It’s Dark Down There by Nazifa Islam.

There’s a tunnel under this state stretching from E. Ann to Lake Michigan and there is a girl who lives

(                  )there feasting her eyes on fireflies and shadow.

She’s planning on walking straight into the depths of Lake Michigan and stopping her soul from burning

(                  )within her. She doesn’t need to make it to the end of this tunnel though and she knows it; it’s

(                  )enough to contain the embers. This isn’t happiness but it isn’t smiling either.

She was told to take two pills twenty minutes before bed every night every night for the rest of her life to

(                  )keep the chanting of I wish I was more from ringing in her ears over and over and louder and

(                  )louder again but instead of swallowing green pill after beige night in and night out she

(                  )clambered down a manhole on E. Ann and found fireflies.

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