The final Volume of The 22

Dear Everyone,

First, thanks for being you.

Thanks for all your ideas, work, events, and gracious praise you’ve sent over the past years. It is with no small amount of bittersweet sadness that I’m officially announcing that Volume 4 will be the last issue of The 22 Magazine for the time being. After much discussion over the holidays between myself and others, we’ve come to the conclusion that as much as we love this project and the people who take part in it, our current opportunities and obligations elsewhere are making it impossible for us to take the time and patience needed to make this project A+. That being said, I don’t worry. There are so many publications out there doing great things, I’m certain this drop in a bucket won’t be missed, nor forgotten.

If anything changes we will certainly be here to get publishing back on track.

We are still in the process of discussing a possible book publishing project in the next few years (similar to what we do now, on a more lax schedule.) On that note. The final volume will be released in just a few weeks and we will announce it available for print and online. We will follow with the closing up of shop.Have we told you how much fun you were to work with? Have we reminded you how excited we are to see you future work?

Well we are. What an amazing collection of creatives we’ve encountered.

Please do not give up the good work.

Don’t hesitate to give us a shout if you have questions, concerns or just want to say goodbye.

We cannot thank everyone enough who participated and contributed to this project.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Editor and Publisher,

Cat Gilbert

Summer Break.

Swing ride - Hoppings

The 22 will be on break from June-August. We will be returning with Volume 4 (The Collage Volume) and the blog in September. While we will still continue to accept submissions for the blog, acceptance letters will not be sent out until September. Submissions for Volume 4 are closed. Volume 5 will be announced in September and the submission process for print will re-open at that time.

Thank you and enjoy the summer!

Have you submitted for The 22 yet?


Well folks, it’s nearly that time. How do we know? Our inboxes are full, our eyes are strained, and our tentacles are a quiver with pure excitement for what is shaping up to be one of the most amazing volumes yet. As for you, oh dearly talented creative procrastinator, we still cannot wait to see what wonders you shall send us but please keep in mind there are merely ten days left to submit your work! As always submission is 100% free and we are thrilled to meet new amazing people who will always be considered for both the print volume and the blog. Thank you to the wizards of scissors, the mind melting soundscapers, and the scribes of clipped reason who have already sent work and thank you for keeping this project chugging along with your amazing talent. Now go submit!!


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The 22, this 2012

We at the 22 are taking a year-end break (Dec 19th-29th) to give everyone who works and helps out at The 22 time to spend with their loved ones and reconnect to the world, without a mouse at hand. It’s a time of rest and refreshment. That being said, we will be doing some pick up work including reading and reviewing the many submissions we’ve received for the collage volume.We will be accepting submissions until January 30th, and highly encourage you to send them in during the next 2 weeks if you can!

Thank you again, for all the amazing support and kindness you have shown this project. We couldn’t have done it without you, each and every one. We are truly looking forward to what the New Year brings and are wishing love, happiness, and the ability to listen and understand compassionately for everyone this holiday season.

And now, The 22 Blog, 2012, in review…

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Donating for Sandy.

Things are slowly starting to repair in NY after a week of dealing with Hurricane Sandy. Many things are back to normal, many are not. Trains are still out, people’s homes are still destroyed and it’s getting cold out. The resolve and strength of New Yorker’s in numbers is amazing and the efforts from the past week are humbling. We ask you to please take a moment to remember those that are still in need. Click here to view large list of resources and outlets that have listed ways to volunteer, donate, and help. The 22 will be donating all profits made from sales of the print magazines in November and December to the Red Cross relief efforts for Sandy. Please consider buying a copy HERE. Editor Cat Gilbert has also donated artwork to Greenpointers charity raffle. Tickets are $10 and 100% of all ticket sales will go to NY Cares. You can see all prizes and purchase tickets HERE.



How to Help (Hurricane Sandy.)

If you didn’t catch this in our newsletter, please take a look.  There is still a whole lot of help needed.

