Underpinnings at House of Yes.

House of Yes‘ recent fine art and performance art showcase, “Underpinnings” curated by Lauren Xandra and Rusty Van Riper focused loosely around the idea of “peeling” or multiple selves. The night was a success in many areas, including body control (choreography), preparedness, and flow of the night, while maintaining a heavy emphasis on dance and collaborative showcase. Highlights of the evening included “If Peeled…,” (choreographed and directed by Lauren Xandra) consisting of male and female dancers exploring the shapes and motions of bodies solo and en masse, followed by a perpetual motion chair piece performed by Pam Weiss and Laura Alexander titled, “Rise and Fall” (choreographed by Charlotte Hendrickson), “R(o/a)m” (choreographed by Claire Baum) and the surprisingly funny final piece, “Self Love Next to You” which consisted of siblings (Carolyn Ellis, Andrew Ellis) having a mock spat at the dinner table, complete with on tempo knife and fork fight. Take a look at some photos from the night below and see more here.

Meet our interns!

I’m so pleased to introduce you to two excellent interns who are helping make the magnificence of Volume 3 possible. I’m completely honored to have the brains of these talented folks contributing to the magazine. We’ve had a lot of help over the years but the interns are often in the thick of it, helping to put the behemoth that is the magazine itself together. I cannot thank everyone enough who contributes to this project and particularly these worker bees. Give them a round of applause and if you are interested in jumping into the fray of Volume 3/III/Three check out our intern/volunteer guidelines here.

Bradley Tsalyuk was born in L.A. He attended L.A. County High School for the Arts with a focus on visual arts. He now studies at the Musem of Fine Arts in Boston where he focuses on interdisciplinary art making employing performance, sculpture, installation, and photography.

Carolyn Supinka is a senior at Carnegie Mellon University, studying Creative Writing and Art. She is interested in the relationship between text and visual art, and experiments with a broad range of mediums such as drawing, painting, printmaking, and performance. She also collaborates with musicians to create spoken word performances. Her work has been featured in Dossier,The Oakland Review, Fjords Review, and the Naugatuck River Review.

“SIGNS OF LIFE” The Center for Book Arts Annual Benefit Auction APRIL 8th

A gem to bid on from Emily Blair at The Center for Book Arts Annual Benefit Auction:

“Signs of Life”

Annual Benefit and Silent Auction

Friday, April 8, 6 to 9 pm

The Center for Book Arts’ Annual Benefit is an occasion for us to celebrate our accomplishments over the past year, and pay tribute to individuals who have made a lasting contribution to the practice or interpretation of book arts.  This year we are honoring the following exceptional members of our community:

Carolyn Chadwick, Bookbinder and Boxmaker

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