I slept with a man for a roll of quarters By Aimee Nicole.

I slept with a man for a roll of quarters.
I told him I gladly accepted bills,
but all he had was laundry money.
So, I pocketed the quarters and thought
it was surely convenient that I no longer had to venture to the local bank
to change my last hard earned ten,
just to submerge my lights and darks in frigid water.
For weeks, I will wear clean clothes
and worry about my appearance as it comes a dire need.

About Aimee: While not reading, painting, and with her family, Aimee is finishing up a YA manuscript. Aimee graduated from Roger Williams University with a degree in Creative Writing this past May and has been published by Red Booth Review, Mouth of the Bay and two of her poems will appear in the upcoming fall publication of Psychic Meatloaf. In August she will also be featured on The Journal of Compressed Creative Arts’ blog for a statement of compression.