THE WEEK: Nov 7-11.


Paul McCarthy, The Dwarves, The Forests 
Hauser & Wirth New York is proud to present an exhibition of major new works by Los Angeles-based Paul McCarthy, one of America’s most challenging and influential artists. Comprising bronzes, a massive tour de force wood carving, and a pair of fantastical landscape maquettes all presented on the gallery’s two floors, ‘The Dwarves, The Forests’ is the first exhibition of sculptures to emerge from McCarthy’s recent exploration of the famous 19th century German folk tale Snow White (Schneewittchen) and the modern interpretation of that story in Disney’s beloved 1937 animated classic film ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’

AMRAM & CO @ Cornelia St.
David Amram, piano, french horn, flutes, composition & surprises; Kevin Twigg, drums, glockenspiel; John de Witt, bass; Adam Amram, percussion

With Liberty and Justice for Some: How the Law Is Used To Destroy Equality and Protect the Powerful
OCD Lecture Series
Stress and the Individual Litigant: Managing the Practical and Emotional Aspects of Litigation and Exploring Alternatives Zombies Identified – (Re)Considering the Monster #2
Harmony Holiday & Jared Stanley
Abigail Washburn
Evolving Music #5 – Remembering Raphe Malik
Occupy: Presented by n+1 and Housing Works
Robert Graham
League of Professional Theatre Women 


Listen to This by Alex Ross
Listen to This—which collects Alex Ross’ finest writing for The New Yorker since 1994—is that rare book that moves across the entire landscape of music, from classical to rock and back again. In this series of lively, erudite essays, Ross tells of his own late-blooming discovery of pop, and of how contemporary sounds relate to centuries of musical tradition. He vividly sketches canonical composers such as Schubert, Verdi, and Brahms; gives us in-depth interviews with modern pop masters such as Björk and Radiohead; and, in a previously unpublished essay, brilliantly retells hundreds of years of music history—from Renaissance dances to Led Zeppelin—through a few iconic bass lines of celebration and lament. Witty, passionate, and brimming with insight, Listen to Thisshows how music expresses the full complexity of the human condition.

The Moth StorySLAM. Theme: Warning Signs
DANA SCHUTZ “If the Face Had Wheels” book signing and discussion with Barry Schwabsky
Rescue Me!
Balzac’s Omelette
Lonely Dear

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Editions|Artists’ Book Fair
The 2011 Editions|Artists’ Book Fair will take place Friday, 4 November to Sunday, 6 November.
Founded in 1998 by Susan Inglett of I.C. Editions and Brooke Alexander Editions, the Editions|Artists’ Book Fair has grown in size and stature to become the premier showcase for contemporary publishers and dealers, presenting the latest and greatest in prints, multiples and artists’ books. The Editions|Artists’ Book Fair is well known for its vibrant energy and innovation, thanks to over sixty exhibitors, presenting hundreds of artists representing New York, Johannesburg, Amsterdam, London, Paris and points in between. The Editions|Artists’ Book Fair was the first fair to offer FREE admission, initiated with the intent of introducing a broader public to the medium of prints, multiples, and artists’ books. Fourteen years later the Fair continues to do just that.

The launch event at the Brooklyn zen center, 505 Carroll Street, on friday night nov. 4 for zen monster magazine marks our 3rd issue– an unusually strong and clear statement of buddhist, non-buddhist, and trans-buddhist art, poetry, and subversive political statement — our strongest endorsement yet of gary snyder’s landmark essay “Buddhism and the Coming Revolution,” which we printed in ZM#1 back in 2008. our zen buddhist praxis here in Brooklyn and n.j. is edgy, overtly political, and aesthetically liberated from any particular form or artistic ideology. we back the Occupy Wall Street movement 100%; our art editor noah fischer has been in Zuccotti Park since day one, even demonstrating as an artist there on wall street before day one with a small group dressed up as currency, as money, and he is there today and every day.

