THE WEEK/WEEKEND: May 23-May 31.


Hi Folks, we’ve decided to pare down The Week/Weekend listings to a much more condensed version for the summer months.

Why you may ask? A couple of reasons factor into it but the most important being the amount of time it takes to create the listings each week. Even with an automated system, there are hours of work to format and post correctly and although we want to support all creative endeavors in New York, there are A-LOT of them. We feel a more in-depth focus will benefit not only local events but also give us more time to focus on the increasingly wonderful creation of the 3rd volume our flagship publication, The 22 Magazine, as well as allow us to move towards future goals such as the publication of special editions like the upcoming Rule of Three.

On that note, instead of full listings we will start to narrow down the focus to specific event previews, interviews, and reviews. At the end of these listings there will be a link to the events listings page. To get on this page you must enter your event via our events input page. Listings will still come out on Thursdays, and submissions must be made by noon on the prior Wednesday to be considered.

Thanks for sticking by us during this transition, and as always with this transition comes new opportunities. If you are looking for coverage make sure to hit us up at the22magazine (at) gmail (dot) com. We have varying styles and tastes and are always open to interesting ideas. If you are a writer interested in pitching an idea or writing a review please also contact at the email above and we will give you more details.

3 x 3 — A Night of Brooklyn Trios — IRON DOG / THE SOUND BATS / THE REUBEN RADDING GROUP
Where: Freddy’s Back Room
When: May 29, 8pm

Three trios, one night…Iron Dog, The Sound Bats, and The Reuben Radding Group have influences that reach from the far corners of the globe to the mysterious nether regions of the psyche. Filled with electronically manipulated organic sounds, bristly downtown punk-jazz, and traditional Balkan music – get ready for a cosmopolitan night of music that could only be Made In Brooklyn.

Also check out Stuart Popejoy’s (Iron Dog) solo show at The Firehouse Space on May 31.


Where: Cornelia St. Cafe
When: May 27, 8pm

Carnatic Music is the classical music of South India. Grounded in traditional songs of the great Trinity of composers, Carnatic musicians explore their own musical creativity improvising in Ragas and the music’s intricate rhythmic cycles (Tala). CARNATIC SUNDAYS, curated by Arun Ramamurthy, is a series which presents traditional South Indian classical music and innovative projects influenced by it. Featured in India’s most respected newspaper, The Hindu, this series is reaching newer and more diverse audiences each month.

Field Projects Show #4: Minutia Militia
Where: Field Projects
When: May 24th- June 3rd, Opening: Thursday May 24th, 6:00-8:30pm

The works in this exhibition were recently selected by NYFA curator David C. Terry from our first nation-wide Open Call.  Ten artists were selected for Show #4 based upon their stellar work and art practice including, Alexis Arnold, Caleb Brown,Cat Del Buono, Kristina Estell, Jason Lujan, Melissa Potter, Anna Souvorov, Christina Tenaglia, Cyane Tornatzky, and Elissa Turnbull.  The works in this exhibition play upon simple manipulations or adjustments to once recognizable situations, forms and imagery.  From Kristina Estell’s exquisitely created watercolor paintings of bubble wrap and Melissa Potter’s tricked-out baby carriage, to Anna Souvorov’s pink sunsets of crashed airplanes.  These artists are a new militia of talent, teeth and perseverance in the art world.

Where: Cameo Gallery 
When: May 28, 7:30pm
Keeping the Fahey flame alive, Will Graefe and Jeremy Gustin will be joined by Dru Cutler and the Heart & Hand BandMadam MadcadamEducation Reform, Wilder Maker at Cameo Gallery.

Where: The Stone
When: May 25, 8pm
Scott Dixon (contrabass) Matteo Cesari (bass flute) Benjamin Kreith (violin) Del Sol String Quartet
Honoring legendary contrabassist and composer Stefano Scodanibbio. Taylor Levine, James Moore, Josh Lopes, Gyan Riley (electric guitars)

Masterpiece Theater Curated by: Geoffrey Young
Where: Morgan Lehman 
When: May 31  – June 30 

If theatrical is the question, masterpiece is the answer.  Modesty in art is over-rated, as anyone with a Schnabel complex knows, so be prepared for the challenge of ascertaining the significance of what these artists have been cooking up over the past four months.  Yes, each can draw, paint, and employ color to bold effect, but that’s of secondary importance (the least we can expect of an artist).  What drives these artists is Imagination.  Another word for imagination is risk, another word for risk is danger, another word for danger is aesthetics.  And aesthetics, as we know, is for the birds.  But these artists aint tweeting.

Where: Zebulon
When: May 29, 2012 8pm 


Thurston Moore + Bill Nace + Joe McPhee
Where: Roulette
When: May 31, 8pm 

Three pillars of the noise and avant-jazz scene collide : Thurston Moore, singer/songwriter/guitarist for Sonic Youth, teams up with free-noise guitarist Bill Nace and avant-jazz saxophonist Joe McPhee for an evening of mind bending cacophony.

