The 22 Magazine Volume 3/III/Three.

We are so incredibly honored to present The 22 Magazine Volume 3/III/Three. The amount of talent that has accumulated over these past couple of years is beyond anything anticipated and we cannot thank enough all the contributors, volunteers, supporters, and fans who have made this magazine a reality and have chosen to support creative grit. This week we will be releasing the web version of The 22 Magazine and will shortly have the magazine available online to purchase in print. From the beast’s of Allison Sommers, the terrain of Nick Lamia, to the virtues and sins of Nicole Gordon, and Joseph Daley, the animals of Angeline Gragasin, the patterns of Bradley Ehrsam, the great paradox’s of Charlotte Greenwood, the artistic statements of Cless and Jeff Tigchelaar, the true words of Gerardo Mena, the steely sounds of Iron Dog, the evolutionary debates of Jason Stoneking, and Randy Mora, the stereovisions of Jim Ford, the outsider truths of JJ Cromer, the secular geometries of Megan Moncrief, the botanical commemoration of Penelope Gottlieb, the multi layered records of Sarah Boothroyd, and the joyous apocalypse of Ricky Allman this volume is a cacophony of world ending beauty. This volume, this year, we ask, as you near the apex of 2012, to celebrate both the hard times and the good and to appreciate what is certain in this life, the notions of creativity in all their great, imagined forms.

Thank you again to all the contributors, volunteers, and supporters that make The 22 a reality. Without a doubt, we shall see you in the coming year.


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