THE WEEK/WEEKEND: Oct 18-24th.

Ashley Wood/Jeremy Geddes

Jonathan Levine
Oct 20 — Nov 17, 2012

Jonathan LeVine Gallery is pleased to announce Machine Sabbath, a series of new works by Australian artist Ashley Wood, in what will be his debut solo exhibition in the United States and exhale, a series of new paintings by Melbourne-based artist Jeremy Geddes, in what will be his debut solo exhibition in the United States. On Saturday, October 20th, there will be a print released at 1pm, and the opening reception for the exhibition will be held from 6—9pm.

Music for Voice: Cycles, Mashups, and Machinic Rhapsodies
Le Poisson Rouge
Sun., October 21, 2012 / 5:00 PM and Tue., October 23, 2012

Join Metropolis Ensemble’s celebration of song and contemporary lyricism in a concert featuring 3 extraordinarily talents from a new generation of star singers, Kate Lindsey, Kiera Duffy, and David Babin (along with members of his celebrated band from Paris, BabX). Music for Voice will be an unforgettable evening of kaleidoscopic textures, soaring melody, and elegiac poetry.

Leave The Bass Alone, 5 Basses
Installation: Sat/Sun, Oct 20/21, 4 -7pm
Reception and live performance: Friday, Oct 19, 7 – 9pm

Inspired by this quote from Morton Feldman to Stockhausen and studies of dramaturgic developments of different human and natural soundscapes, Leave the Bass Alone is a collection of sound installations, field recordings and performances exploring the depths of the double bass’ spectral world. In “5 basses”, five double basses are amplified and feedbacked with each other. The strings and the bodies of the basses resonate with their ambient surroundings, thus creating an interactive drone in which the basses are controlled both by their acoustic vibrations and their environment. Seemingly simple acoustic/physical principles take on the complex role of the composer, creating forms and structures surprisingly similar to those we find in our everyday life.

Beth Wiemann, Composer/Clarinet with Geoffrey Burleson, Piano and Maria Tegzes, Soprano
Firehouse Space
October 20, 2012 8:00 pm

Performing compostions with and without video accompaniment, including, Sharp Nostalgia, for bass clarinet and piano, The Primary Tool is Soup, for soprano, piano and DVD, The Star Theatre, for clarinet, piano and DVD and other short solo works. Link to earlier performance of one of “Star Theatre”

Hindsight is Always 20/20
Closing Nov. 7
Brooklyn Bridge Park, Walkway near the Carousel

Originally commissioned for display during the 2008 Democratic National Convention, Hindsight is Always 20/20 is a large public sculpture consisting of 43 light boxes.  The work examines the history of American political discourse through the metaphor of vision. Drawing from the annual State of the Union (SOTU) addresses given by Presidents to Congress, Hindsight consists of a single Snellen-style eye chart for each president who gave SOTU addresses from George Washington through George W. Bush. Instead of the typical characters present in an eye chart, the piece employs words drawn from their speeches, presented in order of most frequent (top line) to least frequent (bottom line) word. The result is a startlingly clear snapshot of the lexicon of each presidency, containing a mix of historically topical keywords and rhetoric unique to each president and the time period in which they served in office.

Cornelia Street Cafe

Wed Oct 24th

The cellar and point is an adventurous “garage-chamber” sextet whose musical universe comprises the detail of modern concert music, the emotional directness of alt-rock, and the improvisational sensibilities of downtown jazz. Formed in 2010, the group features an impressive cross-section of young talent from NYCʼs classical, jazz, and new music scenes.Ghys is one of a new breed of composer/performers who thrives on performing the music he composes. He creates highly contrapuntal, post-minimalist chamber music showcasing intelligent multi-tracking and inventive use of electronics and sampled speech. On the surface, his music is lighthearted and easily engaging, with whimsical loops and repetitions dancing around each other, creating clever and pleasing rhythms. Acoustic bass lines interweave creatively and buoyantly with layered instrumental tracks, electronics or processed speech. These seemingly simple elements are carefully crafted, however, and pieced together very deliberately.