As many of you already know, New York was hit by Hurricane Sandy over Halloween weekend. While the resolve and community of New Yorker’s during hard times is a stunning thing to behold, there is a lot of work that is going into sustaining New York right now and the destruction is great. Below is a compiled list of ways you can help the effort. During times of trouble in NY local media outlets can be integral for getting out information quickly. It would be impossible to credit them all but an enormous thanks to my local outlets:
GreenpointersGothamistBrokelynBrooklyn-basedNYTThe AtlanticBon Appetit, Hyperallergic as well as HOYYoko Ono and the many many others who provided information on how to help or on understanding the storm:

Jen Bekman is donating profits from 2 pieces to Sandy
New Amsterdam Building
EatSleepDraw is donating profits from Mini Sketch Books
Bell House Open Mic on Sunday
Greenpointers Raffle
Temporary Residence Ltd is donating 20% of the profits to Sandy
Coney Island Aquarium
L angoliers Jewelry Auction (100% of bid on chandelier goes to Sandy relief efforts) 

Helping in NY(and surrounding):
Volunteering at shelters
Donating Blood
Direct Relief
NY Food Banks
New York Cares
Jersey Cares
CAAAV (Chinatown)
Rockaway Help


Donating Goods (Local) :


WNYC (Donations by borough):

House of Yes will be acting as a hub donation drop off point for Sandy victims in Far Rockaway 10am-10pm Sunday through Thursday
****NO CLOTHING ACCEPTED*** ACCEPTING: Water, Food, Flashlights, Batteries, Candles, Work Gloves, Bleach, Brooms, Shovels, Blankets, Coats, Etc. Please check relief group websites for updated and ongoing lists of what is needed!

The American Legion (519 Leonard @ Driggs) is accepting donations until 4pm (Sunday 11/4) today. NO CLOTHES. They really need over the counter meds such as aspirin, throat spray and personal hygiene items.

The NYCC Downtown Brooklyn office will be open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. every day and is in urgent need of donated supplies, which can be dropped off at their conveniently-located office. They’re also accepting volunteers—especially those with vehicles who can help deliver aid. Have questions? or call (347) 410-6919 extension 286. Their address is 2-4 Nevins St, 2nd Fl Brooklyn, NY 11217.

In an effort to help New York neighborhoods in need, SculptureCenter will be serving as a depot for donated supplies through this weekend. We’ll have hot coffee and tea on hand, and we will be waiving our suggested admission.

Two Boots Hurricane Relief Effort

EPA Regulations 

Disaster Assistance
Disaster Unemployment 

NY has toll-free number for voters with questions about voting, poll site changes and absentee ballots: 1-855-NYS-SANDY (1-855-697-7263) #nyc #votingDispelling myths:
Fake Photos
Teaching Sandy




ON RECOVERING ART: A free public presentation on recovering wet art and cultural materials on Sunday, Nov 4, 12 – 2 p.m. MoMA The Museum of Modern Art Know how to safely handle and dry wet materials such as paintings, drawings, books, sculpture, and other artistic and cultural works.

Help Needed:

Eyebeam suffered significant water damage (water up to 3 ft high during surge), cleaning out the space and salvaging valuables and works this week. We need volunteers to help save archive, all formats (VHS, CD, Mini-Disc, etc). Experts needed to help restore. Call Marko: (646) 284-4187

Gowanus Ballroom needs cleaning and rebuilding help. 55 9th street #61BrooklynNY. (347) 460-2687

If your creative organization or business was affected and needs volunteers or will be seeking rebuilding funds and would like to be listed in upcoming weekly listings, or newsletters/recaps please contact at the22magazine (at) gmail (dot) com with a link or more information.

Hurricane Sandy Update.

Our hearts are going out to everyone in NY dealing with fall out this morning. Everyone at the magazine is safe and dry and sending out good energy to get the city working again. Since nearly everything is cancelled this week and trains are currently suspended we’ll be skipping listings and returning a bit later this week with more content for the blog. Thanks for your patience and kind words!

(Image: “Bedrock” by V3 contributor Nicole Gordon)