THE WEEK/WEEKEND: September 6-13.

VALERIE HEGARTY: Figure, Flowers, Fruit
Nicelle Beauchene Gallery
September 9, 2012 – October 21, 2012

In this exhibition, Hegarty takes her point of departure from themes of consumption, lust,reproduction and greed. Playing with traditional still life and figurative painting, Hegarty cites as inspiration the cult comedy Little Shop of Horrors along with current newsheadlines concerning the enhancement and mutilation of body and food. These four new paintings metamorphose sculpturally, as the paintings burst, grow and propagate in bodily gestures, leading the overgrowth to travel ominously beyond the canvas boundaries.

Strange Tales of Liaozhai
Friday, September 7
HERE Arts Center

Through choreography and manipulation, master puppeteer Hanne Tierney conducts an intricate counterweight system of over 100 strings, transforming a full stage of inanimate objects into the players of two emotionally charged tales.

Nancy Davidson: Dustup
Betty Cunningham Gallery
9/6/2012 To 10/6/2012

Betty Cuningham Gallery is pleased to open its 2012-13 season with Nancy Davidson, featuring her inflatable sculpture, Dustup. This will be the artist’s first exhibition at the Gallery. The artist will be present for the opening reception. Davidson, a sculptor and video artist, is known for her unique media – larger than life inflatable sculptures – and for her interest in American icons and gender issues. In 2005 with the support of a Creative Capital Grant, she began her exploration on the myth and reality of the cowgirl. After researching western women’s history Davidson focused on the rodeo cowgirl.

Thomas Allen: Beautiful Evidence
Sep 9 – Oct 14, 2012
Foley Gallery

Allen’s signature use of cutting and repurposing book illustrations has not vanished. Instead of the pulp fiction genre, Allen plays with 50’s era versions of clean cut youths and domesticated moms. His unmistakable talent for creating the illusion of 3D in photography with his deft cuts and crimps, establishes a magical world in which a boy and girl play tag creating their own kind of electricity, a milkman makes a very special delivery in space, young toughs play marbles with the solar system and a mother busily sews her own version of “string theory.”

David Stoupakis/Matthew Bone
September 8th – October 19th
Last Rites Gallery

David Stoupakis is an internationally recognized painter who creates eerie portraits of beings that appear wise beyond their years. The self-taught artist adds both haunting imagery and grim fairytale-like elements to his work to juxtapoz childhood innocence with macabre surroundings. InAshes to Sorrow, his new collection of drawings and oil paintings, David creates a continuation of his previous body of work-Walking with These Shadows./With his new work, Matthew Bone continues to explore the visual language he created as a child when massive unmonitored media consumption informed his worldview. A latchkey kid from an early age, pornography, comic books and movies formulated his ideas of sexuality, masculinity, and femininity- in essence reality and perception were sculpted by imaginary worlds steeped heavily in sensationalistic imagery.

JESPER JUST: This Nameless Spectacle
September 6 – October 27, 2012
James Cohen Gallery

James Cohan Gallery is pleased to announce that New York-based, Danish artist JESPER JUST will have a solo exhibition at the gallery in New York opening September 6th and running through October 27th. This is the artist’s first exhibition at James Cohan Gallery and the first solo exhibition in New York since his survey show at the Brooklyn Museum in 2008. The artist is well known for employing high production value cinematography to create film works that subvert the usual stereotypes that have come to be associated with Hollywood’s mainstream film industry.

Omar Chacon: Bacanales Tropicales
September 6 – October 20, 2012
Margaret Thatcher Projects

Margaret Thatcher Projects is pleased to presentBacanales Tropicales, an exhibition of paintings by New York based artist Omar Chacon. In his second solo show at the gallery, Chacon’s signature droplets of color-saturated paint return smaller, more concentrated, and brimming with energy and color. At the start of each painting, thousands of acrylic ovals are prepared, then peeled and collaged onto canvas. Taking advantage of the synthetic qualities of acrylic – its bright, slick sheen, and pliability, Chacon’s surfaces glisten with exuberant color, projecting a spirit of optimism with a nod to discovery, both in everyday life and in the surprising details of each painting.

Dillon Gallery


Steven MacIver was born in the Orkney Islands and completed his BA in Fine Arts at Gray’s School of Art in Aberdeen and his MFA at the Slade School of Art. Following his graduation in 2004, MacIver was honored with the Sainsbury Scholarship in Painting and Sculpture at the British School at Rome. His fundamental preoccupation with the creation of various types of space was deepened by his time in Rome and can be seen in his renderings of stadiums and coliseums. He uses these abstracted architectural studies to deeply explore how space is used and contained.