Landscapes of the Soul
La Mama
October 19 – October 21, 2012

By using an array of musical traditions from around the world, composer and multi-instrumentalist Nacho Arimany offers a ritualistic expression that engages the audience in experiencing free interaction between different artistic disciplines. The incorporation of Jazz , Video-Art and Live Digital Drawing opens the space for tradition to be transformed and actualized by a new experience of collective creation.

Cooper Union
OCTOBER 23 – NOVEMBER 17, 2012

“Types We Can Make”- A selection of contemporary Swiss typeface design curated by ECAL/University of Art & Design Lausanne (Switzerland), in association with The Herb Lubalin Study Center of Design and Typography. “Type@Cooper”- Graduates of Cooper Union’s Typeface design program, Type@Cooper, will exhibit a diverse range of their works.

Dead in August
Site 95

October 19 – November 16, 2012

site95 is pleased to present “Dead in August,” a group exhibition organized by Meaghan Kent and Sara Maria Salamone. “Dead in August” is part of a multi venue project that uses additional spaces in New York to create in depth exhibitions highlighting emerging New York based artists. The exhibition will be held at NYCAMS, New York Center for Art and Media Studies, New York. Artists include: Nils Folke Anderson, Agnes Barley, Jude Broughan, Matthew Brownell, Peter Demos, Nathan Dilworth, Roberto Carlos Lange, Francesco Longenecker, Christian Maychack and Alexandra Posen. A panel discussion moderated by Andrea Hill will be held Thursday, October 25 at 6:30pm.

Thu 10/25

Invented in 1919 by Russian scientist Léon Theremin, the Theremin is one of the oldest electronic instrument – and the fact that it doesn’t need to be touched to produce a sound, makes it also the most magical. Pamelia is widely considered one of the world’s greatest theremin player. On an instrument primarily associated with horror and science fiction soundtracks, she can be lyrical. Her pitch, her technique and her taste are equally perfect. She can play microtonal puzzles and walking bass lines. She can sound like a violin, a human voice or an analog synthesizer. Out of what was once a symbol of modernism, she plays music of a very emotional order. Pamelia has been based in Vienna for a few years, and this is a rare chance to catch her here – and then with Barbez for the later set. She will be joined by pianist Pete Drungle.

How to Break
Here Arts Center
Oct 18-Nov 4

In their first co-producing endeavor, HERE and the Hip-Hop Theater Festival present the world premiere of How to Break, a collaboration between playwright Aaron Jafferis, reknowned breakersKwikstep and Rokafella, beatboxers Adam Matta and Yako 440, composer Rebecca Hart, and director Christopher Edwards. Recipient of the 2012 Thomas Barbour Playwright’s Award,How to Break sneaks into a hospital room with a fake ID, a potty mouth, and a bad case of heartsick.

NYU Skirball
OCTOBER 20 / 8:00 and OCTOBER 21 / 3:00

Monica Bill Barnes & Company return after their performance in This American Life Live! last May. Ira Glass will introduce these performances and join the company onstage for a post-performance discussion.

October 20 – November 24, 2012

Postmasters is pleased to announce Twenty One Twelve, its sixth exhibition with Jennifer and Kevin McCoy and their 10th year with the gallery. Pioneering new media artists whose works explore both time-based and physical reality, the McCoys are perhaps best recognized for constructing subjective databases of film and television material and for creating miniature film sets with live video cameras. The integration of sculpture and video continues in their new exhibition. Pointing to a time 100 years from today Twenty One Twelve connects current trends with future failures and potential transformations. For this show the McCoys have created a series of ten sculptures which depict the landscapes of today and tomorrow. Corporate campuses, parking lots, man-made mountains, resort architecture, and factories all collide with a globalized media infrastructure. This framework exists to support utopian goals, even as it rests upon resource depletion, financial instabilities, and entropic decay. The problems of environmental and economic collapse persist in the face of the rhetoric of the assumed benefits of continued economic expansion and a technological future.

