THE WEEK/WEEKEND: October 11-17.

LISA 2012 from Blind Escrow Productions on Vimeo.

LISA Conference 2012
Peter B Lewis Theater: The Guggenheim Museum

Tuesday, October 16, 2012 from 8:00 AM to 11:45 PM

LISA 2012 is the Leaders in Software and Art conference at the Guggenheim in New York City, Tuesday October 16th, 2012.  We’ll have keynote speeches from Laurie Anderson, pioneering electronic artist, and Scott Snibbe, creator of Bjork’s Biophilia App, and panels on crowdsourced and social media art and the popular generative art toolkits openFrameworks, Processing, Cinder and Max/MSP. If you work with or care about new media, technology and interactive art, there’s still time to buy a ticket. Come meet and get inspired by some of the top artists and art experts in the field.

Schroeder Romero & Shredder
October 11, 2012–November 10, 2012

Schroeder Romero & Shredder is pleased to present HOMUNCULUS, Brice Brown’s second solo exhibition with the gallery. This ambitious exhibition takes over both gallery spaces and includes new archival pigment prints and sculptures, as well as a site-specific installation composed of 12 colored cast glass tables and a 125” x 650” panoramic wall covering. Using alchemy as a jumping off point, the works in the exhibition explore the act of liberation through transformation––both extreme and subtle. In the works on view, this transformation manifests as a process of breaking down and rebuilding: large-scale pastel and archival pigment prints are built from 18th century etchings of alchemical practices; turkey feathers have been cast in bronze; a 19th century English side table has been altered and cast in 12 different colors; and a Hudson River School-esque panorama wall-covering is composed of digitally manipulated 18th century ornithological etchings.

The Heavens Atheist Gospel Trombone Choir
Joe’s Pub
9:30 PM – October 16 

Celebrating the release of The Heavens: The Atheist Gospel Trombone Choir: seven of NYC’s most soul-stirring trombone players gather for an astonishing testament to the power of reason. Playing music from the album as well as arrangements of classic tunes by the Famous Blue Jay Singers, Madison’s Lively Stones, and the Mississippi Nightingales. with Jacob Garchik – lead trombone, compositions; Josh Roseman, Curtis Hasselbring, Jason Jackson, Curtis Fowlkes – trombones; Brian Drye – baritone horn; Joe Daley – sousaphone; Kenny Wolleson – drums

Sunday, Oct 14th

Star Systems is an electric trio playing original hard-driving compositions by the members plus the occasional Zappa cover — our first show of 2012. Joining us are two great groups: Sarah Bernstein/Dan Blake/Pascal Niggenkemper at 9pm and then Jon Goldberger/Chris Tordini/JP Schlegelmilch/Justin Carroll/Devin Gray at 10pm.

Brooklyn Bred
BAM Fisher
Thursday, October 11, 2012

A showcase of work by Coco Fusco, Jennifer Miller, and Dread Scott—artists endorsed by Franklin Furnace Archive, Inc., dedicated to supporting art that may be vulnerable due to institutional neglect, its ephemeral nature, or its politically unpopular content (Martha).

Marcin Cienski
Marc Straus

October 10 – November 11, 2012

Marcin Cienski’s paintings tell stories which unfold in slow-motion and where details and narrative seem more acute. A circular floodlight highlights a woman who raises her arms toward a chandelier, surrounded by complete darkness. Red Dress (2012) shows an intimate interior scene that transforms the viewer into a voyeur. Cienski’s unique formal language, which is characterized by radiant colors, stark contrasts and an evident painterly gesture, provokes a strong connection with the subject matter since it reminds us of photographs or stills of a movie, but at the same time, calls to mind that a painting is far more complex.

Maya Beiser

Oct 17—Oct 20, 2012

A surreal cello opera depicting a pair of women—an Henri Michaux heroine and the biblical figure of Lot’s wife—bearing witness at the end of their worlds. Lush, multilayered compositions by Eve Beglarian, Michael Gordon, and Missy Mazzoli, performed by me on acoustic/electric cello and electronics with singer/actress Helga Davis; four dancers moving in a dreamlike environment created by Robert Woodruff and his team.

