THE WEEK/WEEKEND: October 25th-Oct 31st.


October 27 – December 15, 2012

P.P.O.W is pleased to announce Out of Water, our sixth solo exhibition of figurative sculpture by Judy Fox. Well known for her exquisitely rendered human figures, including children that are at once iconic, psychological and subversive, Fox continues to explore mythological references that are used to reflect upon contemporary sociological issues. In her latest installations, virtuoso use of form extends to the surreal, with visual puns used to provoke conflicted emotional reactions. The centerpiece of this new installation is a comely standing life-size figure of a Mermaid. Legs pressed together as if fused into a tailfin, hands paddling downward, she looks dreamily over her entourage. A set of Worms spread out before her like the writhing sea horses that pull the chariot of a Greek sea goddess. They are curvy and sensual — some profiles resemble parts of naked human bodies.

Lubomyr Melnyk
Sat, October 27, 2012 – 3:00pm
First Unitarian Congregational Society

Composer and pianist Lubomyr Melnyk is the pioneer of Continuous Music— a piano technique he has developed since the 70s that uses extremely rapid notes and note-series to create a tapestry of sound. Inspired by the minimal, phase and pattern musics of Steve Reich, Philip Glass, and Terry Riley, yet frustrated by the ecstatic detachment from reality they can encourage, Lubomyr Melnyk created Continuous Music, based in the innovations of the minimalist composers but with its roots more deeply planted in harmony. His first recordKMH: Piano Music in the Continuous Mode (Music Gallery Editions, 1978) is the fruition of the idea he began developing in 1974 reimagines the sentiment expressed by Reich in his watershed Music for 18 Musicians, realized entirely for Solo Piano. Overtones blend or clash according to the harmonic changes. The technique of mastering his complex note patterns and speeds makes his music difficult for the normal pianist, and the kinetic athleticism of Melnyk’s performance is unparalleled.

Teodora AxenteMade of Matter
Ana Cristea Gallery
October 25 – November 24

Ana Cristea Gallery is pleased to present “Made of Matter,” the first solo exhibition in the United States by artist Teodora Axente. Teodora Axente’s work is centered on the duality of spirit and matter – the two spheres of existence between which humans oscillate in an attempt to uncover themselves. Portraying an unexpected array of materials, Axente addresses the essential human drive to reshape oneself. Through the flashy materiality of aluminum foil, satin pillows, nylon bags or curtains, she brings us into a world of mystery that appears to be spiritual, noble and attractive, on first glance. Aluminum foil serves as the central symbol of matter throughout many of her paintings. Its outward shine and its ability to reflect give off an illusory sense of nobility that blinds her subjects.

Andrea DeFelice
Friday, Oct 26 at 6pm – Opening
Saturday/Sunday Oct 27/28 from 3pm to 7:30pm – Installation

A small coupling of works combining both obsolete and new technologies, then reassembled to represent obsolete fables, folklore, literature, philosophy, mythology, and music. As responses to such stories inspired by the observation of human behavior, symbolic animals, objects and mechanics are used to further illustrate their foibles and behavioral patterns, whether expected or unpredictable.

Vital Vox Festival | “Vox Electronics: Philip Hamilton / Sabrina Lastman / Sarah Bernstein
Monday, October 29, 2012 @ 8:00 pm

VITAL VOX: A VOCAL FESTIVAL explores the myriad power of the human voice in its solo and ensemble forms across a multitude of genres. It celebrates composer-performers in the vocal arts who stretch and expand the voice in new and original ways, continuing a strong contemporary tradition developed in the United States. Over the course of two diverse evenings VITAL VOX explores “Vox Electronics.”  Performances draw from wide-ranging international influences and genres including jazz, experimental, contemporary, free improvisation, world music, interactive electro-acoustic and audio sampling.

Big Dance Theater & Sibyl KempsonIch, Kürbisgeist
Oct 25 – 27 at 8pm / Oct 31 – Nov 3 at 8pm / Nov 7 – 10 at 8pm
The Chocolate Factory

A harsh, quasi-medieval locale facing destruction is populated by a community speaking a rigorous, specific, and completely invented language. Five absurdly fearful and doomed characters sing, dance,and harvest pumpkin seeds. Every word is semi-recognizable: an amalgam of English, Swedish, German – and Sid Ceasar. The language is as tough and unforgiving as the windswept, uncultivated landscape. At its heart Ich, Kürbisgeist is an olde-tyme agricultural vengeance play installed in a crypt-like basement for just 30 people a night.

