique with the students who are sharing their production works in progress.

The Inspired Word Presents Queer Apple: LGBT Life in Poetry & Prose

The Inspired Word performance series is excited to present a new event that will become a regular part of our calendar, Queer Apple: LGBT Life in Poetry & Prose, featuring some of New York City’s best LGBT writers/performers – Harvey Katz, Sassafras Lowrey, Guy Fletcher, and David Winter.

Jason Morris & Sunnylyn Thibodeaux

Jason Morris grew up in Vermont. His poems & essays have appeared in TRY!, Jacket, Forklift Ohio, Greetings, Where Eagles Dare, and elsewhere. His two books are Spirits & Anchors (Auguste Press, 2010) and From the Golden West Notebooks (Allone Co., 2011). He lives in San Francisco & edits Big Bell & PUSH. Sunnylyn Thibodeaux is the author of Palm to Pine (Bootstrap, 2011) and many small books including 20/20 Yielding (Blue Press, 2005), Room Service Calls (Lew Gallery, 2009) and United Untied (Private Edition, 2008). Her poems have recently appeared in Amerarcana, Back Room Live, Drunken Boat, Galatea Resurrects, Generación, Lit, TH.CE, and Truck. She is from New Orleans and lives in San Francisco with her husband, Micah Ballard. Together they co-edit Auguste Press and Lew Gallery Editions and have a daughter, Lorca Manale Ballard.

Pavel Haas Quartet

The Pavel Haas Quartet culminates a vigorous two-week tour of the United States with an evening of works by Russian and Czech masters at Carnegie Hall. The program includes Smetana’s String Quartet No. 1 in E Minor, “From My Life,” which the composer called, “a tone picture of my life, my youthful leanings toward art and the Romantic atmosphere.”

Singing Stein (Encompass New Opera)

Gertrude Stein’s words inspired many a composer, most notably Virgil Thomson. His rarely performed Capital Capitals, a musical conversation among the Provencal cities of Aix, Arles, Avignon, and Les Baux is paired with Ned Rorem’s Three Sisters Who Are Not Sisters, a setting of Stein’s surreal non-linear murder mystery. Hailed as “audaciously entertaining” by The New York Times, this program of one-acts by Encompass New Opera Theatre is directed by Nancy Rhodes, with music direction by Mara Waldman.


Winner of the 2010 Rudolf Laban Award, the Budapest-and-London-based dance ensemble Bloom! Collective makes its eagerly anticipated US debut with CITY, a sharp-witted, fearless work that grapples with power, discrimination, and the pressures of political conformity. Founded in 2009, BLOOM! draws on the diverse cultural and artistic backgrounds of its members to build thought-provoking, collaborative performance pieces. Conceived as a “political pamphlet entwined with movement,” CITY explores themes of manipulation, fear, faith, and the consequences of social pressures. Noted for their straightforward approach, CITY was created and is performed by Viktória Dányi, Csaba Molnár, Tímea Sebestyén, Moreno Solinas, and Igor Urzelai. Sound design is by Alberto Ruiz Soler. Lighting is by Kata Dézsi. Costumes and set design are by David J. Harris.

Hess is More

The brain-child of Danish composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist Mikkel Hess, this seven-piece powerhouse balances the spontaneity of a Brooklyn warehouse rave with the complex scope of an orchestra drawing comparisons to everyone from Erlend Oye and Jon Brion to CAN. Their 2011 Nublu Records release “Creation Keeps the Devil Away” continues to receive global acclaim with Hess himself actively composing and performing with the Royal Danish Ballet and being included in the soundtrack for the Amnesty International 50th Anniversary Film.

Roll Out, Cowboy: Screening and Live Performance

Chris “Sandman” Sand is a rappin’ cowboy from Dunn Center, North Dakota (population: 120 and shrinking). He drives a semi, plays the guitar and raps. Sandman looks like Woody Guthrie but sings like LL Cool J. Roll Out, Cowboy follows the 39-year-old country/hip-hop musician as he tours the American West, performing for rural towns who might not have heard live hip-hop before. Sandman’s story is the struggle of an artist trying to make a buck. In a tough economy, can your American dream still carry a tune?

Evening Of Performance Art

The evening is curated by and mc’d by Ventiko. Performers: Justin Turian Laura O and the Loop Coco Dolle Wiily Muse and friends Sylva Dean and Me Isaac Gut Wolfgang Jade Project Alexandra Velasco

Nicole Aptekar’s Expanded Taxonomy

Expanded Taxonomy is a 15-piece collection of laser cut sculptures built out of composite images. Depth emerges from Aptekar’s subtractive process to reveal abstract forms. Expanded Taxonomy utilizes negative space to uncover nuanced structures. The sculptures that populate this exhibit imply time by iteration; the subtle changes of each layer uncover new images, the sum of which give birth to Aptekar’s sculptures. The modifications of each tier form the paper skeleton that is the framework of her 3D designs.