Sat, Sept 8

After a ten country tour from Siberia to British Columbia, HAZMAT MODINE will be performing at the: NEW YORK GYPSY FESTIVAL @ DROM

Arnold Dreyblatt: Turntable History / Spin Ensemble
Tue, September 11, 2012
Issue Project Room@Our Lady of Lebanon Cathedral, 113 Remsen St, Brooklyn

In Turntable History / Spin Ensemble (2011), Dreyblatt creates a palette of signals and patterns derived from his own recordings of a Magnetic Resonance Imaging Scanner (‘Siemens Magnetom Symphony Maestro Class’) in a radiological practice in Berlin. Dreyblatt was fortunate to gain rare permission to record this device in operation with a technician from Siemens who manned the machine especially for these recordings, searching for software settings related to their resulting sonic output rather for scanning particular body areas. Dreyblatt treated the device as a giant Tesla coil, in which the alignment and resonances of a powerful magnetic field is gradually altered by rotating radio frequencies. He then analyzed and deconstructed the original recordings and grouped the audio segments by pitch, rhythm and density.

Sep 6 –  Oct 13, 2012 
Bitforms Gallery

Filling the gallery’s far wall, Voice Array is a construction for vocal improvisation that uses blinking LEDs and a customized intercom system of audio playback and recording. Capturing hundreds of voices and translating each one into a series of light flashes, the piece stores a unique pattern as a loop in the first light of the array, until the next participant speaks into the intercom. Each new recording is pushed along its long horizontal band of LEDs, as sounds of the voices gradually accumulate. When the first voice reaches the other side of the piece, the participant’s phrase is once again released as sound, punctuated by the staggering pulsation of all the lights in tandem. The ever-changing voices stored by the piece play back through a directional speaker, during moments of less activity.

Shea Hembrey: dark matters
Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery
September 6 – October 20, 2012

Following his acclaimed project SEEK, featured as a 2011 TED Talk, Hembrey’s new work attempts to visualize his 20 year exploration of dark matter and dark energy (scientifically hypothesized to comprise over 95% of the cosmos). Hembrey’s paintings and sculptures are a collective meditation on the unseen structure of our universe. Painted with trompe l’oeil technique, the series Unstill Lifes attempts to visualize the tangible structures of matter pared down to bits. Ghostly wisps of smoke appear to the viewer at certain angles and improbable assemblages of matches, tree branches, and string appear to float off of the inky blackground.

Music by Gordon Monahan with guest String Noise: Pauline Kim Harris & Conrad Harris Pauline Kim Harris (violin) Conrad Harris (violin)
The Stone
9/8 Saturday

A reprise of the Canadian composer’s classic Piano Mechanics, with a new composition for 2 violins with interactive processing controlled by theremin and Max/MSP.

Pauline Oliveros with Doug Van Nort and FILTER
September 7
New Museum

Pauline Oliveros and Doug Van Nort perform with FILTER, an artificially intuitive software agent that listens and responds to the performing musicians transforming the duo to a trio.

Sikkema Jenkins & Co

Rooted in historical evidence, Leonardo Drew’s abstract sculptural compositions are emotionally charged reflections on the cyclical nature of existence. From the eroded fibers of human industry and the tide of urban development to the awareness of ourselves as part of the fabric of a larger universe and a connection to all things, Drew exhumes the visions of the past in a mirror of organic reality that reveals the resonance of life – the nature of nature.

Dan Hernandez
September 6 – October 6, 2012
Kim Foster

We are pleased to announce Dan Hernandez’s first solo exhibition at the Kim Foster Gallery. The exhibit’s title “Genesis” refers to the artist’s visual dialogue of religion, mythology, and pop culture. Hernandez blurs boundaries, rearranges hierarchies, and calls into question our notions of iconography, collectibles, and devotion.The title not only references the Book of Genesis, but also the Sega Genesis, a video game console that was a defining moment in pop culture, especially for those in the artist’s generation. The Book of Genesis houses the creation stories: Noah’s Ark, Adam & Eve, etc. Similarly, the Sega Genesis game console was a vehicle for narrative games like Golden Axe, Streets of Rage, Altered Beast and others. Both have narratives that utilize the supernatural and mythical as a central and reoccurring theme. By embracing such eccentric comparisons, the artist explores the unique and interesting possibilities that exist.

MICROCOSMOS with live soundtrack by LDP, David First, and Matthew Regula
Nitehawk Cinema

Friday September 7th with composer David First
Saturday September 8th with Telecult Powers mem Matthew Regula

LONG DISTANCE POISON play live music & soundscape to the film. Composer David First will be sitting in with LONG DISTANCE POISON on Friday and TELECULT POWERS member Matthew Regula will be sitting in on Saturday.