Hess is More Record Release Partty! with Xenia Rubinos, and Bow Ribbons HESSTORY “If you think of a piece of music as a rubberband – I like to try and stretch it. Let’s say melancholy in one end, and humor in the other, and see how far you can take it. Bringing oppositions together. ” Welcome to the playfull world of Mikkel Hess aka HESS IS MORE.

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The ART of pumpkin carving from Chicquero.

Chicquero is consistently amazing in their fun and beautiful coverage of fashion and arts but this one is particularly fantastic. Happy Halloween! : The ART of pumpkin carving.

More about Chicquero

Chic [French] meaning stylish or smart, as an element of art, fashion and design.
Quero [Portuguese] verb. like, want; will, desire; love; list

An  i n s p i r a t i o n a l  place, created to vulgarize trends, expand beauty and share fashion thoughts!
We want our secrets kept  s e c r e t..
.. and maybe shared with a few special  f r i e n d s..  Welcome!

Untitled by Benjamin Schwabe.

Our role is this, we say:

This scratching, scraping away.

The uncovering of what’s beneath,

Beyond this silky veil —

The eternal exhale attempting its escape through my dirty mouth

The terrible shiver shaking it from me

—  And all that waving of hands last night

looking out on this anthill

—  this swell, this swarm

this bratty child screaming.

From that black tarry square

Where we soiled our seats

Looked into each others’ wild eyes

Touched each others’ green skin

To share that breath

And all those pinholes in the deep velvet above

Suddenly swelling with every drawn breath

—   And to glimpse the other side

To pull back the celestial cloth

Our twig fingers thirsty for it

Stretch upwards

Shadows on our faces

Discontent with this slight taste of polaris

Bathe me  — envelope me,

We scream

Accepting no less

—  Drown me if necessary

Just give me rest

All that my skin can no longer hold

Will make stars of pores

Innumerable grains of sand

Benjamin Schwabe is am a writer and musician living in North Brooklyn.

Bicentennial Parade 1976 by Maude Larke.

the band comes closer
until the clapping ladies
in their gaudy flowered dresses
and the beer-bellied men
can feel the drum
striking in their throats

a beat that is now hardly felt
by the silent wraiths
making their own unseen procession
on the village green

the farmer is there,
who harnessed his ox
and milked each cow
with his own hands
on clean gray mornings
the hymn writer
playing the pump organ
at the meeting house
on Sundays
the buckskinned savage
who opened the secrets
of the new land
to new minds
and set his home
in any valley

the carpenter
who knew each work in his shop
and shaped it with his sure hands

the mother who made soap and butter
and raised her children
and read them the bible by the fire
the pastor
who shook the walls
and spoke thunder,
who was listened to
and believed

other shadows are also here.
a buffalo shakes his horns,
the flesh on his strong shoulders twitching,
watching calm-faced –
the mustang, mane flying,
writing its history in the dirt with its stamping hoof –

the eagle, who was taken from his home
and fastened by his back
to flags and emblems, and died there, starving

these spirits are now
shadows behind the shadows
on the village green
listening to the big brass bands
and the silence in the crowd’s memories
caused by the unawareness
in the rest of their minds.

they were once living words
nobility, simplicity,
charity, resourcefulness,
optimism, knowledge.
They weren’t invited
to this century.
They’re left
to watch the parade
from their view;
the view of
things forgotten,
left behind,
or ignored.

Maude Larke has come back to her own writing after years of ‘real’ work in the American, English and French university systems, analyzing others’ texts and films.  She has also returned to the classical music world as an ardent amateur, after fifteen years of piano and voice in her youth.  She has several short stories and poems, three novels, and two screenplays to offer so far.  Publications include Cyclamens and SwordsSketchbook and The Centrifugal Eye.



It’s the 3rd Annual Manhattan Wonderwalk! Come join us as we stroll nearly the entirety of the great Island of Manhattan. We will visit familiar spots and little known pathways; we’ll see gorgeous public art and mundane displays of beauty. There will also be site-specific performances along the way. You may walk part of the way or all the way, just buy your map for $20, and you’ll be able to find us at any point throughout the day. (NOTE: tickets are $10 for Secret City members.)

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