Mamie Minch
Saturday, October 13

Upon coming to New York Mamie’s fascination with early recordings found a community of kindred spirits. Some of her first connections were with a group of 78 collectors who would throw listening parties for their rarest finds. She shortly co-founded The Roulette Sisters, a popular all-woman retro quartet that performed originals and covers of blues, country tunes and early girl group harmony peices by the like of the Boswell and Andrews Sisters. She kept growing musically, spending a summer travelling through europe with an Italian anarchist street band, and busking extensively in New York City as part of Music Under New York. Upon leaving the band in 2007 Mamie has been working on her own material as a songwriter and performer. She has played residencies at Brooklyn’s world music mecca Barbes and the 68 Jay Bar in Dumbo, and shared the stage with Dayna Kurtz, Jolie Holland, Bliss Blood, and loads of other talented friends. Her debut solo CD, the Razorburn Blues, is a limited edition handmade item available at live shows.

Bruce Dow/Allyson Strafella
Notre Maar
October 12-November 17, 2012

Norte Maar is presents Bruce Dow: Love Seats & Cyclones, October 12-November 17, 2012. On exhibit will be one sculpture (a transformed Eames chair) and one drawing. The project room will feature new drawings by Allyson Strafella. Opening reception will be held on Friday, October 12 from 6-9pm.

Feature Inc.
10 Oct – 11 Nov 2012
reception 11 Oct, 6 – 8 pm

Alex Brown’s work is playfully difficult to pin down. From a distance it appears representational yet as one approaches the image, it falls apart into abstraction. As one steps away, like an animation, the abstraction reconfigures back into representation.

Selected Shorts: An Evening with David Mitchell
Symphony Space
October 17 at 7:30pm

In a rare New York appearance, the wildly imaginative author ofCloud Atlas (to be released this fall as a film starring Tom Hanks) and The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet introduces fiction of his own and stories by Michel Faber and Claire Keegan,  performed by Campbell Scott (DamagesRoyal Pains) and others. This event sponsored in part by Bookforum.

The Where, the Why, and the How: 75 Artists Illustrate Wondrous Mysteries of Science
werhouse Arena
Thursday, October 11, 7–9 PM

A science book like no other, The Where, The Why, and The How turns loose 75 of today’s hottest artists onto life’s vast questions, from how we got here to where we are going. Inside these pages some of the biggest (and smallest) mysteries of the natural world are explained in essays by real working scientists, which are then illustrated by artists given free rein to be as literal or as imaginative as they like. The result is a celebration of the wonder that inspires every new discovery.

Miracles of Modern Science
Mercury Lounge
Sat, October 13, 2012

If you see Miracles of Modern Science loading their classical instruments into a New York rock club and mistake them for another band’s string section, they don’t mind. It makes for a bigger surprise when you hear what they can do with just mandolin, violin, cello, upright bass, and drums. Miracles of Modern Science push the limits of these antique instruments, reaching heights and depths unexplored by guitars.

Armando Marino: The Waste Land
October 11 – November 5
532 Gallery  Thomas Jaeckel

This solo show features new oil on canvas paintings and works on paper. The title of the show refers immediately to the T.S Eliot poem, but the paintings that Marino shows are far from an illustration of it. In these paintings the artist recognizes the poem as a background to his work. “It helped me put together all the paintings,” he said. “The style of the poem overall is marked by hundreds of allusions and quotations from other texts, like my paintings.”

Brian Tolle: Commander in Chief
CRG Gallery
October 11 – November 10, 2012

Each work in Tolle’s show focuses on one president and is numerically titled according to his place in the line of presidents: George Washington is “No. 1” (2012), Barack Obama is “No. 44” (2012). The sculptures usually feature the head of the president, cast from an appropriated presidential bust. In employing these heads, Tolle highlights the importance of each man’s thinking and political doctrine, and how these legacies are the continued responsibility of their successors. Each also includes ephemera associated with that particular presidency: Ronald Reagan’s clear acrylic head is filled with the Jelly Belly candies which could always be found on his desk, John F. Kennedy’s gleaming silver head is supported by Sputnik-like legs as a nod to his “space race” with the Soviet Union, Eisenhower’s bust is split in half and supports a first edition compilation of his speeches and writings, which notably include his “Bookend Speeches.”

A Postcard from New Yorkshire  New works by Doktor A.
October 12th 2012 (Through Nov 11) 

While you are enjoying your spoils from the upcoming NYCC 2012 weekend, make sure to take a break from the Javits Center mayhem for a spectacular evening at the opening of A Postcard from New Yorkshire, featuring new artwork by Dok A. The steampunk extraordinaire is getting adventurous with his work in the show, pushing boundaries and showcasing newly acquired skills. Anticipate intricate details in custom toys as well as ink drawings. Show opens on Friday, October 12 from 7 – 10pm. Dok A will be in attendance at the opening and make sure to welcome him because this will mark his first visit to NYC. Show runs until November 11.

