Video Weekend: Readymade777 & Fancynot: Mind Lost Control/Tweak Me Baby

second collaboration video project with readymade777. mashup made from “stripping perceptions” and the short silent film “fall of the house of usher ” (1928)

The last thing I’d ever want you to do is feel left out. You are watching this because something in the universe drew you here. Maybe it’s because you’ve seen me or my work before, maybe it’s because you clicked on the ever-present thumbnail. Either way, I’m glad you came and know that I have only good thoughts toward your arrival. I love you and adore your interests and only want to tweak and be tweaked by your presence. If even the slightest thought is provoked by your being here, than my goal is complete. Stay creative, and be unique. My words are only a manifest of your deepest desires.


Please Stand By, Readymade777 and Stacia Yeapanis@Baang & Burne.

This past Tuesday, I met an artist. At an undisclosed location. Without knowing the artist’s name, what they looked like, or even what gender this artist was.

This was readymade777,

….I think.

Known as readymade, readymade777, readymade7777 or sometimes “Dani” (more about that later), readymade remains an anonymous artist in a sea of viral videos. YouTube is littered with these stars. Singers, dancers, exhibitionists and…otherwise…in the hopes of obtaining some amount of internet fame or “fandom”.

And it isn’t to say that readymade is all that different, but we should consider form before function, method before mode.

Readymade has channels everywhere, but you’ll never know it. Utilizing a system that thrives on mass interaction, the tactics readymade insists are the motive behind the work are a collective recognition and a pushing of the boundaries in acceptable “social media,” followed by a lobbing of content out into the world-sometimes just to see how far it will go. Readymade is a convert for Mcluhan’s “cool” media techniques and be it through nostalgia, psychological reaction, consumer recognition, or just pure pleasure, it makes perfect sense that readymade quickly found themselves unwilling to deal with the mainstream slog (via film school) and turned to manipulation and unrestricted input.

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THE WEEK: Sept 26-30.

LIVE from the NYPLROBERT WILSON with Rufus Wainwright, Lou Reed, Lucinda Childs, and others in conversation with Paul Holdengräber 
Friday, September 30, 2011 7:00 p.m.

Robert Wilson will talk to Rufus Wainwright, Lou Reed, Lucinda Childs and others about his artistic collaboration with them over the years.  The conversation will be instigated by Paul Holdengräber.

Robert Wilson is among the most distinguished theater directors of our time. Creator of such works as The King of Spain and The Life and Times of Sigmund Freud, Wilson also collaborated with Philip Glass on the hugely successful opera Einstein on the Beach. Today, Wilson’s accomplishments are recognized not only in the spheres of theatre and opera, but also in the visual arts. Retrospectives of his work have been held throughout the world, and his installations have appeared in several Guggenheim museums, among other venues worldwide.

This event marks the US publication date of The Watermill Center – A Laboratory for Performance – Robert Wilson’s Legacy, a new book about the first 20 years of The Watermill Center.  It will also feature the new book Robert Wilson From Within edited by Margery Arent Safir.

Organs in The Snow
Opening Reception: Sep 30, 8-11pm

A Group Show and Story by Rachel Mason

Dan Asher / John Baldessari / Michael G. Bauer / Michael Bilsborough / Nancy deHoll / Jen Denike / Tim Dowse / Ellie Ga / Laleh Khorramian / Jason Lazarus / Mamiko Otsubo / Samuel White

Opening Night Performances: Thank You Rosekind, Doom Trumpet, No Sky God, Mark Golamco

She was a lion sitting on her dad’s shoulders. They formed a totem of two heads, one large, one small as they walked down the street. Powerful with her lion-painted face, she stuck her tongue out at a man passing by. He tripped on the side of his foot and then fell to the ground.

The girl’s father didn’t realize that his daughter scared the man, causing him to fall. The man already had a fear of children. The girl’s father also didn’t realize that had he reached his hand out to help, the man wouldn’t now have two permanent rods conjoined in his hip bone, and wouldn’t have lapsed into a permanent hallucinatory state from which he’d never recover.

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