A Note about our Weekend Listings

PortraitAs you may have noticed, we’ve been a little absent during your recent Weeks and Weekends. For a variety of very succulent reason we have decided to start condensing listings into a monthly version. Why you may ask? Aside from the volunteer nature of the magazine and the busy nature of our volunteers, we feel less is more and also want to give eventers the opportunity to get longer term exposure on the blog. Likewise, we’re looking forward to covering more events throughout the month. Anyhow, we hope you enjoy! Below are some FAQ’s. Anything you don’t see here that you have questions about please don’t hesitate to to contact us at the22magazine (at) gmail (dot) com

1) So now that you are switching to monthly, when do I have to submit by?

The last day of the previous month. Through Feb, as we transition, we will give some leniency to submissions deadlines.

2) How do I submit?

Same old way. Send us an email at the22magazine (at) gmail with the subject line “Submission, Event”

3) Does it cost anything?


4) I don’t see my event listed after I submitted it?

We try very hard to view every event we get. Some we like better than others, and we do curate listings. Please do not lose hope though, different month means different rules and you never know when you might be the perfect fit.

5) Can I submit if my event is outside of NY?

You can but currently we only list NY (and sometimes nearby) events.

6) I sent my listing but I did not get a confirmation email?

We don’t do confirmations for listings. Sorry.

7) What are some things I can do to help increase my chances of being listed?

Info, info, info. The more the better. Links to an event page with media and press release are amazing. If it’s a theater piece we LOVE preview videos. If it’s music, we LOVE to hear the actual music. If it’s art, that’s right, PICTURES. If it’s writing, we always like a link where we can read some of the author’s work

8) I’m pissed that I wasn’t listed and I want to write you an angry letter. How can I do that?

Well, first, make sure it’s really angry, cause we don’t read medium angry letters. In fact, if you could set it on fire and leave it on our doorstep all the better. Otherwise, we do actually take complaints seriously and will happily have a chat with you about any problems. Please email the22magazine (at) gmail (dot) com Please note, we do sometimes fact check submissions. This is not a personal attack on the event, but simply a professional courtesy to our readers. If you have any questions or concerns don’t hesitate to have a chat with us. Again, we’re looking to provide you and the readers an excellent, trustworthy, reading experience.

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