Salon 94 Bowery
October 26, 2012–December 22, 2012

Salon 94 Bowery proudly features Jules de Balincourt’s first solo show with the gallery, Ecstatic Contact, comprised of 6 new large-scale paintings. Known for his abstract and figurative paintings of utopian, dystopian and marginalized communities as well as American politics, de Balincourt breaks new ground in an exploration of collective global anxieties. Without a unified linear narrative, de Balincourt sets his lens to both macro and micro, zooming in and out of physical and psychic realities that comprise individual and collective experiences. The resulting works are a collision of the chaotic harmonies between disparate human experiences.

Justin Townes Earle “In the Spirit of Woody Guthrie” 
October 26, 2012 – 7:30pm

October 27, 2012 – 7:30pm
Schimmel Center

Two special evenings with the exceptional singer and songwriter Justin Townes Earle will include Justin’s original songs in the context of the continuing legacy of Woody Guthrie in his centennial celebration year. For an artist whose list of influences runs the gamut from Randy Newman to Woody Guthrie to Bruce Springsteen, categories are useless. Justin, son of a great American troubadour Steve Earle, won the coveted “Song of the Year” award at the Americana Music Awards in 2011, and his latest cd “Nothing’s Gonna Change the Way You Feel About Me Now” has garnered critical acclaim. These two exceptional nights will feature special guests invited by Justin including Joe Klein, John McCauley of Deer Tick, The Low Anthem, and Joe Pug.

OCTOBER 30 / 8:00 and NOVEMBER 1-3 / 8:00
Skirball Center

Critically acclaimed for its award-winning productions, Belgium’s Ontroerend Goed returns to New York with Audience, one of their most inventive performances. Four actors turn a camera onto the audience and examine what it means to be a viewer. Using a series of innovative techniques, Audience tests the limits of individual identity and exposes the simple ways a thought can be manipulated. The work toys with the viewer to tease out a visceral response. Audience sparked furious debate during its run in London. In this US Premiere, New York audiences can decide what is reality and what is purely theatrical.

Douglas Detrick’s Cartography Quartet and Dana Lyn’s Yeti Camp
The Firehouse Space
October 27, 2012 8:00 pm

Music, from gospel to blues, jazz and chamber music through original compositions
and unique arrangements of traditional songs. The newest of Detrick’s many musical
projects, ranging from a big band to the chamber-jazz quintet AnyWhen Ensemble, this
group continues his commitment to the blending of jazz with chamber music, this time
through original songs inspired by the many channels of the American folk tradition.

25th Annual Hilla Rebay Lecture: “The Para-Architectural Imagination of Gustav Klutsis”
Tuesday, October 30 @ 6:30 pm

In the early 1920s, the avant-garde artist Gustav Klutsis (Gustavs Klucis) proposed a pioneering series of para-architectural communication structures for the public diffusion of revolutionary speech, moving images, and printed matter in Moscow’s streets and squares. Focusing on the ways in which the artist utilized the medium of drawing in the wake of the advent of radio and film in order to imagine new forms of revolutionary communication, Maria Gough reconstructs the historical parameters and significance of Klutsis’s original project, which is known to us through a corpus of thirty-odd drawings—a number of which had their first U.S. showing at the Guggenheim Museum in 1981. The talk concludes with a discussion of both Klutsis’s recycling of the project into his later work in graphic design and photomontage, and the ways in which contemporary artists have recently cited or repurposed it in their own endeavors.

