Chaos Engine (2009, Super 8, 4min)

World becomes possessed by a monstrous ever growing electronic demon. Our present society is very dependent on digital information systems. Chaos Engine examines what happens when those systems fail. The spirit of our modern culture is expressed by fast cutting and brutal electronic soundtrack.

Screenings / awards: Bang! Short Film Festival (UK 2010), Patricia Doran Gallery (USA 2010), In/Out Festival (Poland 2010), Kino Światowid (Poland 2010), Bielska Gallery BWA (Poland 2010), Stuttgarter Filmwinter (Germany 2010), Euroshorts Film Festival (Poland 2009), Super8 Film Festival (Italy 2009), Flicker Spokane Film Festival (USA 2009), Sintetitza Short Film Festival (Pyrenees 2009), 8th International Super 8mm Festival (Hungary 2009), Broadway International Film Festival Los Angeles (USA 2009).