Getting It
Fowler Arts Collective


Getting It presents a seemingly disparate group of artists hell-bent on dousing the corrosive flames of irony and cynicism with honesty. The work is brought together by a collective ache for locating the jagged seam between tragedy and humor with the intent of tearing it wide open. Using levity as a basic access point, the work exposes itself on a universal level while simultaneously functioning as a deeply personal moment.  The concept of “use less-ness” permeates throughout with a group obsession in gestural prudence. Not to be confused with “laziness,” this focus per square inch makes for a much more potent image. After all, we can agree as a team that it is the job of the artist to simplify the complicated, while the reciprocal action is left to the critic. Got it?

PROJECT Trio: CD Release
Joe’s Pub
7:30 PM – October 17 

PROJECT Trio, the innovative chamber ensemble is releasing its second recording of 2012, When Will Then Be Now.  The recording, on the groups’ own label, Harmonyville Records, will be available September 25th.  This spring, PROJECT Trio released their catalog-spanning Random Roads Collection, which immediately rose to No. 2 and 15 on Billboard’s Canadian and U.S. classical music charts and, in a rare feat, simultaneously debuted at No. 17 on the trade magazine’s jazz charts.

Borromeo Quartet premiere Mohammed Fairouz
Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain

Levy Lorenzo and Adam Cuthbért
Danielle Ezzo: Invisible Cities
Virgil Moorefield Ensemble/BloodMist
Akio Suzuki: stone
gozoCine: Works by Gozo Yoshimasu
A special screening of gasland
Trombly Rodriguez: The Fabric of a Space
NEEDLE THROUGH THUMBNAIL: A program of experimental film curated by Alexander Stewart
Beyond the Hippocratic Oath
Kim Jones at Pierogi
Choi, Eun-Jung
Robert Lansden
The Over and the Under

“Unwound” by Brad Woodfin
The Mountain Goats
PUNCH: Puppet Slam
Buke and Gase,Glass Ghost, Blast Off!!
Elegantly Wasted – Rococo Revisited: Art Reception
Sooner or Later…We All Make The Little Flowers Grow
Bridget Everett & The Tender Moments
RAISING BABY X: The First Year
Adam Rudolph – GO Organic Orchestra
Local Report 2012
Emerging Writers Series at KGB: BRANDO SKYHORSE, Guest Author
Fiction Reading: ADAM JOHNSON introduced by ZADIE SMITH
Zoë Keating

Art in Odd Places
A Night with PigPen Theatre Co.
Lapham’s Quarterly Politics Event: Shakespeare & Company on Money and Power
Be a Rebel — Or Just Look Like One

Brotherhood of the Jug Band Blues
Stories from the New Aesthetic
What a Witch: A Feminist Reading of the Brothers Grimm
Anthony McCall + David Grubbs: “Leaving (With Four Half-Turns)”
Dr. Israel
Doug Rickard
CD Release Party! “Night Guitar” by Anders Nilsson
Helen & Edgar
The Media and Politics: Election 2012


Raha Raissnia & Aki Onda
Emily Harvey Foundation, 537 Broadway, 2nd Floor, NYC
Sat, October 20, 2012 – 6:00pm

Artist-in-Residence Aki Onda and Raha Raissnia present an installation/performance “As If Someone Erased Outlines.” Visitors can come and go anytime during the 3 hours. Onda and Raissnia, and a guest musician Doron Sadja, perform with black oil paintings, film and slide projectors, tape recorders and tube amps and synthesizer. Projecting 16mm footage with 35mm slides onto a white wall and dark surface of oil paints, Raissnia creates a deepened sense of immersion in an alien landscape, while Onda’s soundscape of field recordings challenge the boundaries of the picture plane, and explore the power of imagination.

How to Break
La Fete
Landscapes of the Soul
Nick Gianni’s Evolution
Your Land/My Land
Swans/Devendra Banhart
CORED: Paintings by Catherine Tafur
Carnival Des Corbeaux
The Para-Architectural Imagination of Gustav KlutsisDevin Powers, “Paintings”

Adults in the Dark: Avant-Garde Animation (MAD)
WILLEM ANDERSSON at Nancy Margolis Gallery
An Evening with Joyce Carol Oates
Selected Shorts: Tom Perrotta Presents The Best American Short Stories 2012
Zorn Halloween Celebration
“Purple” Curated by Alice Mizrachi and Diana McClure
A History of Ectoplasm: An Illustrated Presentation
The Angel Esmerelda: DON DELILLO in conversation with JONATHAN FRANZEN
Sonagi Project: Barame Soop


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