Rosemarie Trockel: A Cosmos

New Museum

The exhibition conjures an imaginary universe in which Trockel’s own artwork shares space with objects and artifacts, spanning different eras and cultures, that map her artistic interests. Since the early 1970s, Rosemarie Trockel has produced an impressive body of work that includes drawing, collage, installation, “knit paintings,” ceramics, videos, furniture, clothing, and books. She brings together a range of associations and references from art history, philosophy, theology, and the natural sciences. For “A Cosmos,” Trockel places her work in the company of others whom she regards as kindred spirits. Installations created for the New Museum illuminate the intellectual and formal connections between her practice and a range of historical figures including self-taught artists James Castle and Morton Bartlett, and the botanist/mathematician José Celestino Mutis. Objects whose impetus was primarily aesthetic will be juxtaposed with pieces that more conventionally belong to the realm of science. Trockel’s roughhewn glazed ceramics from the past several years will be displayed along with Leopold and Rudolph Blaschka’s delicate glass models of sea creatures created in the nineteenth century. A selection of new work by Trockel can be examined in conjunction with watercolors by the seventeenth-century artist Maria Sybilla Merian, whose impeccably precise yet beautiful renderings of flora and fauna proved invaluable to scientific study.

Control Group: Observing, Measuring and Attempting to Control the Natural World
Sunday, October 28 at 7:30pm

This program of experimental videos presented by the Video Data Bank explores the natural world around us and how humans attempt to measure and control it.  The artists turn their cameras toward natural environments and human built spaces to explore the intersections between the two.

Mannered Attitude
Screening Saturday October 27th from 6:00-8:00pm
Sunday October 28th 12:00-5:00pm

The idea behind this group of works is derived from the post-Brechtian position and circles around Winicote’s “False Self” (as a cultural phenomena rather than “personal disorder”). The basic assumption is that we all live in a performative consumptive culture, where knowledge is an “open edge” structure. In this structure of the real, the positive idea of modernity is rapidly being lost to irritating new trends. The invention of our selves is harder every day. These inventions, and our creativity, are exhausted from attempts to cover our own voids.  We complete and stretch ourselves through consumption and change appearances throughout our short shelf lives.

Out Cold / Zippo Songs
Oct 25—Oct 27, 2012

Two dramatic song cycles-one based on soldiers’ Zippo-lighter poetry about sex, drugs, and death in Vietnam, the other about a man at a bar, peering into the void through the filters of cold, exhaustion, and alcohol (Phil).
Sights and Sounds:
A bar at 2:45am, a voice as smooth as silk, singing sad songs with a 10-piece lounge band from a dark corner of heaven (Phil).
Schubert meets Sinatra at the bar. They discuss:
Beer versus scotch, head versus chest voice, and schnitzel versus roast beef (Theo).
Closest encounter with oblivion:
Locking myself out of my hotel room in my underwear and in a jet-lagged stupor, thinking I was going to the bathroom (Theo).

DISGRACED (Extended) 
Lincoln Center
Through Dec 2nd

DISGRACED is the story of Amir Kapoor (The Daily Show’sAasif Mandvi), a successful Pakistani-American lawyer who is rapidly moving up the corporate ladder while distancing himself from his cultural roots. When Amir and his wife Emily (Heidi Armbruster), a white artist influenced by Islamic imagery, host a dinner party, what starts out as a friendly conversation escalates into something far more damaging.

HOSHNEVA: Turkish Makam Music
Fri 10/26

Hoshneva, which means “pleasant melodies” in Turkish, is steeped in Turkish Classical music tradition. The group features Ahmet Erdo?dular, Turkey’s foremost vocalist noted for his role in preserving the classical singing style of the Ottoman Turkish musical tradition. Their repertoire features works written between the 18th and 20th Centuries by master musicians of Istanbul who drew on the ancient sounds of makam for their compositions. With Ahmet Erdo?dular – voice & percussion; Peter Daverington – Turkish ney; Adam Good – ud

Dixon Place
October 28

Autumn, falling leaves, sweaters and the deep desire to sleep…join us as we celebrate DREAMS – our ambitions for the future, yes, but also our strange visions and beautiful prophecies.

Oct 31-Dec 9
Bond St Theatre

COMPANY XIV presents a deliciously decadent Murderous Masquerade where you- the audience- become the privileged guests at a depraved and debaucherous  fête.  Watch as performers play a series of macabre party games set to live music by Beatbox Guitar, Opera Singer Brett Umlauf, Accordionist Raphael Fusco, and Torch Singer Shien Lee. Don’t miss this magical and mysterious evening of Baroque meets Burlesque entertainment where intrigue lies around every twist and turn and no one is who they really seem.