Smoke and Mirrors Paintings by Jason Bryant
Porter Contemporary
September 6 – October 20, 2012

Bryant will explore loneliness, vulnerability and frailty through these beautifully photo-realistically rendered film stills coupled with either Bryant’s signature skateboard graphics which have become so popular or his pixelated characters.

Happy Birthday, Conlon! A Tribute to Nancarrow on his 100th Birthday w/ The Bugallo-Williams Piano Duo
Wed., September 12, 2012
Le Poisson Rouge

Hailed as “beyond brilliant” (San Francisco classical Voice) and “simply stunning” (Gramophone), THE BUGALLO-WILLIAMS PIANO DUO has been presenting innovative programs of contemporary music throughout Europe and the Americas since 1995. Helena Bugallo and Amy Williams perform cutting-edge new works and masterpieces of the twentieth century for piano four-hands and two pianos, including works by Cage, Debussy, Feldman, Kagel, Kurtág, Ligeti, Nancarrow, Sciarrino, Stravinsky and Wolpe. They have premiered dozens of works, many of which were written especially for the Duo, and they have worked directly with such renowned composers as Louis Andriessen, Lukas Foss, Betsy Jolas, Bernard Rands, Steve Reich and Kevin Volans. They also collaborate with composers who explore new approaches to the piano through multimedia applications, electronics, and extended techniques. They frequently perform with additional players in works for multiple keyboards, chamber works for duo piano and instruments, and concertos. They have worked with conductors Peter Eötvos, Reinbert de Leeuw, Stefan Asbury, and Bradley Lubman.

Miriam (BAM 30th Next Wave Fest)
Gifted and Talented: an evening of new performance Curated by CLIFFORD OWENS
The Newtown Creek Armada
Arlen Austin: “Manicures for the Insurrectional Surge”

Cheon pyo Lee: Medium is the Same
Hugo Crosthwaite at Pierogi
Amanda C Mathis and Matt Quinn: makeshift
Mark Dagley: Structural Solutions
Zeena Parkins + Ne(x)tworks Ensemble w/ JACK Quartet
Aki Onda & G. Lucas Crane

Tim Yankosky / Brooks Salzwedel
Rosemary Laing: leak
Ghostly International & Rvng Intl. Present: Jacaszek (Poland) / Holly Herndon (USA)
Chris Cochrane w/ mbiraNYC, Manhattan Samba, and Chris Rael
Joianne Bittle: On My Way Gone
Stephen Powers: A Word is Worth A Thousand Pictures
Stephen Ellis
Tim Roda: Family Construction
Guo Hongwei: Painting is Collecting III
Kiyoshi NAKAGAMI: Epiphany
Next Wave Art Opening Reception


ODD JOB@Fowler Arts CollectiveThomas Beale @HoneySpace
Andra Ursuta: Aboveground Animation
Jonathan Beer: Happening & History
The New Abstractionists VI
El Regreso de los Dinosaurios
Trey Speegle: Good Luck With That
Ryan Turley’s Hi/Lo
ELISA LENDVAY: Small Sculpture

Pictures from the Moon: A Symposium on Holograms and Art
Steve Reich: complete string quartets (Different Trains, Triple Quartet, & world premiere of WTC 9/11, all-live version) performed by ACME
Jozef Van Wissem and Noveller
Next wave Festival
Origins of the Forest

UNREST: Revolt against Reason
Secret Science Club : Destination Antarctica , Encounters at the End of the World
Nublu 10 Years w/ performances by Wax Poetic, Hess is More, Love Trio and Clark Gayton
CATFOX @ The Grand St. Bakery (602 Grand St, 7-10pm)
Fashion’s Night Out with Gary Graham and Phantom Limb Company (Thursday September 6th, 6PM – 10PM)
AURAL DYSTOPIA: new hardcore improv@JACK
Opera on Tap: BRIDES ON FIRE!!!
EatSleepDraw (5 Years)
Adults in the Dark: Avant-Garde Animation (MAD)
Perverse Relics: a Grand Tour of Europe’s Historical Underbelly

GO! Brooklyn
Elad Lassry: Untitled (Presence)
Susan Philipsz/Analia Saban


Wondering Around Wandering
Saturday, September 15, 6:00–11:00pm
983 Dean Street

Join us for the grand opening of Wondering Around Wandering, and don’t miss Pulled: A Catalog of Screenprinting, making its final stop after a year of traveling.

Crossing the Line
Gallow Green
The Mountain Goats

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