SHORTLIST: Judith Braun/Michelle Jaffe/David Dupuis/Jayson Musson.

A few artists worth an extra look this week…

Judith Braun at Parallel Art Space

Parallel Art Space proudly presents Pressing Matter, a three-person art exhibition featuringJudith Braun, Antonia Perez, and Hilda Shen, who fashion the material components of their work almost entirely by hand (pressing, folding, turning); resulting in finished products that are monumental, insistent, and imbued with a gravitational presence that belies the human span of their creation.

Wappen Field from Michael Cook on Vimeo.


Wappen Field is a sculpture and sound installation comprised of 12 chrome plated steel helmets resembling face guards. Running through SuperCollider each helmet’s dedicated speaker animates the room with vocals and extended voice techniques created for this work by Ayelet Rose Gottlieb. The sonic configuration imagines the collective unconscious as energy propelled between the yin and yang impulses of the universe.

David Dupuis in It’s Always Sunny on The Inside at Anton Kern.

The title itself is comprised of two somewhat contradictory parts: Itʼs Always Summer and On the  Inside, which is unusual in that Summer typically conjures images of the Outside. This conceptual  bridge between the two distinct parts of the exhibitionʼs title functions like a Zen Koan and forms the crux of the exhibition. Which begs the question: what or where is The Inside?


“The thing I found most alluring about Coogi sweaters was how painterly they were.They seemingly lingered on the borders of gestural abstraction. I made the joke, “That Coogi looks like a Pollock”. Over the course of the following weeks, I began collecting images of the sweaters, studying their composition. They seemed to defy the traditional logic of the textile, opting instead to appear spontaneous and created by hand rather than machine-made. Each sweater, though a manufactured object seemed to seek its own authenticity. Even the old Coogi slogan “Wearable Art” seemed to confirm the desire for each sweater to be considered an objet unique, a specialized commodity.”

Andrea von Bujdoss AKA “Queen Andrea”“Typograff” @ Fuse Gallery.

Andrea von Bujdoss (AKA graffiti surname “Queen Andrea”) is a New York City based fine artist, illustrator, graffiti artist and graphic designer.  A native New Yorker, Andrea was inspired by the urban landscape from an early age, and befriended some of the most prolific old school graffiti writers.  She earned her BFA in Graphic Design from Parsons School of Design, after which she began a successful career, working for worldwide brands who appreciate the urban creative flavor of her work and her versatile and passionate knowledge of typography, branding and visual communication.  She is one of the most skilled and notable female graffiti artists in the country, possessing an explosively creative style inspired by the excitement of the urban landscape. Andrea has been featured in major art shows, toy shows, magazines, books, fashion lines and brand collaborations.

Shortlist: Tiago Gualberto/Aristides Ruiz/Anya Liftig.


In 2006, Tiago becomes a member of the “ The Living Culture Program”, an action that involves the civil society and the federal government in order to empower social and cultural energies, as it allows the expression of the communities’ own dynamics and bringing together actions and support aimed at developing a cooperative, solidary and transformative culture. The work developed by Tiago in this program consisted in the production of workshops and educational documents that would emancipate these communities by incentivating them to work based in “collaborative work”, networking and also teaching them to utilize multimedia techniques in order to publicize their work.



Difficult for me to express in words…as the work is the expression…
It’s not so much about the actual visual “subject” ______
It’s a sensation…a moment of understanding antecedent to language – ineffable but instantly recognizable…

The city… quiet, pulsating, alive…like a sleeping tiger…
Just beautiful…New York…New York…
I can’t say it…
A private poem to the love of your life…

(See full text.) 


On Saturday, July 7, Anya Liftig returns to Atlanta for what will be her most physically challenging performance to date.  I’m a Groucho Marxist, presented by Flux Projects, will take place on Airline Street just below the Edgewood Avenue overpass.  This durational performance will run from 8:30 until 11:30 p.m.

Drawing from the history of literal and socially imposed barriers in Atlanta’s past, I’m a Groucho Marxist will feature a barricade made of reclaimed materials. Liftig will attempt to cross the structure while blindfolded and partially bound.  As with most of Liftig’s work, the built-in physical hardship is integral to the project, and this work in particular addresses the difficulty in crossing boundaries.

Interview at The Flauner.