Un/learning With Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak: An Aesthetic Education in the Era of Globalization

Can the Humanities reboot the globalized present? “Perhaps the literary can still do something,” writes Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak in An Aesthetic Education in the Era of Globalization (2012), calling for a radical retraining of the imagination. Join Meena Alexander (English, CUNY), Drucilla Cornell (Women’s & Gender Studies, Rutgers), Kyoo Lee (Philosophy, CUNY), Rosalind Morris (Anthropology, Columbia), Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak (University Professor, English & Comparative Literature, Columbia) and Robert Young (English, Comparative Literature, NYU) as they explore new paradigms for thinking, and linking, aesthetics, ethics and global justice today.

If You Insist

Co-Lab [Experiments in Collaboration] is pleased to present its inaugural show: If You Insist, on Friday April 27, 2012, at the New York Center for Art & Media Studies (NYCAMS). The performance is a junction of dance, visual art, sound, and space design. Using gravity as the starting point, If You Insist spawns from a curiosity of reconciling ourselves to the ever-present forces that exist in our environment.


Mon Khmer, Fantasmas, Lushes

Mon Khmer, Fantasmas, Lushes

Alcoholic Faith Mission , You Won’t, The Gytters

Alcoholic Faith Mission , You Won’t, The Gytters


Tomas Fujiwara & The Hook Up’s 2010 debut, Actionspeak (482 Music), was called “insightful, invigorating, hard to put a finger on…music with a history, smartly informed and firmly moored” (New York Times) and “head-turning…postbop elegance…propulsive groove and subtle abstraction” (Time Out New York). Actionspeak was voted best debut of 2010 by The New York Jazz Record. Featuring Mary Halvorson, Trevor Dunn, Jonathan Finlayson, and Brian Settles, The Hook Up is a band “adept at influencing emotion with shifts of tempo and style” (All About Jazz). Their second album,The Air is Different (482 Music), will be released on May 1, 2012.

stain of poetry/9pm- Rev. Screaming Fingers / Household Tales / Fester/ Sweet Mash/Prima Primo

• 7:30-the Stain of Poetry • Rev. Screaming Fingers • Household Tales • Fester • Sweet Mash • PRIMA PRIMO Details: 7:30-stain of poetry/9pm- Rev. Screaming Fingers / Household Tales / Fester/ Sweet Mash/Prima Primo

Kota Yamazaki/Fluid hug-hug (glowing)

Downtown New York’s beloved contemporary choreographer, Kota Yamazaki (2007 Bessie Award winner), premieres his newest work (glowing) this spring! Inspired by the great modern day novelist Jun’ichiro Tanizaki’s essay In’ei Raisan (In Praise of Shadows), which describes Japan’s appreciation of the refined beauty found in darkness and shadows, Yamazaki re-examines the fundamentals of butoh, the art form in which he received his training. In an unparalleled collaboration with African dancers, American architect Robert Kocik, lighting designer Kathy Kaufmann and Tokyo-based composer Kohji Setoh, six dancers will perform within a set constructed to evoke the soft lighting and dim interior of a traditional Japanese house.



If you are reading this, then you probably already know what The 22 Magazine is. If not, we are a Brooklyn based artist run magazine, centering around 22 contributor’s each volume. Artists, writers, musicians and the like welcome. For Vol 3/III/THREE there is no theme or restriction. We will accept work on any topic. We are particularly looking for fiction or essay writers, as well as musicians for this volume but are happy to receive art submissions as well. Be creative, push the limits of what these generes define. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind. Submissions guidelines are here.


We are pleased to announce: the 2nd Annual Greenpoint Film Festival has expanded and is now accepting submissions. After the wonderful success of our inaugural event last October, we have expanded to include selected works from submissions to be screened along with high quality curated film programs. We are scheduled for early Fall 2012. Please check our guidelines for more information

Fourth Annual Earth Celebrations Hudson River Pageant Needs Artists, Volunteers, Interns

The Hudson River Pageant – Saturday May 12 A community based ecological art and performance project that engages the participation of artists, youth, local residents, schools, community centers, and organizations to participate in the project and our three month educational environmental art workshop series from March -May. Participants work with our resident artists to create the spectacular puppets and costumes for the parade. The culminating parade and theatrical pageant follows a route from Battery Park North to Gansevoort Street, in the downtown portion of the Hudson River Park, on Saturday May 12, 2012 (rain date Sunday May 13), from 1-5pm. The parade of spectacular costumes, giant puppets, mobile sculptures, and live musical bands, features 13 site-specific performances at the piers and significant sites along the route.

Call for entries, 12th Annual Coney Island Film Festival!
03/01/2012-07/12/2012 and Coney Island USA present the 12th annual Coney Island Film Festival September 21 – 23, 2012 at Sideshows by the Seashore and The Coney Island Museum in the historic Brooklyn neighborhood Coney Island, New York! Coney Island Film Festival named one of the “25 Festivals worth the entry fee” and “25 Coolest Film Festivals” by MovieMaker Magazine. Regular Deadline – April 27, 2012 Late Deadline – June 28, 2012 Extended Late Deadline – July 12, 2012 Entry categories: Feature, Short, Documentary Feature, Documentary Short, Experimental, Silent Film, Horror, Animation, Music Video. The Coney Island Film Festival is open to filmmakers working in ALL GENRES, SUBJECTS AND FORMATS.

Puppet & Costume Workshops

Costume Workshops every Wednesday 6-9pm with Artist-in-Residence Soule Golden Puppet Workshops every Saturday 12-4pm with Artists-in-Residence Lucrecia Novoa @Clemente Soto Velez Cultural Center, Teatro LATEA Rm. #201 (107 Suffolk St. btw Delancey and Rivington in the Lower East Side. Contact


We invite artists, cyclists, racers, commuters, enthusiasts and Sunday-riders from around the globe to submit their most compelling and creative cycling-related imagery! If biking inspires your art, your art is directly about bicycles/travel, you use bicycles to make sculptures or custom bikes, or if you put a camera on your helmet before bombing down a moutainside – we want to see it! Our goal is to create the most dynamic, engaging, inspiring and fun collection of bike art/imagery ever collected in one place. As well, following the slideshow, Peloton Magazine will select one piece to be published in the magazine! Submission deadline: Monday April 30th.

New Works Residency 2012/13

Deadline May 1 – Residencies run from Jul 1, 2012 to June 30, 2013 Click here to start the online application. The Harvestworks New Works Program offers commissions of up to $5000 to make a new work in our Technology, Engineering, Art and Music (TEAM) lab. Each artist receives up to a $2000 artist fee with the balance of the award used for the TEAM lab activities. The artist works with a team comprised of Harvestworks’ Project Manager and consultants, technicians or instructors. New works may include multiple channel audio or video installations, interactive performance systems, data visualization or projects involving hardware hacking, circuit bending or custom built interfaces, as well as projects that use the web. Up to 12 residencies will be selected (depending on project size and funding) along with up to five $1000 project scholarships. Priority will be given to the creative use of the Harvestworks’ production facility and the innovative use of sound and/or picture.


This hands-on inking course, taught by Phyllis Novin,is designed for those new to comic book inking as well as for those who want to expand their basic inking skills. The course is primarily brush-orientated, but will also include instruction in the use of crow quill pens and other tools. Through working with these tools of the trade, you’ll learn inking techniques and develop a sense of the “thinking behind the inking.” The goal for the course is for each student to have created at least two inked pages by its end.


Dimanche Rouge is looking for experimental performance proposals in all formats for the festival Bellastock, Experimental Architecture to take place on the Ile St. Denis, France. Dimanche Rouge’s performances will be programmed from 10am till 4pm on May 20, 2012.

Legal & Business Issues for Filmmakers and Producers

his webinar will provide an overview of the legal issues and common business arrangements used in film and television projects. In addition, option agreements for the acquisition of literary properties, distribution agreements, and a comprehensive release for reality based television programs will be discussed. We will also take a look at legal issues surrounding recent films such as Borat.

Copyright Law Workshop

We all know that copyright is important, but what exactly does it mean? When is it necessary to copyright your work and how do you do it? Join us as Eric Adler discusses copyright basics for online and real life situations and the advantage of copyright registration. Plus, have you been putting off obtaining copyright for your latest project? Adler will walk you through the registration process so you can leave here with your copyright application filed!

Uncommon Goods: Wall Design Art Challenge

We’ll pick our favorite entries to share with customers on our Community Voting App. Our guest judges will choose a winning design from among the top vote-getting entries. We’ll announce the winner in May. Your art should tell a story, be intelligent, and show your creative individuality. Take a look at some of our other art for inspiration. We don’t have a set aesthetic – we want to see yours.

Screening & Discussion: Open Call for NYASAFF’s Annual Short Video Slam, Deadline: April 23

Alwan and 3rd i NY are soliciting new, short videos (produced 2009 or later) by South Asian and Arab directors OR videos about those regions and their diasporas by filmmakers of all backgrounds. Videos of all genres are welcome. Please limit submissions to 20 minutes or less total running time.


Founded in 2007 on New York City’s Governors Island, what began as a few thousand enthusiasts enjoying a handful of participatory art projects on a sunny July afternoon has ballooned into a multi-day, multi-city event that drew over 30,000 participants in NYC, Jackson, Detroit, and Boston in 2011. In 2012, FIGMENT seeks to continue its mission to offer free, inclusive and participatory art to our entire community, removing the barriers of museum and gallery walls and entrance fees and blurring the lines between those who create and those who enjoy art. This year, FIGMENT NYC will take place during the weekend of June 9-10.

Get Help Visually Presenting Your Issue

Center for Urban Pedagogy is looking for complex policy issues that need visual explanation for the 2012/13 round of Making Policy Public. We seek advocates with a constituency who would directly benefit from a visual break-down of their issue. Applicants should be interested in engaging in a collaborative design process and, most of all, interested in explaining an aspect of public policy. Applicants must be able to attend meetings in New York City.

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