The Poetry Brothel’s 327th Annual Masquerade
The Back Room
October 28th, 8pm-1am

Guests are encouraged to come in disguise and inhabit an alter ego. Featured readers include Ariana Reines, Dorothea Lasky, Jennifer Tamayo, and Angelo Nikolopoulos! Other poetry whores include Will Brewer, Seth Oelbaum as Reinhardt Gobbles, Carina Finn as Cherry Cherie, Lisa Marie Basile as Luna Liprari, Meghann Plunkett as Echo Rose, Lauren Hunter as Harriett Van Os, Alyssa Morhardt-Goldstein as Elka, Rachel Herman-Gross as Simone, Rachel Boyadjis as Cosette Chapiteau, and Evan Burton as Buster Van Orson The night will include burlesque performances by Moxie Sazerac and Luna Liprari, tarot readings by Robert Cunningham, body painting by Liz Belomlinsky, sleight of mind performances from Who Is Cooper, AND we’ll enjoy live music by Karen Marie Richardson, better known as Stella Sinclair of Punchdrunk’s Sleep No More.

Carnival Des Corbeaux

The 13th Hour: 5th Annual Group Exhibit
Last Rites Gallery
October 26— November 30th

In its annual exhibit, Last Rites sets out to present a broad-spectrum representation of Dark Surrealism. Held days just before Halloween, the show is the gallery’s largest group exhibit, and features renowned artists from around the globe- working in an array of mediums including painting, drawing and sculpture. From gothic elegance to finely crafted grotesquery, the beauty within the darkness is embraced and brought into the spotlight.

CORED Paintings by Catherine Tafur
Porter Contemporary
October 25 through November 24

Porter Contemporary is pleased to announce Cored, a solo exhibition of paintings by Catherine Tafur from Porter Contemporary is pleased to announce Cored, a solo exhibition of paintings by Catherine Tafur from October 25 through November 24, 2012 with an opening reception with the artist on October 25th from 6:30 – 8:30 PM. Tafur explores themes of death, violence, vulnerability and loss of innocence in dynamic paintings that create spaces fraught with anxiety. Each of her works, ranging from political assassinations to surreal executions, captures moments of crisis when belief systems come toppling down and layers of comfort and sanity are slowly peeled away.

Chelsea Sound/a Not-For-Profit Mini-Festival of Experimental Sound
Saturday, October 27th, 2-9 PM
Eyebeam + Printed Matter + Electronic Arts Intermix + Family Business

helsea non-profit organizations Printed Matter, Eyebeam, Electronic Arts Intermix (EAI), and Family Business announce the first edition of a new annual artists’ music festival: Chelsea Sound. Organized jointly by the four non-profits, Chelsea Sound will be a day-long event devoted to music in contemporary art – artists who make work with sound and musicians who draw inspiration from art. Taking place in Chelsea’s Gallery District on Saturday, October 27th, the collaboratively-produced festival will include a series of performances, sound installations, and video screenings throughout the day across four venues. Performances are free and open to the public and will run between 2-9 PM.

New Work by André Feliciano, Everett Kane, Nuno Henrique 
Location 1
October 25 to December 1

Location One is proud to present a new group exhibition consisting of handmade artworks constructed to evoke emotional response. The pieces on view draw on a nostalgic past to propose a better future. The show features work by André Feliciano, Everett Kane, and Nuno Henrique. These artists explore how art can use feelings and emotions to reassert itself in a world saturated by technological processes. The exhibition will be on view at Location One from October 25 to December 1. The opening reception will take place on Wednesday, October 24, from 6-8pm.

Discussion / “Knots and Unknots,” with Philip Ording and Terry Winters
Thursday, 25 October 2012, 7–9 pm

Please join us for “Knots and Unknots,” a program devised to accompany our current exhibition “Harry Smith: String Figures,” organized by Terry Winters. The evening begins with a presentation by mathematician Philip Ording on string figures and pictorial topology, and will be followed by discussion between Ording and painter Terry Winters.

Swans/Devendra Banhart
The Bowery Ballroom
Oct 28th/29th

The voice of Swans frontman and founder Michael Gira is one of stentorian command. Even during the lightest moments of his three-decade career, Gira’s bellow has been deep, dark, and direct, both an apt vehicle for his raw lines about spiritual tumult and human filth and a compelling accompaniment to Swans’ stylized roil…We Rose comes culled from Swans’ first tour in more than a decade, an intercalary period in which Gira introduced the world to Devendra Banhart and Akron/Family, played solo acoustic shows, and led the comparatively mild-mannered Angels of Light…

Matt Keegan & Eileen Quinlan:Y? O! G… A.
Yevgeniy Fiks: Homosexuality Is Stalin’s Atom Bomb to Destroy America
Intro to Hand-Embroidery & Soft Sculpture with Megan Canning 
Oh! You Pretty Things: Phantom of the Rock Opera
A Tribute to Jerry Nelson
Discussion / “Stranger Magic,” with Marina Warner and George Prochnik
red, black & GREEN: a blues
PaperSwan Presents: feat James Harrison, Cal Folger Day, Erez and the End and More!
Orchestra Underground: Dreams & Dances

People Are Strange by Eric Gamalinda: Reading/Performance 
An Evening with Thomas Adès and “The Tempest”
AJAX’S FIRST BIRTHDAY PARTY: A live performance event by MARNI KOTAK
Critical Halloween 2012
MATA Interval: Owen Weaver
Yuanyuan Yang “Refracted Beings”
3-D Lenticular Posters from The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
SETH PRICE: Folklore U.S.
Agape Enterprise Silent Auction!
The Birdhive Boys
Haroon Mirza
Adults in the Dark: Avant-Garde Animation (MAD)
Sean Hayes w/ Birds of Chicago
Sergei Tcherepnin: Massage Performance (Music)

Foreigners: Robin Cox (Violin/Electronics) and Rusty Banks (Guitar/Electronics)
Tom Stathes Cartoon Carnival #11: Halloween Hijinks
Are We Alone? Planet Mars in the Edwardian Visual and Scientific Imagination, An illustrated lecture with author Jennifer Tucker
Sugar Skull Decorating Workshop and Lecture: El Dia de los Muertos in Context — How the Day of the Dead Exemplifies the Greater Culture of Death in Mexico
Chasing Venus: The Race to Measure the Heavens
Esperanza Spalding
Electric Six/Little Hurricane
TOM SWAFFORD presents “Songs from the Inn”
Haunted Halloween in Spooky Stuy Cove 

Cultural Studies: A benefit for Triple Canopy
The Soft Moon,Pop. 1280, Group Rhoda

Eleanor Antin: Conversations with Stalin
Fair Touching: Sam Martineau
Scooter LaForge
Hindsight is Always 20/20

Baio, Xaphoon Jones, Germany Germany
Albert Watson
CITY ON FIRE/DeBunk/Dee Jae Hubcap D.J. 

Some Scream and Some Don’t

Civic Savvy
Carnival of Terror 
Hollywood Burn
Fourth Annual Masquerade Macabre
Labyrinth sing-along and Costume Party
The Haunting of St. Mark’s Place 
City Walks: Theater Ghosts
Artist Talk: Interrogating Book Structure

Jessica Pavone Solo/Shayna Dulberger Quartet/Matthew Shipp & Michael Bisio
The Ballot Show

Getting Close: Intimacy in Multimedia with Marcus Yam, Maisie Crow, and Béatrice de Géa


Aki Sasamoto’s Centripetal Run
Laura Vitale: White Sands
We’re All Videofreex: Changing Media & Social Change from Portapak to Smartphone
DJ Shadow
John Blakemore
Beijing Opera in Flushing
Melvin Edwards
Family Happiness
Ben Weiner
Roman Tragedies
An Evening with Joyce Carol Oates

Peter Buechler: Plight and Premonition
Meta-Monumental Garage Sale
Daniel Buren
Selected Shorts: Tom Perrotta Presents The Best American Short Stories 2012
How Music Works: DAVID BYRNE
Marina Abramović with Sir Norman Rosenthal
The Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Fest

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