Manual: How to wait from Swoon on Vimeo.

Video by Swoon
Text by Dave Bonta

Incubate an egg with the heat of your palms. Brood.

Nurse your sorrows with the sour milk of jealousy, or failing that, Nestle’s infant formula.

Dissect a seed.

Relive a pleasant memory by reenacting it in excruciating detail.

Do math problems in your head—for example, prove Goldbach’s Conjecture.

Collect rain in jars, tightly sealed and organized by month and day.

Get ready! Sharpen all your knives.

Grind them until they’re thin as piano wires.

Hug yourself tightly and rock back and forth on your haunches.

If you must watch the clock, unplug it first.

If you must play solitaire, dispense with the cards.

Light cigarettes and watch from a safe distance as they turn into columns of ash.

Pace, but let your fingers do the walking.

Novels are best read backwards, one page at a time.

Stop kidding yourself about what comes next.

Go about your business.

Coil into a spring so your mind won’t have anywhere to wander.

Swoon (AKA Marc Neys), born 1968, lives in Mechelen (Belgium). He has produced over 90 videpoems and collaborated with various writers in different languages. His videopoems and Shorts were shown at international festivals all over the world.”Like all good art, the work of Swoon transports us to a state. It is a state of attention and reverie at the same time, where the artist shares with us his own intense experience of the moment, and then sends us each on our own inner investigations.” (Yahia Lababidi)

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