Part of what we do here at The 22 is highlight each of our contributor’s with a special “featured artist” section on the blog and our main site. This includes special content, and show announcements. This month we are starting our featured artists series with Brian Dettmer. Carver, collector, “book surgeon”, call him what you will, Dettmer’s work is layering of magnificent patience combined with a playful mind. His sculptures are reminiscent of futuristic depictions of urban and organic structures built out of the pre-history of encyclopedic and vintage texts. For most of the month of May we will be celebrating Dettmer’s work with special blog content, as well as many posts featuring his amazing creations. To view this and all of Brian’s work look for the “BRIAN DETTMER” tag under the categories section. To see all our past featured artist’s look for “THE 22 FEATURED ARTIST.”  To see all of Brian’s featured content from The 22 Magazine visit his page online: