The 22 Magazine is putting on a show this Thursday at Vaudeville Park in Brooklyn. Hope you can join us!

Check out a preview for the show.

The 22 Magazine Presents: Fixins

The 22 Magazine is pleased to present an evening of music, art, food and puppetry with Andru Bemis, Anna Gevalt, Elizabeth Laprelle and Katherine Fahey, who along with singing, will be presenting a cranky. Also known as scrolling panorama, or crank box, the cranky is an old-fashioned hand-cranked scrolling device, illustrating a story or song. They will be joined by FAHEY, puppeteer Daniel Patrick Fay, and visual artists Jimmy McBride, Megan Canning, Eileen Hoffman, Reineke Hollander and more. There will be a potluck style buffet, so feel free to bring something to contribute! The event will take place on April 26, at Vaudeville Park in Brooklyn.


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THE WEEK: Dec 5-9.


Photographing the Dead: The History of Postmortem Photography from The Burns Collection and Archive
Postmortem photography, photographing a deceased person, was a common practice in the 19th and early 20th centuries. These photographs, from the beginning of the practice until now, are special mementos that hold deep meaning for mourners through visually “embalming” the dead. Although postmortem photographs make up the largest group of nineteenth-century American genre photographs, until recent years they were largely unseen and unknown. Dr. Burns recognized the importance of this phenomenon in his early collecting when he bought his first postmortem photographs in 1976. Since that time he has amassed the most comprehensive collection of postmortem photography in the world and has curated several exhibits and published three books on the subject: the Sleeping Beauty series. Tonight, Dr. Burns will speak about the practice of postmortem photography from the 19th century until today and share hundreds of images from his collection.

first book–brooklyn is a nonprofit organization dedicated to getting new books to children in need.  join us tonight for their first annual holiday party and fundraiser.

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Skip Lunch, Fight Hunger: Now until May 11th.

Skip Lunch Fight Hunger is a citywide initiative that asks our neighbors in New York City to donate what they normally spend on lunch to help feed hungry children and their families. Hunger is a year-round problem, but some New Yorkers are actually more likely to lose their access to good food during the summer months: children. While many public schools are open the entire summer to serve free breakfast and lunch to children, they’re not able to replace every missing meal.

For the cost of an average lunch, you can help ensure that every New Yorker has access to good food. With just $10, City Harvest can feed over 43 children. To learn more about what City Harvest is doing to combat childhood hunger, click here.

By collectively bringing together our lunch money on May 11th, we can make a significant impact on hunger in our city. Join Skip Lunch Fight Hunger this year by registering as an individual or a team to raise funds, or by donating to the campaign.

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