Where: Mulherin + Pollard
When: May 31–June 1 , 2012, Opening reception: Thursday, May 31, 2012 6–8 pm

Hein’s sculptures are assemblages that blur the differences between found and hand-made objects and explore the materiality of form in his use of materials like plexiglass and other translucent plastics. His works highlight and emphasize surfaces and the textural detail of his materials and utilize a minimal approach to composition, gesture, and placement.

The Mind Behind the Theremin
Where: Cornelia St. Cafe
When: May 30, 6pm 

In 1919, Lev Sergeivitch Termen, known throughout the world as Leon Theremin, invented the first synthesizer. Originally dubbed the Aetherphone, the Theremin remains the only musical instrument played without being touched. His genius did not stop there. A prodigious inventor and visionary, he went on to revolutionize the fields of communications, surveillance, and even Macy’s window displays.

Gifted and Talented
Where: Third Streaming
When: Wednesday, May 23, 7pm 

Third Streaming presents Gifted and Talented, a group exhibition comprised of photography, video, and live performance curated by acclaimed artist Clifford Owens. Extending the timeline created in his recent exhibition, Anthology at MoMA P.S.1 – which highlighted performance scores that Owens solicited from a multigenerational group of African-American artists – Gifted and Talented features the work of a younger generation of up-and-coming artists whose practices are centered around performance. The exhibition includes artists Tom ChungÉlan JuradoAli Kheradyar and Tameka Norris, with contributions by Clifford Owens.

Where: Eyebeam
When: May 30-June 11, Opening reception June 1st, 6-8PM 

The future of water is the subject of tension. Water is both disposable and sacred, a muse for artists and a necessity for life – a source of healing and of conflict. The Earth has abundant water, but only a very small proportion is available for human use. How should this be managed and sustained, and what would a water-scarce future look like?

Amy X Neuburg/Tinklepotty/D-Bakl
Where: The Stone
When: May 30, 8pm 

New works and old favorites from Amy’s repertoire of electronic “avant-cabaret” performance pieces. Using looping, drumming and processing, Amy creates her own multi-layered world of stories and songs, poignancy and humor, composition and improvisation—featuring the many colors of her 4-octave vocal range.

The Poetry Brothel Benefit for The New York City Poetry Festival
Where: The Norwood Club
When: May 24, 8pm 

On Thursday May 24th The Poetry Brothel will gather again to amuse, delight; to reach right out and touch your very soul. That is, after all, what we were put here to do. This particular event is very close to our hearts, however, as all of the proceeds of the evening’s festivities will help support The 2nd Annual New York City Poetry Festival. Our cast of Poetry Whores will be on hand, and each one is creating a handwritten, personally produced tiny book, these treasures along with a private reading will be auctioned off throughout the night to the highest bidder.

Where: Joshua Liner
When: May 24-June 23, Opening reception:Thursday, May 24, 6–9 PM
Dark Island—a suite of acrylic and gouache works on vintage newspaper—is inspired by Hecox’s recent hikes across lower Manhattan and west Brooklyn in New York City. As in earlier series inspired by specific locales, the artist focuses here on telling urban fragments: a building façade, rooftop, isolated alleyway, waterfront, or elevated train trellis. Working precisely from photographs, he uses a highly refined process to subtract certain elements, laying down a skeletal vestige of a remembered setting that is then reimagined (or “amplified”) with painterly techniques. Though photography is an early stage in his artmaking practice and employed only as a reference, Hecox relishes the use of his near-obsolete cameras and film, noting, “I like to have a high level of materials and artistry run through the whole process.”

OpSail Red Hook
Where: Red Hook Piers

When: May 23-29

Operation Sail, often referred to as “OpSail,” was the brainchild of late maritime historian Frank Braynard and IBMer Nils Hansell, who shared a vision of fostering global goodwill in an era of global uncertainty by bringing together the world’s remaining windships; they envisaged a nautical spectacular that would culminate in a parade of sails in New York Harbor. Operating on little more than contagious passion, the duo traversed the globe to rally support and recruit participants. Their humble efforts eventually gained the attention of President John F. Kennedy, an ardent seaman who enthusiastically offered his endorsement of the idea in May of 1963. “I am looking forward eagerly to Operation Sail,” Kennedy wrote. “The sight of so many ships gathered from the distant corners of the world should remind us that strong, disciplined, and venturesome men still can find their way safely across uncertain and stormy seas.”

Join youth, artists, activists, and advocates for a dynamic dialogue and art showcase exploring young people’s experiences with – and responses to – the City’s current stop-and-frisk practices. The showcase will feature performances by youth spoken-word artists, creative pieces by visual artists, youth know-your-rights presentations, and tables featuring advocates from organizations throughout NYC! Come out and enjoy music, refreshments and great dialog — and even make your own art!

The NTUSA’s The Golden Veil is a gothic parlor spectacle that tells, in multiple iterations, the familiar tale of a poor shepherdess seduced and abandoned by a would-be inventor. Part pastoral ballet and part backwoods jamboree, part Punch-and-Judy show and part forlorn testimony, part bleak exposé of the lives of the rural poor and part celebration of their lovely handicrafts, The Golden Veil conjures the intimacy of a séance and the abandon of a hootenanny.


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