Devin Powers, Paintings
Lesley Heller
October 24 through November 25, 2012

Lesley Heller Workspace is pleased to present the paintings of Devin Powers in his first gallery solo exhibition in New York City. Powers explores forms drawn from unusual geometries. He follows the nature of these spaces as well as contradicts them, creating a vibrant dissonance within the order of the composition. Powers gives equal weight to the content embedded in the paintings and the structures that elicit them. In the painting Path, the space feels architectural, evoking the ribs of a vaulted cathedral. In other works, such as the recent painting Storm, the lines seem to be in motion; the dense, layered network manages to summon the drama of action painting. The color and the scraped traces present in the works add to this energy.

Walls and Bridges Festival

Various Locations
October 11-October 21

WallsandBridges, the Franco-American arts and ideas series which brought over 50 cultural events to New York in 2011, returns to the city in October 2012! Curated by Villagillet (Director : Guy Walter), and supported by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication, WallsandBridges is a 10-day series of performances and critical explorations uniting French and American thinkers and artists from social sciences, philosophy, literature and live arts.  This season’s wide selection of events spans more than 15 talks, concerts, dance and theatre performances, storytelling shows and even includes the exploration of a mysterious and hidden literary and arts salon. In addition, “I Contain Multitudes,” a special series, co-curated with Time Out New York, and les subsistances will bring many of France’s innovative and young artistic talents to New York. They will perform for American audiences for the first time together with their American counterparts. This series will explore the intricacies of “identity.”


Oct 24-25

THE HIVE is a visceral and darkly thrilling adaptation of Euripides’ Greek tragedy Trojan Women set within a beehive in the midst of colony collapse disorder. In our production, Hecuba (protagonist of Trojan Women) is the Queen Bee with a buzzing Greek chorus!  We will use multiple medias to tell our story including dance, aerial, and video. The hive set is a beehive jungle gym created from metal and wood designed by architect Dimitri Chatzipetros.  It is a collection of interconnected hexagonal cells each of which will be large enough to house an individual.

Raha Raissnia & Aki Onda
Emily Harvey Foundation, 537 Broadway, 2nd Floor, NYC
Sat, October 20, 2012 – 6:00pm

Artist-in-Residence Aki Onda and Raha Raissnia present an installation/performance “As If Someone Erased Outlines.” Visitors can come and go anytime during the 3 hours. Onda and Raissnia, and a guest musician Doron Sadja, perform with black oil paintings, film and slide projectors, tape recorders and tube amps and synthesizer. Projecting 16mm footage with 35mm slides onto a white wall and dark surface of oil paints, Raissnia creates a deepened sense of immersion in an alien landscape, while Onda’s soundscape of field recordings challenge the boundaries of the picture plane, and explore the power of imagination.

Nancy Margolis
October 18 – November 24, 2012

Nancy Margolis Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of Willem Andersson’s inaugural exhibition “Is the house still on fire” on October 18 and continuing through November 24, 2012. The artist’s reception will take place Thursday, October 18, 6-8pm. Andersson works with graphite and paint on canvas, paper and wood. With a distinct style and expression, his paintings and drawings are an unusual narrative poetically depicting the social structures we follow in the home, workplace, and everyday life.

Ned Sublette “Kiss You Down South”
Tuesday, October 23, 2012 @ 8:00 pm

To mark the forthcoming release of KISS YOU DOWN SOUTH, his first album in over a decade, Ned Sublette is giving an exclusive solo concert performance of the album’s songs at Roulette. KISS YOU DOWN SOUTH is a stripped-down, 100%  solo album made at New Orleans’s Piety Street Recording. Produced by Ned Sublette with longtime colleagues Peter Gordon and Mark Bingham, it was conceived as “something I could sit down and do live without anyone else, just me and my guitar,” Sublette  says, “something I could reproduce or surpass on stage.”

DAVID TRULLI  second nature
Foley Gallery
October 24-November 25

Foley is pleased to present the first New York solo exhibition of Los Angeles based artist David Trulli. We feel a certain dislocation or disorientation as we look through a Trulli landscape. There coexists strange and familiar feelings; both comforting and unsettling.  He creates a world somewhere removed from the life that we know, yet filled with recognizable scenes from a text book suburbia…a child on a swing, a woman hanging clothes to dry.  We question the light, it’s source, wondering if this world’s inhabitants are above or beneath the surface of their world.  Is it mother earth or a distant planet where we have taken refuge from our own atrocities?  Or perhaps a vacation destination where we can feel alive with the simple pleasures in a safe environment from a dangerous world?

