To celebrate the release of his new album The Bright Motion, pianist Michael Mizrahi will take the stage at (Le) Poisson Rouge on June 12. Mizrahi will perform from Motion (out May 29 on New Amsterdam Records), which includes pieces by Ryan Brown, Patrick Burke, Mark Dancigers, Judd Greenstein, John Mayrose, and will feature a live premiere of William Brittelle’s piece on the record, “Computer Wave.” Nadia Sirota will join to debut work from her forthcoming sophomore album, out fall 2012 also on New Amsterdam Records. Nadia will perform the New York premiere of Judd Greenstein’s “In Teaching Others We Teach Ourselves” for multi-tracked viola, in addition to other works from the forthcoming album, which will include pieces by Missy Mazzoli, Shara Worden, Daniel Bjarnasson, and more.
Charismatic and dynamic saxophonist/bandleader Lakecia Benjamin, who has played with Stevie Wonder, Prince, Alicia Keys, The Roots and Macy Gray, will take center stage in her own right with the June 12 release of her unconventional soul/funk album, RETOX, on Motéma Music. The album will be released in Europe in the fall, and will be followed by a tour across Europe.

The Bark and Scream Series: Sarah Bernstein Chamber Project
Where: The Firehouse Space
When: June 14, 8pm 

Curated by Satoshi Takeishi

Sarah Craft:Mezzo-Soprano, Christa Robinson:Oboe, Scott Tixier:Violin, Mat Maneri:Viola, Rubin Kodheli:Cello, Sara Schoenbeck:Bassoon, Stephanie Richards:Trumpet, Michael Rose:Piano

Where: Mixed Greens
When: JUNE 8–JULY 6, 2012, OPENING: FRIDAY, JUNE 8, 6-8PM
Mixed Greens is pleased to present Fake Empire, a group exhibition curated by Lee Stoetzel. As curator and participant, Stoetzel joins four other contemporary artists who use hyperbole to question our absurd exploitation of important historic sites. Churches, monuments, and ancient architecture are constructed, spliced together, or torn apart to create visually jarring images and objects.


Philip Glass: Music With Friends featuring Nate Wooley and Stephin Merritt
Where: Issue Project Room
When: June 13/14/15, 8pm

For three intimate evenings, Philip Glass comes to ISSUE Project Room, New York’s City’s only European Chamber Music Hall. His only performance in Brooklyn this year, “Philip Glass: Music With Friends” is a rare occasion featuring performances with friends, collaborators, and artists presented by ISSUE. Less than 200 seats are available for each performance.

Where: Governor’s Island
When: June 9 and 10 

Founded in 2007 on New York City’s Governors Island with a handful of projects and a few thousand enthusiasts,FIGMENT has grown exponentially into a multi-day, multi-city event that drew over 30,000 participants in NYC, Boston, Jackson (MS) and Detroit in 2011. With the addition of Washington DC, Cedar Rapids and Pittsburgh in 2012, FIGMENTgrows to seven cities and continues its mission to offer free, inclusive and participatory art and creative culture to entire communities, removing the barriers of museum and gallery walls and entrance fees, and blurring the lines between those who create and those who enjoy art.

Vision Fest 
Where: Roulette
When: June 11-17 

edgar oliver & theodore schroetter
Where: The Gershwin Hotel
When: June 7, 8pm

edgar oliver & theodore schroetter present an evening’s verse & conversation 

Darmstatdt 2012: Music of Gordon Mumma
Where: Issue Project Room
When: June 8, 8pm 

Performed by Conrad Harris (violin) and Jenny Lin (piano)

Gordon Mumma’s (1935) work employing electronic circuits into the creation of music led him to the practice of using feedback to modify sound, one of the first artists to do so.  Mumma’s multichannel compositions have incorporated sculpture, multimedia, and choreography within an interdisciplinary spectacle.  Mumma was one of the founders of Ann Arbor’s Cooperative Studio for Electronic Music, collaborated on the legendary ONCE Festivals with Robert Ashley during the early 1960s, played in the ONCE group and Sonic Arts Union, and designed an electronic music system for Expo 70 in Osaka, Japan.  In recent years Mumma has focused on acoustic composition, although his musical studies were in piano and horn, and he has been a lifelong practitioner of symphonic and chamber music.  This selection of pieces for violin and piano, performed by Conrad Harris (violin) and Jenny Lin (piano), is drawn from a wide span of Mumma’s career and includes electroacoustic and electronic works.

Where: On Stellar Rays
When: June 10 – July 27, 2012, Opening reception: Sunday, June 10, 6 – 8pm

On Stellar Rays presents Apnea’s Rhapsody, a multi-layered installation and performance project by JAŠA, exploring the tension between perceived experiences of awe, ecstasy and beauty, and actual conditions of a specific time and place. The gallery installation will be immersive, including wallpaper, carpeting, furniture, sculpture, video, photography and other surprises.Apnea’s Rhapsody marks the Ljubljana-based artist’s first exhibition in the US.

LIC Bike Parade w/ Chinatown Community Young Lions
Where: Vernon Blvd
When: Saturday, June 9, 2012 – Weather Permitting – Free!
11am-3pm Bike Repairs / Helmet Fitting & Giveaway / Workshops
3pm Parade along Vernon Blvd. (leaving from Broadway entrance)
3-6pm Waterfront Celebration at Queensbridge Park

At 3PM, we’ll line-up to parade along Vernon Boulevard, with the Chinatown Community Young Lions leading the way!
Code of Contingency
Where: 319 Scholes
When: Jun 14 2012- Jun 28 2012, Opening Hours: 7:00PM – 10:00PM 

Code of Contingency explores whether sound, as a learning device, has the potential to open up new pedagogical frameworks. Taking its cue from the improvisational ethics of Cornelius Cardew, the dissipative systems theory of Isabelle Stengers, and the critical thinking developed by Paul Freire, the show investigates process-oriented, anti-anticipatory learning through and when people engage with sound.

Rose Kallal (Start Begin Feel Again)
Where: Participant Inc
When:  June 10 – July 22, 2012 Opening reception, Sunday, June 10, 7-9pm

PARTICIPANT INC presents Rose Kallal, Start Begin Feel Again, an immersive four-channel video installation shot on 16mm film. Start Begin Feel Again combines abstract patterns, geometric forms and animations, intermixed with clips of Mark Beasley performing a spoken word. Drawing upon minimalism and early electronic music, Kallal uses an analog modular synthesizer to create a hypnotic soundtrack, that along with the repetition of words and images serve to create a hypnagogic sense of time and place.

Victor Kensinger, The Bird and the Whale
Where: Skink Ink
When: June 8th – July 8th, Friday, June 8th. 7pm to 9pm

Preservation Hall Jazz Band
Where: June 13, 8pm
When: Symphony Space 

The Preservation Hall Jazz Band derives its name from Preservation Hall, the venerable music venue located in the heart of New Orleans’ French Quarter, founded in 1961 by Allan and Sandra Jaffe. The band has traveled worldwide spreading their mission to nurture and perpetuate the art form of New Orleans Jazz. Whether performing at Carnegie Hall or Lincoln Center, for British Royalty or the King of Thailand, this music embodies a joyful, timeless spirit. Under the auspices of current director, Ben Jaffe, the son of founders Allan and Sandra, Preservation Hall continues with a deep reverence and consciousness of its greatest attributes in the modern day as a venue, band, and record label.

Summer Camp
Where: Schroeder Romero & Shredder
June 7, 2012–August 10, 2012

 Schroeder Romero is thrilled to announce the exhibition Summer Campfeaturing James BidgoodBrice BrownTom of FinlandScott Hunt,Heather JohnsonThomas Lanigan-SchmidtCary Leibowitz/CandyassJean LoweRobert MapplethorpeUzi Parnes,Carl PlanskyJohn Waters, and Ken Weaver representing over forty years of work about and within ‘camp’ culture and aesthetic—an aesthetic, according to Susan Sontag’s Notes on Camp (1964), focused on artifice,frivolitynaïve middle-class pretentiousness, and ‘shocking’ excess.

Tom Stathes Cartoon Carnival #10: Made in NYC
Where: Observatory
When: June 8, 7:30pm

New York City was the birthplace of American cinema with the earliest animated films created in the 1910s. This edition of The Tom Stathes Cartoon Carnival features selections of early and wacky animated cartoons created right here in New York City. Tom’s show, comprising oddities from the 1910s through 1940s, is presented in 16mm form with a projector–the technology serving as part of the spectacle–in order to demonstrate how film was meant to be enjoyed. Cinephiles, cartoon and comic fans and lovers of all things vintage are sure to enjoy a Cartoon Carnival! 

Where: Barbes
When: June 7, 10pm

A truly extraordinary artist, Andy Statman began his career in the 70’s as a virtuoso Mandolinist who studied and performed David Grisman, went on to study clarinet the legendary Dave Tarras and became one of the main architect of a Klezmer revival which started out 30 years ago and has since informed and influenced folk, Jazz and improvised music forms. Andy draws equally from hassidic melodies, folk tunes from new and old worlds alike and Albert Ayler-influenced free-improv. The result reads like a very personal search for the sacred based both on traditions and introspection.

Jared Gilbert: Liberation Theologies for Secular Society
Where: The New Museum
When: July 12th, 7:30pm 

Queer theology, feminist theology, and a host of new theological movements have transformed American religions but they have done little to disrupt the political economies of otherness. In a culture that is at once deeply spiritual and ideologically secular, the divides between exclusive claims on religion, culture, and politics has prevented meaningful coalitions across these divides to create social change. This talk will examine queer and feminist theologies for ideas for systemic change across political divides. Jared Gilbert is a Master of Divinity candidate (2012) at Yale Divinity School, where he is the current student body president and the former co-chair of the LGBTQ Coalition.

Maurice Sendak Retrospective
Where: AFA
When: June 9

AFA announces a retrospective in loving memory of Maurice Sendak. The exhibition will open on Saturday, June 9th, the day before what would have been the artist’s 84th birthday, and will remain on display through Labor Day. The collection includes nearly 50 original works, including published pieces, conceptual art and a bronze sculpture. This “Wild Thing” sculpture was launched in 2009 to celebrate the largest gallery exhibition that Mr. Sendak had during his extensive career, and was a collaboration with AFA gallery owner, Nicholas Leone.

A Bookmobile for Dreamers: theremin, recorded sound and video
Where: Lesley Heller Workspace

When: Performance: Wednesday, June 20th at 7:30pm, Reservations Required 212-410-6120

Robert Black and the Hartt Bass Band
Where: The Noguchi Museum
When:  June 10, 3pm

8 double basses in action!  Many Bang on a Can fans will recall their astonishing performances on our annual Marathon concerts over the years, and this Sunday will be no exception! On the bill are five works written specifically for Robert: David Lang‘s I Feel Pretty & BristleMichael Gordon‘s Paint it Black; Evan Ziporyn‘s Hval; and Julia Wolfe‘s Stronghold.

ANT Fest 2012
When: June

This year’s festival of All New Talent runs from June 1 – 28 and features four weeks of brand new one-night-only shows spanning theater, music, comedy, variety and a fusion of all four not seen anywhere else.  From 80s pop sax bands to toy theater social commentary, Ars Nova heats up this summer with fresh new work from some of New York’s most exciting emerging artists.  ANT Fest also provides the opportunity to catch three late night editions of Showgasm, Ars Nova’s rowdy variety show/party hybrid.  Complete festival schedule and lineup follows.

Where: 3rd Ward
When: Friday, June 8

Our Inflatable Sculpture students have been toiling away, designing and sewing their mega-masterpieces. On June 8th, we’ll inflate these larger-than-life creations and let them loose on both of our floors! Anticipate a show unlike any other, packed from floor to ceiling with gargantuan gorgeousness. As you navigate your way through all the pieces, also enjoy free drinks and music from R.C. Bankwell.

SYMPHONY OF SHADOWS: A tale from the land beyond the veil
Where: Dixon Place
When: Thursdays – Saturdays, June 7 – 23 at 7:30pm

A macabre aerial spectacle in expressionistic dance theater, Klein’s choreography evokes 1920s Max Fleisher cartoons and silent film a la Phantom of the Opera. 20 dancers, aerialists, contortionists and musicians embody a ghoulish interpretation of a chorus line that depicts the plot of the interior ballet. Symphony of Shadows offers windows into the nightmare-scape of a tortured imagination.

DEMOCRACY: General Election Cycle
Where: The Brick
When: May 31 – July 1, 2012

Throughout the month of June, the following eight candidates will campaign against one another for the title of President of The Brick (which entails a term of office in which the President has absolute control over The Brick’s programming for a specified term—pending the checks and balances provided by the other two wings of government: The Brick’s staff and the rest of The Brick’s staff).

 Jan Jelinek & Andrew Pekler perform Ursula Bogner: “Sonne = Blackbox” 
Where: June 8, 6:30pm
When: Le Poisson Rouge

Jan Jelinek’s approach is all about the transformation of sound, about translating parameters of popular music into abstract, reduced and textural electronics. Bypassing the rules of traditional musicianship, he prefers to construct collages from tiny sound fragments, from the lost-and-found products of samplers, tape recorders, media players and other recording implements. To this end, Jan Jelinek often works with loops and slight modulations to distil the gist of a piece of music and define it more clearly while masking its original source.

Symbiogenesis #1
Where: Big Snow Buffalo Lodge
When: June 9, 8pm

Chris Clark
Where: Le Poisson Rouge
When: June 10, 10pm 

Star Talk Live!
Where: The Bell House
When: Jul 11, 2012 8:30

StarTalk, from Curved Light Productions, is the first and only popular commercial radio program devoted to all things space and is hosted by renowned astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson. As Director of the Hayden Planetarium at the American Museum of Natural History, Tyson makes regular appearances as the “nation’s expert on space” on major news programs and popular shows (Daily Show, Colbert Report).


Finding History in Sewers: The Lost Streams and 19th-Century Sewer Tunnels Beneath Brooklyn
Where: Observatory
When: June 19

From ancient underground rivers and forgotten quarry tunnels to modern sewers and utility networks, the underground layers of the world’s great cities are full of places that are usually unseen, but that reveal the city’s history in new and startling ways. These hidden layers of the urban environment can teach us about how cities grow and function, and can provide a new perspective that highlights the ways that our daily experience in any city shapes– and is shaped by– the built environment around us.

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