New Sounds Live (Victoire)
Now Dig This! Art and Black Los Angeles 1960–1980
New Electroacoustic, Tape and Film Music
Sonagi Project: Barame Soop
Stephen Colbert in Conversation with Ken Burns
Nick Hornby: First Reads
Influences and Affinities: Animated Shorts the Quay Brothers May Have Watched
The Angel Esmerelda: DON DELILLO in conversation with JONATHAN FRANZEN
The Hot Sardines
Life & Death
Collect the WWWorld: The Artist as Archivist in the Internet Age
Charles Ritchie: Drawings and Journals
SHIT MUST STOP: A new look at William N. Copley’s experimental publication
Galerie By Elizabeth Corkery
Leonid Lerman: Terracottas
Tim Eriksen
“Purple” Curated by Alice Mizrachi and Diana McClure
The Public Side of Paula Scher
Clarinets and Electronics: Carlos Cordiero, Alexey G and Eileen Mack
Dan Blake and 1st Construction
Pictureplane (DJ Set)Doldrums, Ratking, DJ Dog Dick, Haleek Maul, Normally Important
Family Portrait
Presentation Party @Bat Haus
Sylvain Leroux/Max Johnson Duo
Ugly, Broke, Sober
Andrea DeFelice
Nadav Kander
Adults in the Dark: Avant-Garde Animation (MAD)
Feminism and the Artist’s Book
Mark Stafford “Table of Contents”
The Sea and Cake w/ Matthew Friedberger (of The Fiery Furnaces)
Martyn Thompson The New Romantic
A Very Spooky Boat Tour of Newtown Creek
Jill Greenberg | Horse
Gulay Semercioglu
The Pure Awareness of the Absolute / Discussions
Tour the Parks and Petroleum District with Mitch Waxman
Iron Dog at THE TANK
The Academy of American Poets Chancellors Reading
Meet Lemony Snicket AKA Daniel Handler
Max Neumann
SALVOCONDUCTO Sebastian Vallejo
Joa Baldinger: Water Drops On Burning Rocks
Basement Sanctuaries
Cat Power,Willis Earl Beal, Xray Eyeballs
Carte Blanche
Pinar Yolaçan
DNA PRESENTS: Sunhwa Chung / Ko-Ryo Dance Theater
 Intro to Hand-Embroidery & Soft Sculpture with Megan Canning
B.Y.O.B. (Bring Your Own Beamer)
Damien Jurado
Crime & The City Solution,Blues Control, Laura Ortman
Kent Rogowski | I Can’t Stop Thinking About Yesterday
What a Witch: A Feminist Reading of the Brothers Grimm


Out Cold / Zippo Songs
Oct 25—Oct 27, 2012

Two dramatic song cycles-one based on soldiers’ Zippo-lighter poetry about sex, drugs, and death in Vietnam, the other about a man at a bar, peering into the void through the filters of cold, exhaustion, and alcohol (Phil).
Sights and Sounds:
A bar at 2:45am, a voice as smooth as silk, singing sad songs with a 10-piece lounge band from a dark corner of heaven (Phil).
Schubert meets Sinatra at the bar. They discuss:
Beer versus scotch, head versus chest voice, and schnitzel versus roast beef (Theo).
Closest encounter with oblivion:
Locking myself out of my hotel room in my underwear and in a jet-lagged stupor, thinking I was going to the bathroom (Theo).

Ben Weiner

Peter Buechler: Plight and Premonition
Meta-Monumental Garage Sale
Daniel Buren
ICH, KÜRBISGEIST (Big Dance Theater)
Roman Tragedies
MATA Interval: Owen Weaver
The Secret City – DREAMS
La Fete
Your Land/My Land
Swans/Devendra Banhart
CORED: Paintings by Catherine Tafur
Carnival Des Corbeaux
The Para-Architectural Imagination of Gustav Klutsis
An Evening with Joyce Carol Oates
Selected Shorts: Tom Perrotta Presents The Best American Short Stories 2012
A History of Ectoplasm: An Illustrated Presentation
The Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Fest

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